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Shinnston News
April 28, 1960

Ted Kennedy, youngest brother of presidential candidate John F. Kennedy, made a brief talk from the steps of the News building Saturday during the sidewalk auction. Auctioneer Nelson Gemondo yielded to "block" for the well known Bostonian, who "sold" the claims of his brother in a few well chosen words.

Ordinarily when a celebrity in the political realm hits a town the most coveted platform for his address is the court house steps, but there being no court house in Shinnston, the News presented the next best vantage point.

The Kennedy campaign in West Virginia has reached the turning point, with national figures invading the state, some to stop Kennedy and others to praise him. Guess you good Democrats will have to make your choice.

Republicans are hot on the trail with many close races noticeable. Stopping at the News office last Thursday were Harold E. Neely of Hinton, candidate for governor James M. Knowles Jr., for congress, and Daniel L. Louchery, for delegate at large to the National Convention.

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