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Williamson Daily News
May 7, 1960

Sen. Humphrey Blasts GOP, Senator Kennedy

"Complacent" Attitude Hit By Candidate

Humphrey Arrives Late For Talk Here, Employs 'Copter To Reach City

Senator Hubert Humphrey (D-Minn) brought his campaign to Mingo County yesterday, blasting away at the Republican administration on one hand and his Democratic oponent [sic] John F. Kennedy on the other.

A crowd estimated at between 500 and 750 persons, many of the school children, turned out to hear his address from the steps of the Mingo County Court House.

Senator Humphrey flew to Welch from Washington yesterday, taking hours out of his West Virginia drive, to vote for the distressed areas bill. He came to Welch from Washington by chartered plane and from Welch to Williamson by helicopter, landing at the local baseball field, about two hours late for his engagement.

Speaking to a smaller crowd than that which heard Sen. Kennedy several days ago, Humphrey struck out against the Eisenhower administration saying:

"We have everything to work with except leadership. We are being lulled into complacency instead of being challenged into action.

"The administration smiles reasurance [sic] and speaks contentment. Its leaders tell us to relax as they enjoy a continuing vacation from responsibility. Its public relations experts grind out press releases which tell us to sleep softly on the pudgy arms of prosperity."

Humphrey told his listeners "I am one American who will not accept this dangerously complacent message."

He said during his travels in this country recently, he has seen "the marks of a healthy society and benefits of a degree of prosperity but I have also seen the areas of depression and pockets of heavy unemployment."

"It is not a pleasant sight," said Humphrey.

"We need a government," he said, "willing to make necessary and prudent investments to help depressed areas to help themselves."

Humphrey said one big step needed now is an area redevelopment program, such as the one passed by the Senate Friday and sent to the President.

The senator called the Senate-approved redevelopment bill the Administration's "last change [sic] to aid millions, who, through no fault of their own, suffer fears.

The speaker then took a few blasts at his opponent, stating that he was not so fortunate as to have at his disposal the great wealth of the Kennedy family with which to wage an all out advertising campaign including large ads in the newspapers and unlimited radio and television time. He said the Kennedy forces had spent a quarter of a million dollars in West Virginia while reporting much less than that amount.

After his appearance here, Humphrey returned to Welch for a talk later in the day.

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