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Clarksburg Exponent
April 22, 1959


The Kennedy-Humphrey Contest

This newspaper has been attempting to present to its readers a clear picture of the presidential race in the State between U. S. Senators John F. (Jack) Kennedy and Hubert H. Humphrey of Massachusetts and Minnesota respectively.

We feel that the decision in this race is a matter for the good Democratic voters of the State and one which at present has little concern for the trouble-plagued Republican politicians of the State. It seems to us too that these Republican politicians are irked by the finding of Senators Kennedy and Humphrey and their staffs during brief visits in West Virginia.

Within a brief period of time, both of these capable Senators have recognized the fact that West Virginia has a State Administration which has been more interested in political appointments, high salaries, and expensive trips than in good roads and the economic welfare of its citizens. It took the visiting senators only briefly too to recognize that the National Administration has grossly and needlessly neglected the economy of the Mountain State.

Such things must hurt those who seek high office in the Republican party, for it is virtually impossible for them to explain the careless neglect that the National Administration has shown toward the State of West Virginia. It must be difficult too for the would-be Republican nominees to explain to the voters that many of the failures of the State Administration have been due to excessive abseenteeism [sic] on the part of Republican executives in the State Government.

We would say to the Republicans who have chosen to attempt to make political hay by interfering in the Democratic race between Senators Kennedy and Humphrey: "SWEEP YOUR OWN BACK PORCH!"

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