Union Militia

Box 07
Hardy County
Folder 10

Certification of Election of Capt. D. C. M. Shell, Sgt. Benjamin McDonald, Sgt. George W. Aubrey, D. W. Carpenter, Hardy County, August 28, 1861
Inventory, Effects of William A. Dolley, Hardy County, January 21, 1863
Statement, John Michael regarding George W. Aubrey, Wheeling, n.d.
Voucher, Henry Burg, Hardy County, 1861/1864
Voucher, Abijah Dolley, Grant County, 1861/1868
Daniel Shell to F. P. Peirpoint, Greenland Gap, May 26, 1864
Ernest Muntzing to George W. Brown, Grant Court House, February 9, 1867
Power of Attorney, John W. McDonald, Grant County, August 14, 1868
Voucher, John C. Harrison, Grant County, May 19, 1869
Power of Attorney, Hiram Lyon, Grant County, June 3, 1869, and Ernest Muntzing to T. M. Harris, Grant Court House, June 17, 1869
Power of Attorney, Abijah Dolley, Greenland, June 14, 1869
Power of Attorney, James M. Shope, Athens County, Ohio, June 22, 1869
Receipt, Ernest Muntzing, Grant Court House, July 12, 1869
Power of Attorney, Jesse Buckbee and Jesse M. Buckbee, Pendleton County, June 7, 1869
Power of Attorney, Henry W. Mongold, Greene County, Ohio, June 11, 1869
Power of Attorney, Mary Gephart, August 27, 1869
Voucher, Daniel Shell, Hardy County, 1861/1864
Voucher, Job Shell, Hardy County, 1861/1864
Power of Attorney, Sarah May, Mary Lyons, Abijah Dolley, et al., Grant County, August 19, 1869

Militia Box 07

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