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Wellsburg Daily Herald
May 5, 1960

Senator Humphrey Answers Questions in Brief Stop Of Caravan In Wellsburg

Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, democratic candidate for president, spoke briefly to a crowd of about 150 people in front of the American Legion at 9:30 Thursday morning. He answered two questions that he said were handed him in Weirton. First, do you think that people in distressed areas who need food, clothing and are in need, should be aided ahead of foreign countries. The answer obviously was "yes" it is the current policy of the country. He stated that he favored foreign aid and supported these measures, but that more could be done for local areas.

He said there were 200 distressed areas in the United States, that every state had them, and all should get more attention. Second, do you favor aid in the conservation areas and clearing the pollution of streams and helping cities in the construction of Sanitary sewers. The answer to this was also "yes", and a policy of this kind is in force. Mr. Humphrey thought is could be extended and made more generous.

The third question, was "If you get to be president will you remember the needs of West Virginia when you are in the White House.["] A hearty "yes" was his answer. He stated that in California the Federal government was spending $500 per person on defense work and other projects, but only $14 in West Virginia. He asked the question "why?" but did not answear [sic] it.

Mr. Humphrey has an attractive personality, is a ball of fire in action and a winning smile for everyone. He met several hundred people, passed out buttons, and his aids passed out literature. He was introduced by county assessor Frank Basil.

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