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Wetzel Democrat
May 12, 1960

After the Brawl

Don't known [sic] when we have seen the town jumping in quite the proportions that it did last Saturday. The day started off with confusion at the fire station. A fire alarm was reported on Main avenue. One of the trucks was in service on that street in the fire department's drive for funds. It was hastily rerouted to the station. In the meantime the other truck responded to the call and was followed by the second one. It all turned out to be an emergency and not a fire. Then Humphrey came to town but his base of operation was not clear to everyone and while they searched for the presidential aspirant he was wandering through the five and ten, pumping hands. He was pulling out of town in his chartered bus just as many persons were beginning to catch up with him. Then another group waited patiently for the appearance of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. He was behind schedule by one half hour.

He finally rolled into town about 4:30 p.m. and went immediately to the court house steps. Here he was presented with a gift of W. Va. Glass Specialty glassware by Delegate Louis Craig. F.D.R., Jr. gave a short, hard hitting speech on behalf of his man, John Kennedy. He was followed by Jimmie Manchin, a Harrison countian who was serving as guide. Jimmie launched into a spiel which had mainly to do with Mother's Day. It reminded us that we hadn't taken care of the occasion and so we left.

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