Fannie Cobb Carter

Tribute From Governor John D. Rockefeller IV

Fannie Cobb Carter Collection, West Virginia State Archives

State of West Virginia Office of the Governor Charleston 25305


I am happy to join with West Virginians from across the state in paying tribute to the life and work of Mrs. Fannie Cobb Carter.

Mrs. Carter was a close friend and a source of inspiration to me. She and I communicated frequently over the years, and I was always intrigued by, and impressed with, her philosophy for living and the heights she attained in her many long years of service to the community at large. She crammed four careers into one productive lifetime, and was promoting brotherhood among blacks and whites at a time when it was not the most popular thing to do. She once said, "Life is like a piano. It has two kinds of keys, black and white. If you don't play both of them, you will never get harmony."

An inspirational lady, she.

I am proud to have known her and am happy to join, on behalf of all West Virginians, in paying tribute to her.


[Signed Jay Rockefeller]
John D. Rockefeller IV

African Americans

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