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Nicholas Chronicle
April 28, 1960

Humphrey Wows Local Democrats

By Herb Sundstrom

A whirlwind in the form of U.S. Senator Hubert Humphrey hit Summersville Monday morning leaving the town a little breathless and a great deal impressed with the Minnesota lawmaker. After his introduction at the Courthouse, the Presidential hopeful launched into a stirring, firey speech which was applauded by over 200 citizens gathered at the site. "I come hear to speak for good," he started, "and I come to praise and not to condemn." In this vein he said "too much unfair and untrue has been said about West Virginia and that I come here to praise and honor the state and its people."

Warming to his task the youthful Senator said that the duty of the government was not to tax alone but its duty was to provide for the common defense and promote general welfare. "Not General Motors, or General Electric, or General Foods, or General Eisenhower but the general welfare of the citizens" Humphrey said. He described his Food Stamp flan for the people on social security, unemployment, sick or unable to find work. This plan employs the use of stamps which could be taken direct to the grocery where good diet could be bought. These stamps would be used and redeemed at banks. "This program will provide a good diet and put our food to work," he continued, "and it has dignity in it."

Taking note of the troubles in the coal industry, Humphrey said that government, industry and labor should join together to provide for electrical plants in West Virginia "on top of coal," and transmit it out of state. He pointed out that the Russians were sending power 1,000 miles from Siberia to industrial centers. He pointed out that the government had asked coal miners to stay in pits from 1940 to 1952 as a defense measure and when the emergency was over had done nothing to improve the use of coal by research or science.

Long an ardent conservationist, Senator Humphrey said that he would propose putting the resources of the state to work. Reforestation was said to be vital to a continuing economical development of the state he added and accused the present administration of slowing this program down. "West Virginia is not dying," he stated, "but the government in Washington is dying."

Earlier the party traveling by bus and car had breakfast at the Stonewall Grill with a group of Democrats from the County. Humphrey did not make a speech but ate heartily while bantering with the local adherents. He inquired about ramps, joshed with the corps of national journalist covering his journey and struck up immediate friendship with the 40 odd persons present.

Escorted to the grill in a Summersville Police car the likable Senator was accompanied by May Bill Bryant and County Democratic Committee Chairman Arley Johnson. Those present included Mr. And Mrs. Glenn Herold; Corile Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Al Stevens; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brown; Mr. and Ms.Cecil Nichols; Mr. and Mrs. James Copenhaver; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dunn; John Breckinridge;Carroll Lay; R.A. Bennett; John McCue; Leatha Heal; Jake Neal; Eloise Paller; Dana Herold; Jack Waters; O.J. Carroll; Eugene Campbell; Lundy Champe; Ira Hill and Frank McMillon.

Immediately after his brilliant, forceful speech the human dynamo shook hands all around; leaped aboard the bus and was off to points north. At no time did he refer to his opponent, Senator Kennedy, and struck true to his promise "use my time in West Virginia constructively." Local Attorney John Breckinridge presided as master of ceremonies during the day.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. will attend the Ramp Festival to be held in Richwood April 30.

The former Congressman and son of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a distinguished speaker in his own right, will be campaigning in West Virginia for U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy who is entered in the West Virginia Primary, May 10th as a candidate for president.

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