CORE and the Diamond Department Store

Charleston Gazette
May 4, 1960

Mayor Hails 'Integration' At Diamond

Mayor Shanklin expressed gratification here Tuesday for The Diamond's action in lifting the color bar at its lunch counter and cafeteria.

"I have just learned that The Diamond has made available their eating facilities to all people," he told newsmen.

"This indicates to me that the Mayor's Commission of Human Relations has the confidence of all the citizens of Charleston and that their approach to this very important question is the right way to accomplish it."

In announcing the decision to admit Negroes to its cafeteria and lunch counters, the Diamond said the action was in cooperation with the Mayor's commission.

"The Diamond is endeavoring to comply with the policies of the Mayor's Commission which have been endorsed by our governor, prominent citizens, and other public and religious leaders for the conducting of better civic relations in our city," a store spokesman said.

The action apparently will end a boycott of the store carried on for more than two years by a number of Negro organizations.

A month ago the store was the scene of a sit down protest by a group of students from West Virginia State College.

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