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Pineville Independent Herald
April 29, 1960

Kennedy And F.D.R. JR. Are Welcomed Here

Oceana, Pineville And Mullens Crowds are Impressive

Crowds at Oceana, estimated at 600, Pineville, estimated at 800, and in excess of 1,000 in Mullens, greeted Senator John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. Tuesday as they toured Wyoming in the interest of Senator Kennedy's presidential race.

Coming direct from the Logan County area in the morning, Kennedy appeared briefly at Man and then was escorted from the Logan County line direct to Oceana where an enthusiastic audience including the Oceana High School Band, cheered his remarks, as well as those of Mr. Roosevelt's.

Entering Pineville about the Noon Hour, the Massachusetts Senator spoke for a brief period over Station WWYO after being introduced by Roosevelt, who was earlier introduced by Judge Robert M. Worrell.

Marching from the radio station with the Pineville High School band, the two internationally known figures again spoke from the steps of the Wyoming County Court House after a handshaking tour of the entire crowd present.

Luncheon at Mullens

Opening under a close schedule, Senator Kennedy and his motor caravan rushed to Mullens where for the third time in the county the local high school band greeted him. Prior to a luncheon held at the Wyoming Hotel, with approximately 85 persons present, Kennedy and Roosevelt spoke before a crowd estimated in excess of 1,000 lining the area surrounding the City Parking Lot adjacent to the hotel.

Later, the famed pair separated briefly. Mrs. [sic] Roosevelt going to Tralee where he greeted miners changing shift. At Itmann, on their return trip en route to Welch, Kennedy shook hands with scores of workers and posed briefly for newsmen and photographers at the mine portal.

It was here that Kennedy's close associates and newsmen were disturbed when the approach of a mine locomotive, as well as high voltage wires, were considered as having endangered his life.

Arriving in Welch about 4:30, the entourage was again greeted by a large gathering of supporters at the Municipal Center.

Later in the evening, Kennedy and Roosevelt made a T.V. appearance at a banquet sponsored by Mercer County friends of the presidential aspirant.

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