West Virginia
Archives & History News
Volume IV, No. 5
July 2003

Personal Property Tax Lists Holdings:
An Update

From the Editor:

We are beginning to see more fully the consequences of the federal and state library funding cuts of the previous year in terms of reduced or eliminated services and of new or increased charges for services, following the initial wave of shorter hours and fewer open days for library reading rooms. The inability of the Library of Virginia to provide copies of Personal Property Tax Lists, as explained below, is only the tip of the iceberg. To date, the West Virginia Archives and History Library has been able to maintain the current level of services and fees. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that we will always provide the best service to the public that we can within our means.


As you may recall, last fall the Archives and History Library purchased the remaining rolls of microfilm needed to complete our collection of Virginia Property Tax Lists for those counties that became West Virginia in 1863. When we received our order, several rolls we had not ordered were in the shipment, while several rolls we had ordered were not included. The unwanted rolls were returned and the remaining rolls were requested. In the meantime, the Library of Virginia suffered drastic budget cuts. We understand from their press releases that their microfilm duplication service has been completely shut down, in spite of the fact that this service produces revenue. To date, we have not received the missing microfilm rolls and have no anticipation of acquiring them in the near future. The Personal Property Tax Lists Holdings of the West Virginia Archives and History Library have therefore been amended to reflect the unavailability of several rolls, with West Virginia counties in bold print and the changes from the previously published list in italics.


Barbour 1843-1860
Bath 1863-1870
Bedford 1851-1853; 1869-1870
Berkeley 1783-1861
Bland 1861-1863; 1865-1870
Boone 1847-1857; 1860
Botetourt 1851; 1868-1870
Braxton 1836-1861
Brooke 1797-1860
Cabell 1809-1850
Calhoun 1856-1860
Campbell 1857-1860
Clay 1859-1861
Craig 1851-1861
Dinwiddie 1870
Doddridge 1840-1855; 1858-1860
Fairfax 1869-1870
Greene 1851-1857
Hampshire 1782-1860
Hancock 1849-1851
Hanover 1868-1870
Hardy 1786-1861
Harrison 1785-1860
Harrisonburg 1851-1855
Henrico 1851-1853
Isle of Wight 1868-1870
Jackson 1831-1846
James City 1858-1861; 1865-1870
Jefferson 1802-1861
Kanawha 1792-1861
King George 1851-1864
Lewis 1817-1860
Logan 1824-1860
Loudoun 1851-1852
Marion 1842-1860
Marshall 1836-1850; 1855-1860
Mason 1805-1860
Mathews 1851-1857; 1869-1870
McDowell 1860-1863
Mecklenburg 1851-1853
Mercer 1837-1863
Middlesex 1851-1857
Monongalia 1783-1860
Monroe 1799-1863
Montgomery 1856-1857
Morgan 1820-1861
New Kent 1863
Nicholas 1818-1861
Norfolk 1849-1854
Ohio 1811-1850
Orange 1782-1800
Pendleton 1789-1863
Pittsylvania 1782-1797; 1870
Pleasants 1851-1860
Pocahontas 1822-1856
Powhatan 1782-1786; 1870
Preston 1821-1850; 1854-1860
Prince Edward 1782-1809
Pulaski 1847-1850
Putnam 1848-1856; 1870
Raleigh 1851-1861
Randolph 1787-1861
Rappahannock 1833-1836
Ritchie 1843-1861
Roane 1856-1861
Roanoke 1838-1850
Rockbridge 1782-1786
Sussex 1842-1850
Taylor 1844-1860
Tazewell 1851-1853; 1868-1870
Tucker 1857-1860
Tyler 1815-1837; 1851-1870
Upshur 1851-1857
Washington 1792; 1869-1870
Wayne 1842-1861
Webster 1860
Westmoreland 1782-1815; 1843-1858
Wetzel 1846-1870
Wirt 1848-1870
Wise 1869-1870
Wood 1831-1860
Wyoming 1851-1861
Wythe 1793-1801; 1851-1854


Wheeling 1838-1860
Winchester 1851-1854

Most of the Virginia county lists are partial lists that just happened to be included on the same roll as the West Virginia county lists that we purchased. Wheeling is the only West Virginia city available as a separate list from the county list.


Attention Archives and History Library visitors:

Beginning with last month's new titles and continuing for at least the next month, only selected titles will be placed on the designated New Book shelves in the Library Reading Room for browsing. We have received a sizeable number of private donations recently, and have acquired a very large number of books transferred from the West Virginia Library Commission Library, resulting in too many new books to place them all in the New Book area. If you do not find the new title you seek in the New Book area, please check the Library's online Union Catalog for the call number, and proceed accordingly.

A Guide to Heraldry: Ottfried Neubecker, 1981.

A Dictionary of Surnames: Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges, 1989.

Wirt County WV Deaths, 1931-1970: Wes Cochran, 2003.

Wood County WV 1930 Census: Clay, Walker & Union Districts: Wes Cochran, 2003.

The African American Encyclopedia: 6 volumes, Michael W. Williams, 1993.

A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry: Henry Gough and James Parker, 1966.

Concise Encyclopedia of Heraldry: Guy Cadogan Rothery, 1985.

New Dictionary of American Family Names: Elsdon C. Smith, 1988.

Kanawha County Births, 1853-1862: Pamela Thomas, for West Virginia Genealogical Society, 2003.

"Fire From the Midst of You": A Religious Life of John Brown: Louis A. DeCaro, Jr., 2003.

West Virginia: [juvenile], Allan Carpenter, 1979. Dedication Program, Nitro Junior High School: Kanawha County Schools, 1963.

The Mapping of America: Seymour I. Schwartz and Ralph E. Ehrenberg, 1980.

Fort Life: [juvenile], Bobbie Kalman and David Schimpky, 1994.

Middle Passage: White Ships/Black Cargo: Tom Feelings, 1995.

The Armenians in America, 1618-1975: A Chronology and Fact Book: Vladimir Wertsman, 1978.

Blacks in America, 1492-1970: A Chronology and Fact Book: Irving J. Sloan, 1971.

The Czechs in America, 1633-1977: A Chronology and Fact Book: Vera Laska, 1978.

The Jews in America, 1621-1977: A Chronology and Fact Book: Irving J. Sloan, 1978.

The Arabs in America, 1492-1977: A Chronology and Fact Book: Beverlee Turner Mehdi, 1978.

Documents of American History, Volume I, To 1898: Henry Steele Commager, 1968.

Documents of American History, Volume II, Since 1898: Henry Steele Commager, 1973.

George Boone: son of Edward Boone, killed by the Indians in 1780; and nephew of Daniel Boone, the famed explorer: Dorothy Spears Campbell and Shirley Spears Nowicki, 1982.

How to Use Primary Sources: Helen H. Carey and Judith E. Greenberg, 1983.

Seven Generations of the Carvell-Delapa Families, 1829-2002: James P. DeLapa, 2002.

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 2004 Supplement: Gale Research Co., 2003.

Curry Funeral Home Records: Lincoln County Genealogical Society, 2003.

In the Mountains of America: Meredith Sue Willis, 1994.

The Key to Contentment: George Martin Nathaniel Parker, 1926.

25 Years of Discovery and Progress: Union Carbide: Sistersville Silicones Plant, 1955-1980: Union Carbide, 1980.

Trumans in West Virginia: [updated edition], Doyle Cook, 2003.

Elements of Civil Government: West Virginia Edition: Alexander L. Peterman, 1903, c1891.

Short Chats on Everyday Living: Chelsea H. Kelley, [195-?].

The Story of Our Names: Elsdon Coles Smith, 1950.

The Creed of the Old South, 1865-1915: [Added title: A Southerner in the Peloponnesian War], Basil L. Gildersleeve, 1915.

West Virginia Commonplace Book: Jim Comstock, 1974.

Who, When & Where of Lincoln County, West Virginia: William T. Watts, editor, for Lincoln County Genealogical Society, 1981.

My Word Put God First: Jerome Kenton Phipps, 1975.

Cold Mountain: Charles Frazier, 1997.

The Nature of Jackson's Mill: Brad Davis, 1982.

Heraldry of the World: Carl Alexander von Volborth, 1979.

A Voice From the South: Anna Julia Cooper, foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., 1988.

The Negro Pilgrimage in America: The Coming of Age of the Blackamericans [sic]: C. Eric Lincoln, 1969.

Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-63: Taylor Branch, 1989.

In a Sacred Manner I Live: Native American Wisdom: Neil Philip, 1997.

The Beechers: An American Family in the Nineteenth Century: Milton Rugoff, 1981.

Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen: The Fifty-seventh Massachusetts Veteran Volunteers in the Army of the Potomac, 1864- 1865: Warren Wilkinson, 1991.

This Land was Theirs: A Study of the North American Indian: Wendell H. Oswalt, 1973.

Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America: Charles Miles, 1963.

A Handbook of African Names: Ihechukwu Madubuike, 1976.

Pioneer America: John R. Alden, 1966.

Canoeing and Rafting: The Complete Where-to- go Guide to America's Best Tame and Wild Waters: Sara Pyle, 1979.

Dictionary of American Family Names: Elsdon Coles Smith, 1956.

Campfires Along the Appalachian Trail: Raymond Baker, 1971.

Life in Rural America: National Geographic Society, 1974.

Benedict Arnold: Hero and Traitor: Lauran Paine, 1965.

American Indian Myths & Mysteries: Vincent H. Gaddis, 1977.

Pruntytown United Methodist Church: Fetterman United Methodist Church: Grafton, West Virginia "1981": Pictorial Church Directories of America, 1981.

An Evaluation of Positive Peer Culture at the West Virginia Industrial School for Boys: Samuel Keith McDaniel, 1977.

Foxfire Reconsidered: A Twenty-year Experiment in Progressive Education: John L. Puckett, 1989.

McLaughlin and Sutton Cemetery: Cass, Pocahontas County, West Virginia: Timothy G. Hutton, 2003.

WWII Military Records: A Family Historian's Guide: Debra Johnson Knox, 2003.

The Course of History in the Kanawha Valley: Cheryl Wintz Withrow, 2003.

Heritage and History of the First Baptist Church of St. Albans, WV: Linda and Bill Troutman, 2003.

Fiction by Jules M. Seletz, M.D., a native of West Virginia: Pulp, Potatoes and Ployes, 2002.

Sentinel Event, 2001.

Sentinel Event Behind Bars, 2002.

Sentinel Event on the High Seas, 2002.

West Point's Sentinel Event, 2002.

Code Pink, A Sentinel Event, 2001.

Not Another Sentinel Event, 2002.

Lincoln Logs, 2002.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, 2001.

Jacob's Ladder, 2002.

Jacob's Travels, 2002.

Jacob's Novels, 2002.


We have an assortment of surplus West Virginia Blue Books covering a variety of years available to the general public. The Blue Books are free to anyone who can pick them up from the Archives and History Library during regular library hours. We regret that we can not take any requests requiring shipping of the books, postpaid or otherwise.


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We are in the process of updating our mailing list of historical and genealogical societies in West Virginia. If you have received a letter, phone call or e-mail requesting verification or correction of the mailing address and officers for your organization, and have not responded, please contact Mary Johnson, at (304) 558-0230, or by mail to the Archives and History address. We can not share information with you if we do not know how to find your group. We also assist researchers looking for contacts in their specific areas of interest and would like to be able to put them in touch with the group most likely to have the expertise to assist them.


Please send information about West Virginia events of a genealogical or historical nature to Joe Geiger, (304) 558-0230, Ext. 165, or to for inclusion on the Archives and History Web site Upcoming Events calendar, and on the Calendar of Events in the Archives and History News newsletter.



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