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5th West Virginia Infantry
Field and Staff - John Ziegler - Letters (18 items)
Box 13
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Transcribed by Randy Marcum

Franklin, Virginia
May 6, 1862

Adjutant General Samuels
Wheeling, Virginia


Henry Kenderlie has been acting captain of Company H since 21st December 1861, and has been so mustered. William J. Dixon and Samuel Jones have been acting 1st and 2nd Lieutenants of same company since same date. Will you request His Excellency, the Governor, to commission these officers as above?

The following named persons have been chosen for the positions as below stated: William H. H. Eba (to) 1st Lieutenant vice Ira G. Copley (who) resigned, to take rank as such from 20 March 1862. Francis J. Bancroft, 2nd Lieutenant vice Lieutenant R. B. McCall whom we desire promoted to 1st Lieutenant, vice Lieutenant Kendricks (who) resigned. Both (of the) last to date from April 9 1862. William Kirkpatrick, 2nd lieutenant, vice said John resigned, to date April 12th.

It will be necessary for the commissions to date as above in order that they may agree with the muster.

Your most obedient servant,
John L. Ziegler
Colonel Commanding 5th Regiment.

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