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Wellsburg Daily Herald
April 28, 1960

W. Va., Minnesota Unemployment Figures Match, Humphrey Aide Finds

Presidential Hopeful Has Promised Aid for "Most Serious" Jobless State

Unemployment in West Virginia is the same as in Minnesota, 6 percent, Mayor Joseph Dillon of St. Paul, traveling in West Virginia, in the interests of U.S. Senator Hubert Humphrey in his campaign for the democratic nomination for President of the United States, admitted to a Daily Herald reporter Wednesday. He also stated that "the unemployment in this state is somewhat similar to those in his own state, that it would be extremely difficult to give much practical aid to them. Many of them are mature men and find it difficult to get employment; some, because of their particular vocations are very unwilling to take up other types of work, they are not readily adaptable to new trades."

He also noted, as he has a keen political eye and mind, "a growing resentment on the part of the people of this state, against the out-of-state candidates here and holding the state up to ridicule by picturing the state as a poverty-stricken one by over emphasizing, in their quest for votes, the pockets of idleness that abound in five or six coal counties." He agreed that resentment of the voters might be expressed at the polls.

Mayor Dillon was amazed at the size and productive capacity of the great Weirton Steel Plants at Weirton, and commented on the general appearance of prosperity and satisfaction of the people in this part of the state.

Mrs. Hubert H. Humphrey, wife of the presidential candidate spoke to about 50 people in Eagles Hall at 11 o'clock. She is a small, dainty little lady, well educated and refined and spoke modestly of her husband and his political desires. They have four children, the oldest Nancy a nursing student in Minneapolis. She makes many of her own clothes, does her own house-work, and cooks all their meals. She has a woman to help in the house work one day a week. They live in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She made no effort to discuss national issues or state problems.

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