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Buckhannon Record
April 29, 1960


West Virginia Republicans are up in arms over the campaigns being conducted in West Virginia by presidential hopefuls John Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey. They claim that Kennedy and Humphrey are dragging state matters before the nation to the detriment of this State.

In one limited sense of the word the accusations may be valid. Certainly it isn't much pleasure to have a house made of glass with all sorts of strangers looking in. But the fact is that West Virginia is a glass house and the issues being raised at present extend beyond two candidates and a primary election.

With a Republican administration at work in Charleston and in Washington any comments made by the two Democratic candidates have the effect of a double blast. First of all, the campaigning highlights the work, or lack of work, that has been done in West Virginia during the past four years. This is detriment to Republicans alone. Secondly, the issues go beyond state borders and into the national administration, which has done literally nothing for West Virginia.

The primary concern at present is not long term goals, but the simple accommodating of those who already live in West Virginia. Like it or deny it, as you like, something has to be done and the state administration has chosen to do nothing.

Apparently the Republicans, Governor Underwood included (apparently by his pronouncements of last week), would prefer that nothing be said. The fact is, though, that there are plenty of things to be said.

If the Republicans had anything more than the sight of closed convention they probably would not be so adverse to listening. A couple of candidates to praise the Underwood administration in the focus of the rest of the nation would probably not be so unbearable.

The coming elections will bring forth many promises of West Virginia from both sides. The duty of the voter will be to weigh the promises in the light of what has been done in the past.

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