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Beckley Post Herald
May 9, 1960

Kennedy's Sister, Mrs. Shriber [sic], Is Feted In Pineville

Mrs. Robert Shriber [Shriver] of Chicago, Ill., sister of Sen. John Kennedy, was honored with a coffee at the home of Mrs. Clarence Worrell in Pineville Thursday at 1 p.m. with Mrs. Ray C. Taliaferro assisting. Shown (left to right) Mrs. C S. Worrell, Mrs. Ray C. Taliaferro, Mrs. Shriber, and Mrs. Paul Goode. Mrs. Shriber spoke in Sen. Kennedy's behalf concerning his campaign. Attending were Mrs. Charles Holloway, Mrs. Claude Pancake, Mrs. Woodrow Denning, Mrs. Sam Lambert, Mrs. Olive Anderson, Mrs. Jack Shimpan, Mrs. Jesse Houck, Mrs. R. Sam Bower, Mrs. Robert Beavers, Mrs. Russell Beavers, Mrs. Sarah Morgan, Mrs. John Lambert, Mrs. Rue Schoolcraft, Miss Francis Bailey, Mrs. Mae Belcher, Mrs. Joe Hansbarger, Mrs. James Lyons, Mrs. Whity Baldwin, Mrs. Marvin Brooks, Mrs. Eileen Jackson, Mrs. Woodrow Ruthford, Mrs. Dot Graham, Mrs. C. A. Blankenship, Mrs. C. E. Richner, Mrs. Fred Huffman, and Mrs. John Thomas.

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