Dr. Roscoe Conklin Harrison

Pioneer Colored Physician Dead

Dr. Roscoe G. [Harrison], Surgeon in Chief at Kimball Hospital, Passes Away in Sanitarium at Guthrie, Okla.

The Daily Telegraph (Bluefield)
November 17, 1923

News was received last night of the death of Dr. Roscoe G. Harrison, surgeon in chief at the Kimball hospital a well known colored institution at Kimball. Dr. Harrison died at Dr. Conrad's Sanitarium at Guthrie, Okla., on Friday. His wife and Rev. R. P. Johnson, pastor of the colored Presbyterian church at Kimball, were at his bedside during his last hours. They will leave Guthrie with the remains this morning for Kimball, where it is expected the funeral will take place on Wednesday from the Presbyterian church.

Dr. Harrison was one of the pioneer colored physicians of this section; was widely known and highly esteemed by all. He had enjoyed a successful career as a physician and surg[eon].

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