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The State Sentinel (Fayetteville) May 18, 1960

Kennedy Expresses Thanks To Voters

Uunited [sic] States Senator John F. Kennedy, of Massachusetts, who scored a smashing victory over U. S. Senator Hubert Humphrey in the West Virginia preferential primary last week in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, expresses his gratitude in the following letter:

"Mr. J. Alfred Taylor, Jr., Editor
Fayetteville, West Virginia

Dear Mr. Taylor:

I want through you to take this opportunity to thank the people of West Virginia for their fairness, for their confidence, and for their support.

West Virginia has given me a great boost toward the Democratic presidential nomination and I want to tell you I will not forget the state or her people. Nor will I forget the pledge I have made to see that a positive program of action is enacted to help West Virginia.

Sincerely yours,
John F. Kennedy."

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