Establishment of the
West Virginia Colored Orphans' Home

Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia,
Thirtieth Regular Session, 1911

(House Bill No. 17.)

AN ACT to establish the West Virginia colored orphans' home, near Huntington, county of Cabell, and to provide for the management thereof, and authorizing the board of control of the state to purchase the farm and buildings now used by the West Virginia normal industrial school for colored orphans.

[Passed February 22, 1911. In effect ninety days from passage. Approved by the Governor February 24, 1911.]

1. The West Virginia normal industrial school established; located near Huntington, in Cabell county; under management of state board of control.

2. Said board shall purchase land and other property; deed to be recorded in Cabell county, and filed in office of secretary of state.

3. Board to make rules and regulations relative to management and disposition of children, fix salaries and prescribe duties of employes [sic].

4. Board to admit children under sixteen years old under conditions stated.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

Sec. 1. A state institution to be called the West Virginia colored orphans' home is hereby established and shall be carried on in a building or buildings suitable for the purpose to be provided by the state at the present site of the West Virginia normal industrial school for colored orphans, near Huntington, county of Cabell. This institution shall be under the management, direction, control and government of the state board of control.

Sec. 2. The state board of control shall purchase one hundred and ninety acres, more or less, now used and occupied by the West Virginia normal industrial school for colored orphans together with all the buildings, building material, furniture and live stock, at a price not to exceed ten thousand dollars, but before making said purchase said board of control shall cause the title to said property to be carefully abstracted through the office of the attorney general. The deed to said property shall be taken to the state as grantee and shall be recorded in Cabell county and filed in the office of the secretary of state and shall be recorded in the record book of the board of public works.

Sec. 3. The said board of control shall make such rules and regulations relative to the management, government, instruction, discipline, employment and disposition of the children in said home, not contrary to law, as said board may deem proper and shall appoint and fix the salaries of such officers, agents and servants as it may deem necessary to transact the business and carry on the operation of said home and prescribe the duties of each person so employed.

Sec. 4. Said board of control shall admit to the care and custody of said home orphan colored children under sixteen years of age and such other colored children of like age that shall be surrendered by their father and mother in case the latter are invalids, or such children as may be surrendered to said home by authorized agents of the humane society of West Virginia, or the overseer of the poor of any city or town, or county court of any county, within this state, and they shall be kept and maintained and educated therein until said children can be placed in suitable homes elsewhere.

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