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Wirt County Journal
May 6, 1960

W.Va. Primary Campaign Reaches Climax Tuesday

Ted Kennedy to Speak Here Sat.


Ted Kennedy, brother of U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, candidate for President of the United States in next Tuesday's West Virginia Primary, will be feature speaker at a public meeting at the Wirt County Court House in Elizabeth at 2 p.m. this Saturday May 7 the Journal learned just before time to go to press.

The public is invited to hear the talk of Senator's brother who has been quite active in West Virginia the past month.

West Virginia's Primary Election next Tuesday (May 10) will be viewed with particular interest nationwide because of the Kennedy-Humphrey Presidential contest on the democratic ticket.

Controversial issues on both party tickets on the gubernatorial race promises to bring an interesting climax to the campaign that has been raging over the past weeks. On the Republican ballot it is Chapman Revercomb vs. Harold Neely for the nomination and for the Democrats it is a wild three-way race between W.W. Barron, Hulett Smith and Orel Skeen.

The Democratic race erupted into a rough and tumble finish this week with Skeen producing some tape recordings which he claims under oath is an offer Barron made him in his home near Ripley last fall to give him $65,000 to keep out of the race for governor. Barron claims it is a "rigged" recording and is utterly fantastic. He instituted a $300,000 slander suit against Skeen on Wednesday. The predicted result is a wide swing toward Smith who has a clean reputation in both business and politics.

So far the big political show has been spotlighted by the candidates on local, state and national levels but next Tuesday Wirt County's 2,786 voters will have the opportunity for 13 hours to occupy the main ring by casting their ballots in the 18 local voting precincts.

The polls will open at 6:30 a.m. and will close at 7:30 p.m.

Official forms and supplies with adequate numbers of ballots have been made ready and will be dispatched this Saturday to the various precincts then all will be ready for the citizens to cast their opinions by their marked ballots then await the arrival of the returns in the County Clerk's office, probably way up in the wee hours Wednesday morning.

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