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Alderson Times
May 5, 1960

Sen. Kennedy Speaks Briefly At Local High School Wed.

Senator John F. Kennedy spoke briefly to an overflow crowd at the Alderson high school auditorium where he was greeted by school principal, Neil McEachron, Dick Strealey, president of the student body and Charles Huffman, president of the senior class.

Preceding the senator's speech his brother Ted Kennedy spoke in behalf of his brother as candidate for president and explained that the senator would not be able to speak but briefly because he was suffering with a throat infection.

Both speakers were introduced by James Manchen [sic], of Parkersburg, who is campaigning for Kennedy in West Virginia.

In speaking of his campaign in West Virginia Kennedy stated that a candidate for the high office of president of the United States should take his candidacy to the people. This he gave as his reason for his touring the state before the primary election.

He emphasized the fact that you are never able to arouse interest and gain support unless you go out and seek it.

He emphasized the problems facing West Virginia in 1960 and said it will take vital and energetic forces to solve these problems. He also stressed the fact that they eyes of the country are on West Virginia and that if he is elected he would do all in his power as president to help solve these problems.

A large crowd of Alderson residents and those of the near vicinity welcomed Kennedy and his party which arrived about 11:45 a.m. and left after 1 p.m.

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