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Weirton Daily Times
April 29, 1960

Humphrey to Campaign in Weirton May 5

U.S. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, a candidate for President in the West Virginia primary election, will visit Weirton May 5, it was announced today by Gene Foley, the Senator's Campaign Coordinator for northern West Virginia.

Senator Humphrey will speak briefly and then talk with local citizens at the reception and coffee hour to which the public is invited at 8 a.m. May 5 at the Weirton Community Center. His visit to Weirton will be part of his campaign to win the West Virginia presidential primary election May 10.

The Minnesota Democrat will campaign all day May 5 in the northern panhandle and then travel to Morgantown for a meeting that evening. He has already spent several days touring the southern, central and eastern parts of the state.

Senator Humphrey will arrive in Weirton early on the morning of May 5 and make a brief tour of Weirton Steel Company mills before going to the Community Center at 8 a.m. He will spend approximately one and one-half hours there before leaving for Wheeling.

A veteran of 12 years in the Senate, Mr. Humphrey has been a champion of the liberal viewpoint. On a trip to Europe in 1958 he spent eight hours discussing world problems with Premier Nikita Krushchev the longest period any representative of a Western nation has spent with a Soviet leader.

One of the most able men in the Senate he has worked for disarmament and world peace at the international level for more adequate housing and schools and sound labor and farm policies at home.

Mrs. Humphrey Carries Husband Campaign Here

Consistency whether it be in discipline, affection or behavior was termed a prime requisite in daily living - political or social - by Mrs. Hubert Humphrey as she carried her husband's political campaign to Hancock County.

The gracious, blue-clad "first lady" hopeful met with immediate approval wherever she campaigned on Wednesday. Her friendly next door neighbor approach gained gestures of friendship and warm smiles as she eagerly greeted each potential voter.

Mrs. Humphrey exemplified pleasing personality traits in her hand shaking visit to the Weirton Community Center, the Weirton Steel company and the New Cumberland district.

Fascinated by the bustle evident in the local steel m ills she expressed the desire to return to the city where she could "really" watch steel-manufacturing.

The blue-eyed mother of four is no new comer to politics. She has campaigned with her husband since he first ran for mayor in Minneapolis in 1943.

Regardless of where the Senator may be in his campaigning she has followed the policy of knowing exactly where the children are. "Remember it's just as important for them to know where you are as it is for you to know where they are. Family meals area must", she emphasized.

She schedules trips carefully making positive she is not away from home for any length of time. During her first trip to West Virginia her two youngest boys Bobby, 18, and Douglas, 12, accompanied her.

Muriel Humphrey is also a busy homemaker. She designs and makes most of her clothing, the majority of which are in the vivid shade that is being called "Muriel blue."

Forrest Talbott

Former Weir Teacher In City For Humphrey Drive

From teacher to politics! That's the story of Forrest Tablott [sic], onetime member of the Weir High school faculty who is now campainging [sic] in West Virginia in behalf of Sen. Hubert Humphrey, a Democratic presidential aspirant.

What's more, Talbott is hoping many of his former students will respond to the Humphrey visit at the Weirton Community Center next Thursday morning.

Talbott is interested in renewing old friendships and in winning support for Humphrey.

The former Weir High teacher is now the assistant Secretary of State in Minnesota. He taught at Weir High from 1938 through 1942 and was an instructor in history and social studies. He left Weirton in the fall of 1942 and has lived in Minnesota ever since.

Unitl [sic] he became engaged in the political scene in Minnesota, he taught at Austin and furthered his graduate studies at the University of Minnesota.

Talbott is a native West Virginian and lived most of his life in Fairmont before coming to Weirton. His parents still reside in Marion County.

He met yesterday with various Democratic political leaders in Hancock County, including Callie Taspis [sic], the Hancock delegate in the state legislature. By coincident, Miss Taspis [sic] was a student in one of Talbott's classes and was also a member of the debate team sponsored by Talbott.

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