Union Regiments

Broadsides and Over-Sized Items
Box 36

1 - "To the Virginia Volunteers at Cheat Mountain, under command of General Reynolds' - Oct. 17th, 1861 - F.H. Peirpoint"

2 - "Henry Repeating Rifle - John W. Brown - General Agent - Columbus, Ohio"

3 - "House Bill No. 5 - An Act to Prevent Offences against the Commonwealth, and to provide for the Organization of Patrols during the War"

4 - "Sixty Shots Per Minute - Henry's Patent Repeating Rifle - Jno. W. Brown - Gen'l Ag't, Columbus, Ohio" - [2 copies]

5 - "Office of Tyron & Brothers - Wholesale Dealers in Firearms - Philadelphia, May 1st, 1865"

6 - "Headquarters, 2nd Division, Dep't West Va - General Orders No. 2 - New Creek, W.Va. , February 8th, 1864 - Martin J. Russell" - [damaged]

Restrictions: The Archives does not currently have the necessary equipment to make proper photostatic copies of oversized items such as muster rolls and order, descriptive, and clothing books. Staff may determine whether an item is too large and/or too fragile to copy.

Union Regiments

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