West Virginia
Archives & History News
Volume IV, No. 2
April 2003

Civil War Books Added to Collection

From the Editor:

The Archives and History Library is extremely pleased to announce the donation of the Fred Gall Collection of Civil War history books to our collection through the generosity of the Kanawha Valley Civil War Roundtable. The Roundtable received the collection upon the death of Mr. Gall. Part of the collection has been donated to the Archives in his memory. The titles included in this wonderful gift are listed below.



The Battle of New Market: William C. Davis, 1975.

Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy: William C. Davis, 1996, c1991.

Touched by Fire: A Photographic Portrait of the Civil War, Volume I: William C. Davis, 1985.

The Atlanta Century, March, 1860-May, 1865: Norman Shavin, 1981, c1965.

Richmond Redeemed: The Siege at Petersburg: Richard J. Sommers, 1981.

Mirror of War: The Washington Star Reports the Civil War: John W. Stepp and I. William Hill, 1961.

The Last Cavaliers: Confederate and Union Cavalry in the Civil War: Samuel Carter III, 1979.

Their Deeds are Their Monuments: Steve Cunningham and Beth A. White, 1998.

The Peninsula Campaign 1862: Joseph P. Cullen, 1973.

Gone for a Soldier: The Civil War Memoirs of Private Alfred Ballard: David Herbert Donald, 1975.

The Orphan Brigade: The Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn't Go Home: William C. Davis, 1980.

Campfires and Battlefields: A Pictorial Narrative of the Civil War: Rossiter Johnson, 1967.

Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War: Alfred H. Guernsey and Henry M. Alden, no date, facsimile of 1866 edition.

The American Heritage Century Collection of Civil War Art: Stephen W. Sears, 1974.

The Civil War Dictionary: Mark Mayo Boatner, 1959.

The Images of War 1861-1865: Volume 1: Shadows of the Storm: William C. Davis, 1981.

The Images of War 1861-1865: Volume 2: The Guns of '62: William C. Davis, 1982.

The Images of War 1861-1865: Volume 4: Fight for Time: William C. Davis, 1983.

The Images of War 1861-1865: Volume 5: The South Besieged: William C. Davis, 1983.

The Images of War 1861-1865: Volume 6: The End of an Era: William C. Davis, 1984.


Twenty Million Yankees: The Northern Homefront: Donald Pole Jackson, 1985.

The Road to Shiloh: Early Battles in the West: David Nevin, 1983.

The Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam: Ronald H. Bailey, 1984.

War on the Mississippi: Grant's Vicksburg Campaign: Jerry Korn, 1985.

The Blockade: Runners and Raiders: The Civil War series editors, 1983.

Sherman's March: Atlanta to the Sea: David Nevin, 1986.

Decoying the Yanks: Jackson's Valley Campaign: Champ Clark, 1984.

Brother Against Brother: The War Begins: William C. Davis, 1983.

Death in the Trenches: Grant at Petersburg: William C. Davis, 1986.

Battles for Atlanta: Sherman Moves East: Ronald Bailey, 1985.

Forward to Richmond: McClellan's Peninsular Campaign: Ronald Bailey, 1983.

Rebels Resurgent: Fredericksburg to Chancellorsville: William K. Goolrick, 1985.

Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide: Champ Clark, 1985.

The Killing Ground: Wilderness to Cold Harbor: Gregory Jaynes, 1986.

Pursuit to Appomattox: The Last Battles: Jerry Korn, 1987.

The Assassination: Death of the President: Champ Clark, 1987.

War on the Frontier: The Trans-Mississippi West: Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., 1986.

The Fight for Chattanooga: Chickamauga to Missionary Ridge: Jerry Korn, 1985.

The Struggle for Tennessee: Tupelo to Stones River: James Street, Jr., 1985.

The Shenandoah in Flames: The Valley Campaign of 1864: Thomas A. Lewis, 1987.

First Blood: Fort Sumter to Bull Run: William C. Davis, 1983.

The Civil War: Master Index: The Civil War series editors, 1987.

Note: We will be cataloging and shelving the Time- Life Civil War series as a set. We are now missing only four books from the series and are searching for used copies to purchase.


Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory: Edward W. Hocker, 1989, c1980.

This Was the Life: Excerpts from the Judgment Records of Frederick County, Maryland, 1748- 1765: Millard Milburn Rice, 1979.

Marriages and Deaths from the Maryland Gazette 1727-1839: Robert Barnes, 1979, c1973.

Harris West Virginia Manufacturing Directory, 1997, 1998 and 2000 directories: Harris Pub. Co. in cooperation with the West Virginia Development Office.

West Virginia Manufacturers Register, 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000 directories: Manufacturers' News, Inc.

The Official Museum Directory: The American Association of Museums, 2002.

The Scioto-Monongahela Trail Revisited: The redefining of a long ignored Native American trail leading through what is now West Virginia from the Ohio River Valley to the settlements in the Monongahela Valley and on into Pennsylvania: Joseph M. Hickman, 2002.

Sara Ann (Sallie) Barrett Ewing nee Totten: Diary: May 7th December 11th 1895: Paul Bracey Anderson, Jr., 2000.

Marriages Jefferson County Virginia-West Virginia 1801 through 1890: J. Lester Link, 2002, c1973.

The Origins of the Vietnam War: Fredrik Logevall, 2001.

The Longman Companion to Slavery: Emancipation and Civil Rights: H. J. P. Harmer, 2001.

The American Civil War, 1861-1865: Reid Mitchell, 2001.

American Abolitionists: Stanley Harrold, 2001.

Civilians in the Path of War: Mark Grimsley, 2002.

Obituaries, Berkeley County Virginia (West Virginia), 1856-1879, and other news: Berkeley County Historical Society, 2002.

Architectural and Pictorial History of Berkeley County, Volume VI: Spring Mills, North Mountain and Marlowe Areas: Berkeley County Historical Society in cooperation with the Berkeley County Historic Landmarks Commission, 2002.

The Widow's Son: Emmitt Maxwell Furner II, 2002.

Witschey Descendants with Hassig, Barth and Probst/Brooks: Elizabeth Estlack Mullett, 2002.

Ancestors and Descendants of Benjamin Warden Childs, 1550-2002: Barbara Kratz, 2002.

1900 Kanawha County, West Virginia Census: Jefferson District: West Virginia Genealogical Society, 2003.

Cemeteries Updated Book: West Virginia Genealogical Society, 2003. [Updates all previous cemetery books by WVGS.]

1930 Census Kanawha County West Virginia: Elk District: Charles Shelton Myers, 2003.

The Knights of the Golden Horse-shoe: A Traditionary Tale of the Cocked Hat Gentry in the Old Dominion: William Alexander Caruthers, 1970. [Reprint of 1845 book.]

Elm Grove: A History in Pictures: Jack and Barbara Maynard, 1999.

The Last Dollar: or, Uncle Tom's Cabin Inverted and the Pilgrim's Progress Exemplified: John Morgan, 2002, c1909.

Emil Bott, Civil War Soldier & Artist: Linda Cunningham Fluharty, 2001.

Ritchie County, WV Ledger 1863, Assessor's Records: Marci O'Malley, 2002.

Everyone's a Whittington: Sarah Burns Atkins and Vivian Marie Atkins, 2001.

Women in the Civil War: Extraordinary Stories of Soldiers, Spies, Nurses, Doctors, Crusaders, and Others: Larry G. Eggleston, 2003.


Of the legislation discussed in the February 2003 issue of the West Virginia Archives and History News article "Legislation in the 2003 West Virginia Legislature of Interest to Historians and Genealogists," by Fredrick H. Armstrong, the following are the bills that passed both houses, with current status as of April 1:

SB75/HB2050, the Budget Bill, approved by the Governor, with deletions. The Budget Bill identifies general agency allocations, but does not determine how funds will be allocated within the agency itself.

HB2001, requiring all County Clerks to restrict access to the DD-2 forms filed by discharged veterans, approved by the Governor. Provision was included for access to files of deceased persons for genealogical reasons.

HB2829, providing for the continuation of Culture and History as an agency until 2005, sent to the Governor on March 24. HB2381, providing for the continuation of the Records Management and Preservation Board for one year, including a provision to extend the grant deadline to May 1, approved by the Governor.

SB241/HB2599, revising the Cultural Facilities/Capital Resources Grants Program, allowing some funding to be directed to support capital projects at history museums and for historical collections, approved by the Governor. [See following article for further information.]

None of the other bills cited in the article passed both houses of the Legislature. For information on these and any other bill introduced in the 2003 Legislature, visit the state legislative Web site at

Cultural Facilities and Capital
Resources Grants Program
Extended to Include
History Museums and Historical Collections

The Cultural Facilities and Capital Resources Grants program funds construction, renovations or purchase of arts facilities, and now with the passage of SB241/HB2599, history museums and historical collections as well. These matching funds are available to not-for-profit, tax-exempt West Virginia corporations and agencies of municipal or county governments, including county school boards. Additional information about the grants is available on the Division of Culture and History's Arts Section Web site at New applicants to the program are encouraged to take advantage of as much lead time to prepare for the application as possible. The most successful applications are ones that include a considerable amount of planning for all aspects of the project: relation to community need, physical facility design, fund raising and budget planning. Technical assistance from the Division's staff is available to organizations considering application for the next round of grants.

Any organization that operates an historic site or has a collection of historical significance should investigate this new opportunity for additional funding. The funds are distributed as matching grants, with multi-phase projects eligible for funding for three consecutive years.

The deadline for a "letter of intent" has been extended to May 1, 2003. The postmark deadline for completed applications is July 1, 2003. Contact Rose McDonough at (304) 558- 0240, ext. 152, or Richard Ressmeyer at ext. 721 for further information or to discuss your proposed project.


As often occurs on History Day, several of the societies and individuals participating in the events of the day donated copies of their books, pamphlets and calendars to the West Virginia Archives and History Library. These titles have been or will be listed in the New Title section of Archives and History News. As we have explained before, most of the works listed in our New Titles section are donations from the authors or the sponsoring genealogical/historical societies. We can not adequately express our gratitude to those of you who help us keep the Library collection up to date, varied and extensive. In turn, we hope that the exposure your publications obtain through use by our Library patrons from all over West Virginia and the rest of the United States, as well as from world-wide notice through the newsletter and the West Virginia Union Catalog on the Internet, will bring you additional sales of your publications and new membership in your society.

While listing all of the individual donors is not feasible, we would like to highlight several examples that have particularly helpful features. History of Wetzel County West Virginia, by John C. McEldowney, Jr., begins in 1772 and carries forward to 1900. Early settlement towns, churches, and all aspects of county history are discussed. Biographies of several residents are included. Although this is a 2002 reprint of a 1901 book, an index has been added (other reprints do not appear to have an index), making this edition published by Willow Bend Books a new and valuable tool for any Wetzel County researcher.

Marriages of Jefferson County, West Virginia, 1801 through 1890, by J. Lester Link, is a 2002 publication by Willow Bend Books of an index originally compiled in 1973 that is believed to have been widely available only on LDS microfilm of Jefferson County records until now. (The only print copies of the Jefferson County indexes compiled by Mr. Link in 1973 listed in the West Virginia Union Catalog are in the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library.) The index also includes all names mentioned in a record, such as parents of the bride and groom. Note: Users should be aware that there is a small problem in using this index to access the actual marriage books as recorded by the Church of the Latter Day Saints in the 1960's. As part of the indexing process in 1973, the pages and lines of the marriage books were numbered, and these are the numbers cited in the index. The books were microfilmed before this was done, so matching index citations with the microfilmed entries can be a challenge. We have made LDS aware of this and hope that the modified records will be filmed eventually. This difficulty also exists with the birth and death indexes.

Several societies and individuals have donated 1930 Census transcriptions for entire counties or for individual districts. Since we have not seen any indications of availability of a commercially printed index to the 1930 Census, as there has been for every previous census released to date, we applaud those of you who are coming to the aid of researchers who have to search page after page of microfilm.

We are especially grateful to James Lockhart for replacing a vandalized copy of The James Harper Family of Roane County West Virginia, 1762 to 1998. When we asked Mr. Lockhart if he could send us replacement pages, he responded by donating a new copy of his book.


Spring cleaning time is here! If you are clearing out pamphlets, books, old West Virginia newspapers and magazines, city directories and telephone books, photographs, postcards, letters, etc., please check with Archives and History staff. You may have items we can add to the Archives Collection. Items do not have to be very old to be of interest to us. We are always interested in hearing about your finds; however, please do not send items to us without checking with us by mail or phone.

One of our more recent acquisitions resulting from someone's housecleaning is an 1854 Jackson County voting precinct list containing over 100 names of men living in that district. Similarly, ledgers long missing from county courthouses turn up on occasion in attics or basements.

Items we have accepted in the past from yard sale or flea market scavengers include community festival programs, scrapbooks, high school yearbooks, church histories and directories, business ledgers, glass catalogs, and tourism brochures. We have also picked up copies of several volumes of Comstock's West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, as well as West Virginia- related biographies, histories and maps, from book sales of area libraries and charitable organizations. We are interested in duplicate copies of some items and in each edition of a title for the collection, so often we are grateful to acquire additional copies of things already in the library. We particularly would like to receive donations of hardback and paperback books in good condition by West Virginia authors, both fiction and non-fiction. Some examples of currently available authors who may turn up in a used book bin: Pearl Buck, Davis Grubb, Pinckney Benedict, Breece Pancake, Homer Hickam, Sharyn McCrumb, Mary Lee Settle, Catherine Marshall, Eugenia Price, Stephen Coontz, Cynthia Rylant (including her children's books), Marc Harshman (children's books), Denise Giardina, Otis Rice, and Jayne Anne Phillips. We also collect works of West Virginia poets such as Irene McKinney and Maggie Anderson. Keep your eyes open--you may find a real treasure in the trash!

Interested in volunteering?
Give us a call!



"SHAPING THE CAPITOL COMPLEX: CASS GILBERT, INC.": Collection of photographs and documents on display in the Archives and History Library and on the Archives and History Web site.

BLUE AND GRAY DINNER, APRIL 10: Dennis Frye, speaker, on the Civil War movie, "Gods and Generals," Independence Hall, Wheeling.

MID-OHIO VALLEY GENEALOGY FAIR, APRIL 12: Wood County Library, Parkersburg.


RESEARCHING YOUR IRISH & SCOTS- IRISH ANCESTORS, APRIL 29: Free workshop**, Dunbar Branch Library, Kanawha County Libraries, (304) 766-7161.

EARLY VIRGINIA LAND RECORDS, 1620- 1865, MAY 3: Free workshop**, St. Albans Branch Library, Kanawha County Libraries, (304) 722-4244.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH IN VIRGINIA RECORDS, MAY 3: Free workshop**, St. Albans Branch Library, Kanawha County Libraries, (304) 722-4244. **Registration required.

VANDALIA GATHERING, MAY 23-25: Capitol Complex, Charleston.

MEMORIAL DAY, MAY 26: The Library will be closed.

WEST VIRGINIA DAY, JUNE 20: The Library will be open.*

INDEPENDENCE DAY, JULY 4: The Library will be closed.

LABOR DAY, SEPTEMBER 1: The Library will be closed.

*Only the Archives Library will be staffed--all other Archives offices will be closed. The State Museum will be open any time the Archives Library is open. The West Virginia Library Commission Library in The Cultural Center is closed weekends and all holidays.


Fredrick Armstrong: Director
Debra Basham: Archivist (photographs, special collections)
Constance Baston: Researcher (Veterans Memorial Archive)
Greg Carroll: Historian (Civil War, Native American history)
Dick Fauss: Archivist (microfilm and moving images collection)
Elaine Gates: Library Assistant (microfilming and microfilm repairs)
Joe Geiger: Assistant Director (Historian, Web page)
Ed Hicks: Photographer (archival photography, darkroom)
Mary Johnson: Historian (West Virginia History)
Terry Lowry: Library Assistant (Civil War)
Cathy Miller: Library Assistant (WV State documents, periodicals)
Sharon Newhouse: Secretary
Harold Newman: Library Assistant (microfilming, Revolutionary War)
Pat Pleska: Manager of the Veterans Memorial Archive
Susan Scouras: Librarian (cataloging, Kentucky, library collection, newsletter editor)
Jaime Simmons: Library Assistant (records of the 1700's and early 1800's, Pennsylvania)
Bobby Taylor: Library Manager
Nancy Waggoner: Office Assistant
Working on special projects: Allen Fowler.
Volunteers: Carolyn Conner, Bill Kelley, Angela Tolbert, and Bob and Lucile Foster.

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