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Huntington Advertiser
April 30, 1960

Senator Visits City Again

Humphrey's Third 'Sampling' Finds Hospitality Pleasing

By Hugh Maxwell

Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-Minn), candidate for president, sampled Huntington's hospitality for the third time yesterday and found it good.

The senator, campaigning in the Mountain State for the presidential preference in the primary election May 10, told an audience in his headquarters here that "I've never encountered a more friendly people than the people of Huntington and West Virginia generally."

Humphrey arrived in Huntington aboard his chartered bus bearing a sign, "Here Comes Humphrey" and made his first local stop at Marshall College.

He shook hands with many students and pinned Humphrey buttons on them. He repeated the hobnobbing and hand-pumping in front of his headquarters at 1025 Third avenue. He made a point of shaking hands with every boy in the Vinson high school band which was present to make his welcome melodious.

Discovers Majorettes

The senator then discovered the band's pretty majorettes, 12 or more of them.

"Gee," Humphrey exclaimed. "Look what I've missed." He proceeded to shake hands with the majorettes and bestow a button upon each of them.

In his formal address inside headquarters, Humphrey dwelt again on the Eisenhower administration's alleged neglect of West Virginia's distressed areas, while showing a "bleeding heart" attitude over hunger and poverty in foreign nations

The senator said he wondered how President Eisenhower "had the effrontery" to claim, as he was quoted in press wire services as claiming, that his administration has given substantial aid to West Virginia.

Humphrey said he had checked upon this aid, which has been principally in the form of surplus commodities. "I found that the retail value of these commodities given to one family once a month was exactly $3.89," the senator asserted.

"There's a way to change this sort of thing," Humphrey asserted, "and that is to vote the Republicans out of Washington and out of Charleston."

He added that: "Understanding and humanitarianism are needed at home as well as abroad.

"The Republicans in Washington have failed to take care of the basic needs of the unfortunate unemployed. Their needs should be met. Also the entire country should have schools, decent Social Security with medical and hospital care and other humanities."

The senator declared that the nation almost "died under Hoover and came alive again under Roosevelt."

Humphrey made a god impression in Huntington, although his visit was brief. He was here for about two hours. Local arrangements for his visit were made by Nathan E. Rood, chairman of the Cabell County Humphrey for President committee, and George M. Henderson Jr.

The senator left Huntington at 2 p. m. Subsequently he visited Hamlin, Chapmanville, Logan (where Mrs. Humphrey joined him) and Beckley. Senator Humphrey was in Richwood today.

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