Antebellum (1800-1860)

General and Unclassified
African Americans and Slavery
Business and Industry
Exploration and Settlement
Government and Politics

General and Unclassified

Antebellum Photos and Illustrations
Jefferson County 49ers Prospect for Gold in California (Time Trail)
Occupations in Virginia, 1860

African Americans and Slavery

A Brief History of African-Americans in West Virginia
A Timeline of African-American History of West Virginia
Antebellum Slavery
Henry Ruffner's Address to the People of West Virginia
Martinsburg Slave Escapes on the Underground Railroad (Time Trail)
"Slavery in Present West Virginia in 1860," by Barbara Louise Emmerth (West Virginia History)
African-American Population of Present-Day West Virginia Counties in 1860

Business and Industry

Antebellum Industry
Early Industry in Kanawha County
Establishment of the Harpers Ferry Armory (Time Trail)
The Kanawha Salt Company (Time Trail)
Anne Royall's Description of Burning Spring and the Kanawha Valley Salt Industry
"A Nineteenth-Century Mill Village: Virginius Island, 1800-1860," by Mary Johnson (West Virginia History)
"Booster Ethos: Community, Image and Profit in Early Clarksburg," by L. Diane Barnes (West Virginia History)


Antebellum Education
Academies in West Virginia
Alexander Campbell and Bethany College (Time Trail)

Exploration and Settlement

Lewis and Clark Expedition
Rural Life
"Folk Medicine," by Peggy S. Fisher (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Social and Industrial Life in Early Settlements

Government and Politics

Staunton Convention of 1816
Henry Clay at Lewisburg
1829-30 Virginia Constitutional Convention


Incorporation of Wheeling Hospital (Time Trail)
"Wheeling's Athenaeum: 1854-1868," by Edward L. Phillips (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Establishment of Weston State Hospital (Time Trail)


Alexander Campbell Immigrates to America (Time Trail)
Sources on Alexander Campbell
"A Brief History of the Disciples of Christ in West Virginia," by Terrance Hamm (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)


Antebellum Transportation
James Rumsey Demonstrates His Steamboat (Time Trail)
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company Incorporated (Time Trail)
Construction of the Staunton and Parkersburg Turnpike
Completion of the Wheeling Suspension Bridge (Time Trail)
B & O Railroad Completed to Wheeling (Time Trail)
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Opening Celebration


Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett
"The Cranes of Greenbrier County," by Diane Crane Benelli, et al (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
Patrick Gass
John George Jackson Escapes a Deadly Fire (Time Trail)
Henry Ruffner
"Dr. Cyrus Alexander Rupert, 1810-1891" (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)
"Hugh Paul Taylor: Historian and Mapmaker," by David Scott Turk (West Virginia History)
Sources on Tecumseh
"Famed Tecumseh Was a West Virginian"

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