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Raleigh Register
April 30, 1960

FDR Jr. Addresses Whitesville Group

Whitesville (RNS) - More than 200 persons stood in a steady rain for more than two hours Wednesday morning, awaiting the arrival of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., from Beckley, as he visited the Boone County community to boost the campaign of Kennedy for president.

The crowd that numbered almost 400 at 9:30 a.m., the scheduled time of arrival, had dwindled to about 200 at 11:30 a.m., when Roosevelt finally arrived in front of the Boone Street theatre.

He talked to the crowd, which included a good number of the members of the Whitesville Catholic Church, for about 20 minutes. His talk ranged from the depression area of Coal River to the religious issue that is now a major factor in the campaign.

Roosevelt said that he first came to West Virginia in 1932, with his father, and saw today some of the same problems that faced his father in 1932. He said that he felt Kennedy could do the same for this state now that his father did in the 30's. He denounced the Eisenhower administration for feeding a coal miners family on surplus foods.

He said that a vote for Humphrey in the primary was just like throwing a vote down the drain because Humphrey's doesn't have a chance of winning the nomination in July. He said that Kennedy is the only candidate that can beat Nixon in November. He also denounced Humphrey for his check book and black satchel statement, saying that if Humphrey knows so much why doesn't he prove it.

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