Niagara Movement at Harpers Ferry

Farmers Advocate
August 25, 1906

The meeting of the Niagara Movement, which adjourned at Harper's Ferry on Sunday last after a session of five days, succeeded in getting a large newspaper hearing with its deliberations. The Niagara Movement has as its motive the betterment of the condition of the negroes of the South. In an address to the country the advocates of the movement demand, among other things, the right to vote without any restrictions; the abolition of the Jim Crow car; the fourteenth amendment carried out to the letter. The Republican party and President Roosevelt were scored for their indifference to the treatment accorded the negro in the South. The failure, the address continues, of the Republican party in Congress at the session just closed to redeem its pledge of 1904 with reference to suffrage condition at the South seems a plain, deliberate and premeditated breach of promise, and stamps that party as guilty of obtaining votes under false pretense.

African Americans

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