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Williamson Daily News
May 10, 1960

Roosevelt, Jr., Visits Mingo

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., campaigning for Sen. John F. Kennedy (D - Mass.) received a hearty reception in Mingo County yesterday, speaking to an estimated 1,200 to 1,300 persons in four communities.

The son of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he arrived nearly three hours late from Charleston because of auto trouble near Logan.

Roosevelt said he believed the present administration was in dire need of a change; that the country needed young and aggressive leadership.

The speaker further stated that mechanization and automation had left its mark in the state, not only in the coal industry, and that steps should be taken to provide the people of the state with more opportunities to earn a livelihood.

His talks at Williamson from the front of the court house and at Matewan, Delbarton and Gilbert, followed the same pattern as those he has made elsewhere in the state during the present campaign.

Roosevelt said he did not believe that Hubert Humphrey, Kennedy's opponent in West Virginia, could win the West Virginia vote and charged that he was the "toot" for other people.

The speaker was accompanied by Fred Forbes of New Hampshire, Charleston Genoar of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and Jim McCahey of Chicago, Kennedy campaign aides.

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