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April 28, 1960

Senator Kennedy Speaks at School Here Wednesday

U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy, the handsome, youthful Democratic candidate for President who is in the world limelight these days, scheduled speaking engagements in the Greenbrier Valley Wednesday. Over 500 students at Greenbrier High School in Ronceverte were treated to a talk by a bona fide Presidential aspirant at 3:00 p.m., along with all others who wished to attend.

Senator Kennedy is the first candidate for President to honor Ronceverte with a speaking engagement - except from the rear of a train - since William Jennings Bryan, "The Great Orator," did so many years ago. Bryan spoke where St. Catherine's Catholic Church now stands.

Others [sic] stops on the Kennedy itinerary for Wednesday were:

Hinton 11:30 a.m., Alderson at 2:40, Lewisburg 4:00, and White Sulphur Springs 4:30.

White Sulphur Springs
May 4, 1960

Senator John F. Kennedy, Democrat from Massachusetts, a candidate for the nomination of President, arrived in White Sulphur Springs about 2:45 p.m. Wed. He and his party drove through the town, talked to people and visited a shop before speaking to an estimated crowd of 1000 on the high school lawn.

Senator Kennedy spoke briefly stating that "This primary election is most important and your choice for the presidential nomination is most important. I run for the presidency because I believe that our country must move forward and not stand still."

He stated that this campaign year of 1960 is more important than even 1932. In 1932 the preservation of freedom of the United States was at stake but today, in 1960, the preservation of the freedom of all the world is at stake."

Senator Kennedy stated that he was proud to speak to the people of West Virginia, the state that was always ready and willing to help fight for the cause of freedom. "West Virginia should, indeed, be proud of her heritage."

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