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Parkersburg News
May 3, 1960

At Parkersburg's VFW Hall

Humphrey Addresses Rally

Speaking to several hundred persons last night at the VFW hall on Juliana St., Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, who is seeking nomination as Democratic presidential candidate in the coming primary election, told his hearers "America's challenge to greatness is in daring to design our own destiny," adding that a nation is waiting its opportunity for leadership when it only reacts instead of designs.

"Regretably, that is what has been happening to us in this troubled world," he declared. "Whether it is on the domestic or international front, we are prone to just counter-attack:we react, rather than design to a program of our own that we know to be right and sound, and worthy of our efforts, our tradition, and our sacrifice.

"The 20th century demands programs that have daring and design, where one detail fits another, as part of a long-range plan.

"To survive, we must plan. In the second half of this interdependent and explosive century, to continue planless may be to end lifeless.

"It is time we took planning out of the doghouse, and put it in the White House.

"The sad fact is, we are letting our national plant run down. Our economy is not keeping pace with the needs of our time, and we are devoting too small a portion of it to those public purposes:that public investment, if you will:that makes a nation and a people not only rich, but great and strong.

"Twentieth century America not only requires an up-to-date program, but it demands an integrated and coordinated program.

"We need a program that starts with the integration our schools, and ends with peaceful cooperation of the world."

Senator Humphrey was introduced at the meeting by Atty. William L. Jacobs, who told the audience of his "fine reception" in trips over the county during the day, when the "Senator shook hands with more than 2,000 voters."

Yesterday earlier in the day the Senator spoke to a group gathered in Court Square, from a platform in front of the Wood County Courthouse. In that address he said:

"If the Democratic Party:and potential Democratic standard bearers:want to deserve the confidence of the American voters, all of us must be willing to stand up and be counted as to what we are going to do about the real needs of the people.

"The country is tired and sick of generalities and lip service to lofty objectives. It wants specific answers to specific needs:and our Party had better get busy recognizing the needs, and developing the answers," he declared.

Senator Humphrey said he had been waging his West Virginia campaign "on the issues that concern West Virginia voters", but added that all too often the press was "more interested in personalities than in where candidates stand on issues."

"It isn't enough to seek popularity by trying to avoid offending anyone," he said. "But if you are willing to take a stand for what you believe is right and just, then fight for it:we can win in November, and deserve to win.

"That has already been my position in public life, and it is my position today. I am not an appeaser:at home or abroad. If our election process is to mean anything people must be given a real choice between differing viewpoints and political philosophies:not just engage in a national beauty contest."

The Senator's already tight schedule in his whirlwind campaign in the state was made even tighter yesterday be the delayed arrival of his plane, which forced a faster pace than had been planned.

A reception was held last night at the VFW prior to the address, in which the visitor mingled with the guests and met as many persons as possible.

Occupying the platform with him before his address were all local candidates present, who were briefly introduced and then retired to seats in the audience.

The rally which was held after the address lasted for a considerable length of time.

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