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Hinton Daily News
May 7, 1960

Hinton Around...By J. E. Faulconer

Kennedy A True American

This writer with Forest L. McNeer had the pleasure of riding to Alderson with Senator John F. Kennedy, Democratic candidate for President.

Maybe we should have said that the Senator rode with us, for it was in our Rambler that we made the trip to Alderson, after stopping off at the home of Jim Hedrick to permit the distinguished visitor to talk with Mr. Hedrick who is blind and was unable to attend the street meeting here.

Jack Kennedy is a real American and a gentleman, and the more time you spend with him, the more he impresses you as a dedicated man who wants to do something for his country and his people. That is why he wants to be president.

When Kennedy climbed into our little car, the first thing he did was take off his coat and relax but he ap[p]arently enjoyed every bit of the trip, and kept admiring our beautiful countryside which he described as "some of the prettiest I have seen anywhere."

"You people actually don't realize how beautiful it is around here, and that is because you are used to it and see it every day," he told the writer.

"If you'd let the rest of the nation know about what you have to offer, and build the facilities to take care of tourists, there is no reason why this section shouldn't become one of America's greatest tourist attractions," the Senator said as he admired the view from Tunnel Hill overlooking George Blankenship's farm and the Greenbrier River.

Senator Kennedy was greeted by what was probably the biggest political crowd that ever assembled in Alderson and it was the same story at Ronceverte, Lewisburg and White Sulphur.

I think that he gained a lot of votes and new friends on his trip through the Greenbrier Valley for when you meet, hear and talk to the man you cannot help but be impressed.

One thing for which I am sure, and that is this: If his election were left up to the teenagers and the women he would be elected by a landslide as he is quite handsome and looks much younger than his actual age.

If you have followed the record of Jack Kennedy and his family you will realize that his service to his country comes before self, and I agree with Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., that when Kennedy enlisted in the U. S. Navy he was not asked the question if he were a Protestant, Catholic or a Jew.

If elected he will make this nation an outstanding president.

Quite a few of the nation's most important news-media were represented in the Kennedy party and if you watch your television closely you may see some shots from Hinton and Alderson in the next few days.

Both CBS and NBC had news cameramen here, while the AP and UPI were also represented as well as the Charleston Gazette, New York Times, Life and Time Magazine.

There was one young woman in the Kennedy party whom many persons mistook for the senator's pretty wife, but actually she was Miss Nancy Conners Hanschman, the only woman correspondent with the Columbia Broadcasting Company.

Miss Hanschman's picture appears elsewhere in today's News...

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