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Fayette Tribune
May 9, 1960


Our Position

The Tribune has handled the news on both Senator Humphrey and Senator Kennedy as fairly as we could have. Both candidates visited Fayette county twice, and before and after each visit the treatment of stories has been prominent.

Our position has been to take no public side. The intelligent person will find the two candidates with many views quite similar. Their differences have been made clear, however, and we expect Fayette countians to decide their choice on the basis of these differences upon issues - nothing else.

From a national viewpoint our poverty problems have been placed before the American people. The Federal government surely will see the need to respond in a corrective and helpful attitude.

But, also, the national press often is so pseudo-intelligent that our four-year-old children realize how "slanted" the news has been. The national press certainly is a might modler [sic] of public opinion, and it is awful to see our newsmen frequently abuse their own freedom.

In this campaign our Fayette people will make the choice. We have seen both Humphrey and Kennedy. We'll render the verdict and hope the winner goes on to become President of this great country of ours.

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