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Clarksburg Exponent
April 29, 1960

FDR, Jr. To Be In This Region For Kennedy

A. James Manchin, who is in charge of the visit of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. to West Virginia, announced Thursday night that Roosevelt will attend the ramp feed at Richwood between 9:30 and 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 30.

At noon he will pass through Camden-on-Gauley for a brief visit and speak at Cowen at 1: p.m. At 4 p.m., Mr. Roosevelt will speak on the Court House Lawn at Parsons in Tucker County. He will then fly to Greenbrier County for a final rally at Rainelle, starting at 8 p.m.

Mr. Roosevelt has been an effective campaigner for Senator Kennedy and is considered on of the most dynamic speakers in America today. This will be the last time that people in the areas named will have an opportunity to meet F.D.R. Jr., and they are urged by Manchin to attend the above named rallies.

On May 6 Roosevelt will visit Taylor, Barbour, Preston, and Marion Counties. Complete details will be announced later.

Roosevelt will be in Clarksburg on May 7.

Rolvaag Goes to Marion Co.

Lt. Governor Karl Rolvaag of Minnesota hit the campaign trail in North Central West Virginia yesterday on behalf of Senator Hubert H. Humphrey. Rolvaag stumped in Marion County for the Democratic Presidential hopeful.

Making one stop in Shinnston in Harrison County to start the day off, Rolvaag subsequently visited Mannington, Farmington, Fairmont and Monongah.

In Fairmont, Rolvaag appointed Mrs. John M. Conner and Junior Leeson as Marion County Co-Chairmen for Humphrey.

The former World War II hero returned from his day of traveling tired, but smiling. "More and more people all over the area," he said, "are starting to ask about the differences in the tax-voting records of the two candidates. They talk about Humphrey's proposed tax reforms and the lambasting that he has been dealing out against the 'drag-gag-brag' Eisenhower Administration."

"Humphrey is convincing West Virginians," Rolvaag added, "that he has the stands on the issues and the ability to present them that will make him clearly the ablest Democratic standard-bearer in November."

"I also find," said Rolvaag, "that many of the folks with whom I speak are beginning to identify Humphrey with the image of the late President Franklin Roosevelt.

"Like Roosevelt," he added, "Humphrey seems to communicate a deep and sincere interest in the well-being of his fellow-man."

Humphrey headquarters in Clarksburg announced today that Humphrey's ten-point program for the economic revival of West Virginia was now available for mass distribution.

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