Union Militia

Box 14B
Marion County
Folder 50

William Hall to George W. Brown, Mannington, June 13, 1864
Stephen F. McCarty to Gen. Duval, Lumperport, August 25, 1868
William Hall to Gov. Boreman, Mannington, July 3, 1863
John Nay to James H. Furbee, Wheeling, Missouri, January 1, 1867
James E. Hanes to Unidentified, January 8, 1867
John Shrives and Benjamin W. Harbert to I. H. Duvall, Prospect Valley, September 24, 1868
William Hall to Unidentified, February 17, 1863
A. B. Coffman to I. H. Duval, Sardis, October 11, 1869
Certification of Election of Lt. Col. John L. Shinn, James H. Furbee, Jessee Shaw, and William Hall, Marion County, October 3, 1862
Receipt, Louisa Clarissa Barrack, Wheeling, August 1, 1868
Receipt, D. Cunningham for John Nay, Wheeling, February 22, 1867
Receipt, Rawley Morris, Hoodsville, July 1869
Account, Marion County, August 10, 1863, and Certification (third page could not be scanned)
John Amos to F. P. Peirpoint, Mannington, June 30, 1864
William Hall to A. I. Boreman, June 20, 1863
R. R. Cunningham to I. H. Duvall, July 14, 1868
R. M. Corothey to I. H. Duvall, Mannington, November 16, 1868
Certification, William Hall, November 21, 1868
J. H. Furbee to D. Cunningham, Mannington, February 21, 1867
Francis O. Cunningham to I. H. Duvall, Sardis, August 3, 1868
Oath, Robert P. Nixon, Marion County, November 11, 1863
John N. Hall to Thomas H. Barnes, West River Falls, October 10, 1863
William Hall to George W. Brown, Mannington, May 30, 1864
William Hadix and Daniel Heldeth to Adj. Gen, August 3, 1864
William Moore to I. H. Duvall, Prospect Valley, October 13, 1868
Michael D. Martin to I. H. Duval, Shinnston, July 30, 1868
Elias Martin to I. H. Duval, Shinnston, August 6, 1868
William Hall to F. H. Peirpoint, November 20, 1865
Certification, William Hall, November 20, 1865
F. W. Cunningham to F. P. Peirpoint, Hessville, August 3, 1863

Militia Box 14B

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