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Clay Free Press
May 5, 1960

Sen. Humphrey Coming To Clay

Humphrey Convinced Spirited Campaign Is Aiding Democrats

Senator Hubert Humphrey has scheduled a visit to Clay, Saturday at 9 a.m., a member of the planning committee said this week.

Humphrey expressed a desire to "meet as many Clay Countians as possible" while here at the courthouse.

He'll be in Clay about an hour, visit several of the business places and shake hands with as many people as time will permit.

His stop here is part of an active week of campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

"Our lively Democratic Primary race is going to help, not hurt, a Democratic victory in November for West Virginia," Senator Humphrey declared earlier this week.

"We've helped stir up increasing activity among Democrats all over the state, and are forcing Republicans to take a back seat - where they belong.

"No wonder your Republicans are getting worried," he declared.

"They apparently haven't any issues of their own they are willing to talk about, so are trying to get into the news by telling us Democrats what we should do, and shouldn't do, in our own primary. They better worry more about taking care of themselves in November because we Democrats are just practicing to get in shape for running them out of the statehouse in Charleston and out of the White House in Washington.

"They know the Republican Party is unpopular with the voters, here and elsewhere, so they are wistfully hoping they can get us Democrats mad enough at each other now to hurt our chances in November. It's wishful thinking that won't work.

"We Democrats may disagree among ourselves in primaries from time to time, but we have a common cause to work for in November - and we'll be fighting shoulder to shoulder," he declared.

Senator Humphrey said that Wisconsin provided a good example of how a spirited Democratic primary "can pave the way for a great victory in November."

"We stirred up so much interest out there that we left poor Richard Nixon trailing in the dust - and that's where he will remain," the Senator said.

"When my opponent and I left the state, we left the Democratic Party strengthened and sharpened - chomping at the bit to win state and national races from Republicans in November.

"Contrary to what some Republicans might like, I'm convinced the same thing will happen in West Virginia when this race is over," Senator Humphrey added.

There is a homely adage which runs, "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." - Theodore Roosevelt

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