Union Militia

Box 23A
Ritchie County
Folder 53

T. M. Harris to General, Ritchie Court House, September 17, 1867
Certification of Election of 1st Lt. Thornton A. Rumble, John Smith, Harrison County, June 24, 1863
John Hawter, Aaron Criss and William Hawter to Paymaster, July 28, 1868
Certification of Election of 2nd Lt. Charles Hewit, Morgan Rexroad, Ritchie County, May 30, 1862
A. M. Corbin to Arthur I. Boreman, Highland, n.d.
Certification of Election of Col. James H. Harris, Lt. Col. Francis P. Peirpoint, Maj. Joseph M.; McKinney, and 2nd Maj. Mortimer Ireland, A. Rutherford et al, Ritchie County, December 31, 1861
F. K. Ball to Gen. Duval, July 27, 1867
N. H. Frederick to Thomas Wright, September 29, 1864
S. Steele to F. P. Peirpoint, Ritchie County, March 30 and April 14, 1865
Special Requisition, Ritchie County Guards, n.d.
Certification, John H. Prince et al, Webbs Mills, September 12, 1864
M. H. Tarleton to F. H. Pierpoint, Federal Hill, November 15, 1864
Account, Strickler and Jarvis, 1865
Petition, Levi Smith et al, Ritchie County, October 19, 1861
Certification of Election of Capt. Calvert M. McKinney and 2nd Lt. Peter Butcher, Joseph M. McKinney, Ritchie County, April 1, 1862

Militia Box 23A

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