Union Militia

Box 14B
Marion County
Folder 60

D. D. T. Farnsworth to Gov. Boreman, December 9, 1863
Z. Musgrave to George W. Brown, Fairmont, September 15, 1866
T. B. Fitzhugh to Thomas Cather, Bridgeport, June 20, 1863
Certification of Election of Capt Harrison Merrill, A. N. Prichard, Fairmont, March 8, 1862
Ed W. Moore to I. H. Duval, Fairmont, September 1, 1868
J. P. Smith to G. W. Brown, Pruntytown, May 26, 1865
F. Smith to F. H. Pierpoint, Mannington, July 29, 1861
H. B. Furbee to F. H. Pierpoint, Cameron, December 30, 1865
J. L. Buckley to F. P. Pierpont, Worthington, December 25, 1865
Thomas Martin to F. P. Peirpoint, Nuzums Mill, August 14, 1865
Power of Attorney, Thomas F. Monroe, Flemington, July 17, 1868
Certification, Thomas P. Boggess, Marion County, n.d.
John B. Miller to I. H. Duvall, August 9, 1868
Request to Paymaster 17 West Virginia Militia, July 16, 1868
J. B. Nay to A. I. Boreman, Wheeling, July 19, 1865
N. Peirpoint to Major, Fairmont, August 8, 1864
Certification, Zebulon Musgrave, Marion County, December 28, 1865
Z. Musgrave to Unidentified, Fairmont, January 10, 1866
Tate and Stone to F. P. Peirpont, Fairmont, June 8, 1865
J. J. Watson to F. P. Peirpont, Palatine, August 7, 1865
James O Watson to F. P. Peirpont, Fairmont, April 19, 1865
H. W. Halleck to Gov. Boreman, Washington, September 27, 1864
James Evans to A. I. Boreman, Grafton, March 2, 1865
Certification, James W. Moffat, September 25, 1865
Account, Marion County, n.d.

Militia Box 14B

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