Union Militia

Box 07
Hardy County
Folder 4

Loyalty Oath, John Yokum, Hardy County, June 29, 1864
Loyalty Oath, Adam Yoakum, Hardy County, December 30, 1863
Memorandum on company of scouts of Capt. Yocum, August 29, 1864
John Yoakum to F. P. Peirpoint, Jordans Run, May 4, 1865
James Roarbaugh to F. P. Pierpoint, Greenland, September 27, 1864
John Yoakum to A. I. Boreman, New Creek, September 13, 1864
Henry Hesse, Bernhard Ettel, Justus Lyon, et al, to A. I. Boreman, Greenland, August 29, 1864
John Boggs to A. I Boarman, Seneca, Pendleton County, September 11, 1864
Authorization to John Boggs from John Hoakum, Collum Phares, H. H. Taylor, Jacob McDanail, and Asher Alt, Hardy County, February 17, 1865
Benjamin D. Boswell to J. G. Isenberg, New Creek, March 26, 1865
R. L. Nye to F. P. Pierpoint, New Creek, April 14, 1865
John Michael to A. I. Boreman, Greenland, October 28, 1864
John Yoakum to G. W. Brown, Hardy County, July 29, 1864
John Yoakum to George W. Brown, Greenland, June 12, 1865
John Yoakum to F. P. Peirpoint, Greenland, June 7, 1865

Militia Box 07

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