Union Regiments

This collection consists of the correspondence, muster rolls, miscellaneous records, clothing and equipment books, and miscellaneous military correspondence relating to West Virginia Union regiments during the Civil War.

The majority of the regimental records were delivered to State Historian Virgil Lewis by Mr. Thompson of the West Virginia Adjutant General's Office in 1911.

Muster Cards are included with each West Virginia or West Virginia related regiment (or militia) which include information compiled circa 1899 by the state Adjutant General's office from the official muster rolls, order books, correspondence, and other material included in this collection.

Restrictions: The Archives does not currently have the necessary equipment to make proper photostatic copies of oversized items such as muster rolls and order, descriptive, and clothing books. Staff may determine whether an item is too large and/or too fragile to copy.

To order copies or obtain further information about the collection, contact Terry Lowry at (304) 558-0230. There is a minimum, non-refundable research fee of $15.00 for out-of-state residents and $5.00 for in-state residents.

1st West Virginia Light Artillery
1st West Virginia Cavalry
2nd West Virginia Cavalry
3rd West Virginia Cavalry
4th West Virginia Cavalry
5th West Virginia Cavalry
6th West Virginia Cavalry
6th West Virginia Veteran Cavalry
7th West Virginia Cavalry
1st West Virginia Infantry (3 months)
1st West Virginia Infantry (3 years)
2nd West Virginia Infantry (See 5th West Virginia Cavalry)
3rd West Virginia Infantry (See 6th West Virginia Cavalry)
4th West Virginia Infantry
5th West Virginia Infantry
6th West Virginia Infantry
7th West Virginia Infantry
8th West Virginia Infantry (See 7th West Virginia Cavalry)
9th West Virginia Infantry
10th West Virginia Infantry
11th West Virginia Infantry
12th West Virginia Infantry
13th West Virginia Infantry
14th West Virginia Infantry
15th West Virginia Infantry
16th West Virginia Infantry
17th West Virginia Infantry
1st West Virginia Veteran Infantry
2nd West Virginia Veteran Infantry
45th United States Colored Troops
Miscellaneous West Virginia Organizations
Non-West Virginia Regiments
Miscellaneous Documents
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1861-65
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1866-70
Quotas, Credits, Bounties, Recapitulations, Claims, Bonds
Volunteer Enlistments, Veteran Claims & Discharge Papers, Reports
Receipts, Vouchers, Invoices, Abstracts, Civil War Medals Correspondence
Broadsides and Over-Sized Items
Regimental Order Books
Records of Accounts
Consolidated Morning Reports
Registers of Officers
Records of Enlistments
Military Descriptive Records of West Virginia Volunteers
Records of Clothing Issued to West Virginia Troops
Morning Reports - Infantry
Descriptive Roll Records
Clothing Account Records
Oversized Muster Rolls

Adjutant Generals' Papers

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