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Fayette Tribune
May 2, 1960

Our Chat

By Bob Holliday

Last Thursday I made a television appearance over WSAZ-TV. I was on a panel of newsmen which questioned Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, Democratic presidential aspirant.

Sylvia, my wife, accompanied me to the Charleston studio of WSAZ-TV, Channel 3, Huntington.

Senator Humphrey really is down-to-earth. He yelled over and said, "Hi, Bob. How's everything going. We're going to be up your way this weekend." I told him that we gave him a big write-up in the paper, and he nodded his head in appreciation.

After the show we had the opportunity to informally chat awhile. Senator Humphrey contends that the Department of Agriculture has the money to spend on a great variety of surplus commodities for needy people if the department wants to.

Sylvia enjoyed talking to Mrs. Humphrey, too. They talked about Humphreys' daughter going to get married - well, you know, like women usually do.

I gave Senator Humphrey a Tribune, and he pointed out the big story to his wife and said, "Look, mom." He calls Mrs. Humphrey "mom."

A short meeting of the board of directors of the Fayette Needy assn. will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Tribune office. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. All board members are urged to be present.

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