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Hinton Daily News
May 11, 1960

...We are also particularly pleased at the smashing victory of Senator Jack Kennedy in West Virginia that has skyrocketed him within reach of the presidency of the United States.

It has demonstrated that a Catholic can win, and has proved to the nation that West Virginians as a whole are not bigoted, but are intelligent fairminded people who can think for themselves, and cannot by swayed by the noisy minorities who only believe in adhering to a part of the principles of the United States Constitution.

West Virginia will certainly appear now in a new light to the peoples of the United States, and have proven to the pollsters who predicted an Humphrey victory that we think for ourselves, and not the way they want us to think.

Already the national columnists have suggested that Stevenson be drafted into the race for the presidency. This newspaper has the greatest respect for the gentleman from Illinois, but he has already run for the presidency twice, and has twice been defeated.

Now we want a man who can win in November, and he will have to be a good one. We think Jack Kennedy is that man.

Further, we believe that the delegates from West Virginia to the Democratic National Convention should unwaveringly support Mr. Kennedy for he has proven beyond doubt in this state, and all others where he has been a candidate that he is the people's choice.

When Jack Kennedy spoke in Hinton, he said that he had learned the problems of West Virginia, and that if he was elected to the presidency he would do something about them.

He further stated if elected "the problems of West Virginia will be on the front of my desk."

I believe what he said, and before a television camera in Charleston early this morning he said: "I will not forget the people of West Virginia. What I said I would do, I will."

It must also be remembered that Jack Kennedy is a wealthy man. He doesn't need to hold office and take the abuse that is heaped on a servant of the people.

For this reason we believe in his sincerity, and we are willing to trust the future of our country to this inspiring young man who places service above self.

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