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Preston County Journal
September 22, 1960

Arthurdale Church Will Be Dedicated Saturday Evening

Arthurdale Community Presbyterian Church will be dedicated Saturday evening at a 7:30 DST service with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt scheduled to give the principal address.

Thus, Mrs. Roosevelt returns to the community she inspired as one of the first projects of her husband's new administration in 1933. It will be two dreams come true for Arthurdale:

The former first lady's return to the Homestead community and the dedication of a beautiful stone building built by the hands of the neighbors of the community - member and non-member alike.

Mrs. Roosevelt will be introduced at the dedication by Sen. Jennings Randolph. Also participating in the service will be:

Rev. John H. Strock, Parkersburg, Rev. William Swartz, Washington, Pa.; Rev. Arthur Holt, Fairmont; Rev. T. A. McMellon, Reedsville; Rev. Ichiro Matsuda, Rock Forge; Miss Glenna Williams, Creed Maxwell and Ralph N. Brown, all Arthurdale, and Rev. August VandenBosche, pastor.

The Community Presbyterian Church is built of hand cut stone quarried on a farm in Arthurdale. Every stone, every piece of woodwork has meant work, sacrificial giving and devoted service of every resident of the community. This group, the only congregation in Arthurdale, met for 25 years in the school building as the Community Church. In 1957 the church affiliated with the United Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. Mr. VandenBosche became pastor in 1958.

The basement of the new building, McMellon Fellowship Hall, includes a social hall to seat 350 for dinners, kitchen, rest rooms and lounge. The sanctuary, finished in birch paneling, will seat 250.

Also, on the main and second floor are nine class rooms, rest rooms and a study for the pastor.

Total cost of the building has been $42,000. Many, who have seen the building, have estimated its worth as being over $100,000. The volunteer work of member and non-member and the splendid sense of community cooperation have made the effort successful.

Community cooperation and planning has brought amazing results to the small community of Arthurdale.

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