West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Barron, Governor William Wallace. Correspondence, speeches and other materials spanning Meadows - Smith but most Barron's administration, 1945-1970. 10 boxes. Glenville State College, Glenville. Ar1556acc

Blueprints, specifications. Eastern Regional Jail, Martinsburg, 1997,1999. Note: Restricted Access. 3 volumes and 133 drawings. Regional Jail and Correctional Authority. Ar1838acc

Camp Washington-Carver Collection. Correspondence, financial records and other materials relating to 4-H camp, 1942-1960. 5 boxes. Unknown donor. Ar1916

Capitol Building. Photocopies of correspondence and bill for Supreme Court special furniture, capitol dome problems, 1928, 1941. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ar1812acc

Capitol Complex. Drawings, correspondence, specifications and photographs relating to Cass Gilbert, Sr. and Cass Gilbert, Jr. work on main building, Building 3, Parking Building and landscaping, 1921-1969. 4 boxes and 119 drawings. Purchase - Butterfields. Ar1812acc

Capitol Complex. Reports on construction of Buildings 5, 6, 7, and State Police Headquarters, 1969- 1970. 1 box. Unknown Donor. Ar1812acc

Department of Education. Golden Horseshoe tests [note: 1970-present closed]; 1942-2002. 2 boxes. Department of Education. Ar1913

Division of Corrections, Huttonsville Correctional Center. Inmate files, 1969-1980s. 232 boxes. Huttonsville Correctional Center. Ar1915

Forestry. Correspondence, minutes and other materials on Fire Mobilization Committee, Governor's Advisory Committee to State Forestor, 1993-1997. Transfer from West Virginia Division of Tourism and Parks. Ar1917

Historic Preservation grants. Application forms and correspondence regarding Pearl Buck birthplace, Wheeling Center Market, General Adam Stephen House and West Virginia Independence Hall, 1971- 1985. 1 box. Transfer from Historic Preservation Unit. Ar1914

Underwood, Governor Cecil H. Official records and correspondence from second term; personal correspondence and files from years between first and second terms; ca. 1961-2001. 248 boxes. Transfer from Governor's Office and gift of Cecil H. Underwood. Ar1912

Audiovisual Materials Accessioned

Barron, Governor William Wallace. Audiotapes, videotapes and films, 1961-1965. 1 box. Glenville State College, Glenville. Av2002-066

Randall Collection. Cassette recordings of St. Albans, All West Virginia City 1978, 1980; reel to reel of James Randall for mayor election tape; 1977-1980. 4 items. James and Barbara Randall, St. Albans. Av2002-118

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account book. Lewisburg and Ronceverte Turnpike construction financial records, ca. 1885-1889. 1 volume. Purchase. Ms2002-109

Account book, financial documents. J. M. McWhorter, Lewisburg, ca. 1881-1894. 1 volume and 1 folder. Purchase. Ms2002-108

Account books. Mendelsohn's Quality Shop, Charleston, 1916-1923. 2 volumes. David Badner, Delray Beach, FL. Ms2002-037

Bachelor Benedict Club, Charleston. Background history and early members of black social club founded in 1935, compiled by Phyllis Jarrett, 2002. 1 item. Phyllis Jarrett, Cincinnati, OH. Ms2002-094

Benedum family. Benedum family Bible records, Michael Benedum's marriage license (photocopies), 1853- 1922. 3 items. Beverly Railey Walter, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA. Ms2002-093 Charleston black history. Funeral programs and obituaries, ca. 1971-1993. 1 box. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Ms2002-119

Civil War Collection. Diary of William Clark Reynolds, also photocopy and transcript, 1861 January 1 - 1862 January 17. 3 items. Beth Ferguson, Union, KY. Ms79-18.1:54acc

Civil War Collection. Discharge of Daniel C. Ayers, 15th WV Infantry, Company A, 1865 June 14. 1 item. Larry Henry, Forsyth, MO. Ms79-18.2:2

Civil War Collection. Discharge of Private Henry Ronk, Company I, 7th WV Cavalry, 1865 June 3. 1 item. Mary Jane McCormick, Winter Spring, FL. Ms79-18.2:2

Cobb family. History of Kanawha County family, including letters from William Robert Cobb, 13th WV Infantry Company E during Civil War (photocopies), 1862-1865, 1878, 1950, undated. Note: need permission of owner to reproduce. 1 folder. Steven Rumbaugh through Terry Lowry, South Charleston. Ms2002-117

Crane and related families, Preston County. Correspondence, legal documents, receipts, songbooks, and other materials, ca. 1848-1906. 1 box. Purchase. Ms2002-029

Day book. Purgitsville, Hampshire County general store account, 1892-1893. 1 volume. Purchase. Ms2002-110

Ellison, John. Revolutionary War penison application (transcription), Monroe County, 1834-1835. 4 pp. Roscoe Keeney, Charleston. Ms2002-034

First Baptist Church, Charleston Collection. Minute books, membership rolls, publications and other materials of black congregation (photocopies), 1873-1999. 2 boxes. First Baptist Church, Charleston. Ms2002-120

Gates family. World War I Christmas card from F. S. Gates to George Arthur Gates of Charleston, 1918 November. 1 item. Ruth Gates, Charleston. Ms2002-100

Grafton National Cemetery. Reinterment of Civil War dead, most from West Virginia locations (photocopy), 1867-1868. 1 volume. Grafton National Cemetery via Mark Tennant. Ms2002-090

Harsh-Conkle Collection. Letters, legal documents, receipts and other materials of Ohio (now Marshall) County family, 1790s-1942. 2 boxes. Sherle E. Harsh, Wheeling. Ms2002-065 Recht decision. Court case and clippings regarding school funding formulas, 1975-1983. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ms2002-075

Holt, Governor Homer A. Correspondence, articles, speeches and other information about Governor Holt, his family and his later life (most photocopies), 1923-1996. 1 box. Julia Holt Coyle, Charleston. Ms2002- 026

Hotel McCreery Collection. Account books, letter books, receipts and other materials regarding James McCreery and hotel in Hinton, Summers County, ca. 1871-1957. 5 boxes and 36 volumes. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ms2002-103

Jenkins family. Manuscript of Susan Holderby Jenkins about her father Albert G. Jenkins and her family (photocopy), n.d. 1 item. Karen Nance, Barboursville. Ms2002-123

Kingwood Post Office. Letter from W. G. Brown to Kingwood postmaster to transmit "extra balance" to postmaster at Concord (photocopy), 1847 November 24. 1 item. Robert Fitch, St. Albans. Ms2002-122

Laidley Family. Correspondence, journals and family history research of William Sydney Laidley, 1864- 1926. 6 boxes and 1 volume. W. L. Snider, Raleigh, NC and John Snider, West Chester, PA. Ms2002- 028

Land records, Lincoln and Kanawha Counties. Grants and deeds of Priestly/Pauley lands, 1783-1900. 8 items. Pauline P. Hammock, Simi Valley, CA. Ms2002-128

Lindbergh, Charles. Unpublished manuscript by Tom James on 75th anniversary of Lindbergh's visit to West Virginia's northern panhandle, 2002 July 29. 1 item and 1 computer disk. Thomas James, Moundsville. Ms2002-045

Literary manuscript. History of St. James Mission for Colored People 1896-1950 and St. James Episcopal Organized Mission 1950-1981, Charleston, by Lillian Laurnetta Davis, historian, ca. 1981. 2 volumes. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Ms2002-106

Literary manuscript. History of the Evans-Dille-Saab House [Morgantown] by Mary Williams, 1983. 1 item. Sheila Saab, Charleston. Ms2002-111

Literary manuscript. "Marions of Kanawha County" compiled by Myra Dolan, 1997. 1 item. Myra Dolan, Charleston. Ms2002-088

Literary manuscript. "Some Memories of Living in Henry W. Va. (1917-1924)" by Carl (Geroski) Jurie, ca. 2002. 1 item. Carl Jurie, Pueblo, CO. Ms2002-092

Literary manuscript. The First White Child of Kanawha by Mrs. J. O. Kiser, regent, John Young Chapter WVDAR (photocopy from NSDAR Library), 1949. 1 item. John Young Chapter, NSDAR, Charleston. Ms2002-047

Literary manuscript. Typed copies of various manuscripts, many by Phil Conley and Boyd Stutler, including West Virginia in the Civil War, Mr. West Virginia, Alcibiades, West Virginia Government, 1960s-70s. 8 items. West Virginia Historical Education Foundation, Charleston. Ms2002-063

Looney/Ramey families. Family group sheets, Bible entries of Roane County families (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2002-124

Marshall Papers. Printed finding aid to John Marshall Papers at Bethany College, graduate of the college and long-time trustee, 1998. 1 item. T. W. Phillips Memorial Library, Bethany College, Bethany. Ms2002- 116

Minute book. Secretary's minute book for Fairview Grange Hall #200, Mason County, 1875-1880. 1 volume. Walton Roush, Point Pleasant. Ms2002-035

Moore family. Photocopies of letters of Judson and Wise Moore to their parents during WWI; photocopies of letters of nephews Joseph Moore and Fay Rogers; photocopy of 1914 postcard to Judson Moore; photocopies of letters from Ralph Marks to sister during WWII; 1914-1919, 1945. 1 box. Sandra Beall, Perkins. Ms2002-007

Pease, Louise McNeill. Correspondence between Culture and History officials and Poet Laureate, 1979- 1983. 1 folder. Culture and History. Ms84-247acc

Poem. "West Virginia Fall" by Garry D. Powell, n.d. 1 item. Garry D. Powell, Weirton. Ms2002-077

Poffenbarger, Livia Simpson. Romantic History of West Virginia containing photographs and descriptions of historic sites, 1932. 4 volumes. Cheryl Rowan, Charleston. Ms80-287acc

Railroad histories. Brief sketches of Dry Fork, Babcock Boom and Lumber and Beaver Creek Railroads (photocopies), ca. 1963. 3 items. David Strahin, Montrose. Ms2002-046

Railroad materials. Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and some Baltimore and Ohio Railroad materials including daily operations reports, switch lists, train orders, messages, baggage stubs and other miscellaneous, 1940s-1990s. 14 boxes. Robert C. Withers, Huntington. Ms2002-104

Randall Collection. Correspondence, clippings, and other documents including career of James Randall as St. Albans mayor and Barbara Randall's run for Kanawha County school board; 1950s-1981. 2 boxes. James and Barbara Randall, St. Albans. Ms2002-118

Reinternment of Captain Philip Pindall. Copy of reinterment form for Captain Pindall, Monongalia County, to West Virginia National Cemetery at Pruntytown, 1998. 1 item. Carpenter and Ford Funeral Home via Gary Wigal, Fairmont. Ms2002-091

Revercomb, Chapman Collection. Correspondence, files and other materials of U. S. Senator (1943-49 and 1956-59), his wife Sara and son George, 1935-1985. 32 boxes. William C. Revercomb, Charleston. Ms2002-054

Rocky Mount Baptist Church records. Minute books, membership lists and other information on Summers County congregation, 1870-1919. 2 volumes. James Pettry, King George, VA. Ms2002-036

St. Clair, Lucy Lee Kuykendall Collection. Family history materials on assorted Hardy County and eastern panhandle families including Westfall, Hopkins, and others (photocopies), ca. 1930s-1970s. Lucy Lee Kuykendall St. Clair, Memphis, TN. Ms2002-061

Shaffer family. Information on Abraham and Jacob Shaffer by Delphia Kessel, including Civil War service, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2002-048

Sinnett Collection. Papers of Abel Propst Sinnett (1816-ca.1900), surveyor, magistrate and notary public in Kanawha County, ca. 1782-1924. 4 boxes [93 maps transferred to map collection]. Unknown donor. Ms2002-050

State Fair of West Virginia. Notes on history, materials in State Fair Archives, 2001. 3 items. Purchase - Bookworm and Silverfish. Ms2002-008

Supple family. Correspondence to sisters Cora and Ora Supple and account books, found in Mason County home, including World War I correspondence; 1911-1920. 3 folders. Division of Highways, Michael Wilson. Ms2002-049

Union Carbide Collection. Histories and other materials collected for company centennial, ca. 1890s-1999. 3 boxes. George Daniels, Charleston. Ms2002-064

United Confederate Veterans. Record of dues, burials and minute books, 1889-1923. 3 volumes and 3 sets photocopies. Ron Nelson, Parkersburg. Ms2002-024

United Daughters of the Confederacy. Correspondence with Mrs. Jane Price Dice of Lewisburg concerning UDC in World War I; Price family correspondence; ca. 1884, ca. 1918-1926. 1 box. Purchase. Ms2002-107

Wade/Lorentz Collection. Writings of Reverend T. S. Wade on Methodist history; Lorentz, Wade, McTaggert and related families, ca. 1800-1970. 2 boxes. Mrs. Pare Lorentz, Armonk, NY. Ms2002-062

West Virginia History Film Project. Project files and notes, 1990s. 6 boxes. West Virginia History Film Project, Inc., Charleston. Ms2002-089

Whittico, James M. Collection. Information on Williamson native and prominent black physician who was president of the National Medical Association (photocopies), ca. 1940s-1990s. 1 folder. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Ms2002-121

Works Progress Administration. Correspondence regarding documentation project on New Deal, including list of federally funded projects from 1938, 1983. 1 folder. Transfer from Culture and History. Ms2002- 079

World War II correspondence. Letters between Charles Hartley, State 4-H Club leader and former campers serving in military (photocopies), 1942-1945. 10 items. Friends of WVU Jackson's Mill, Weston. Ms2002-095

Microforms Accessioned

Microfilm. 1930 census, including population schedules, limited soundex, enumerators districts and maps, 1930. 75 rolls. Purchase. Mi2002-025

Photographs Accessioned

Bailey, Judge R. D. Group of men with stills in front of Mingo County Courthouse with Bailey in center, ca. 1920. 1 item. Bob Miller, Charleston. Ph2002-040

Ballard family. Copy print of Lewis and Malinda Ballard of Monroe County and some genealogical notes on them, ca. 1900. 2 items. Pete Ballard, Peterstown. Ph2002-072

Barron, Governor William Wallace. B&W prints and a few slides, 1961-1965. 1 box and 1 volume. Glenville State College, Glenville. Ph2002-066

Capitol Complex. B&W construction of Buildings 5, 6, 7, State Police headquarters and capitol circle, 1969-1970. 15 items. Unknown donor. Ph2002-042

Charleston business. Copy negative of Gates Bicycle Shop storefront with two men by door, n.d. 1 item. Ruth Gates, Charleston. Ph2002-100

Chemical industry. Copy print of Carbide and Carbon tank car, ca. 1920s. 1 item. George Daniels, Charleston. Ph2002-064

Civil War. Color print from computer image of 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Buchanan, Company K, 4th WV Cavalry, ca. 1861-1865. 1 item. Peggy Cool, Shreve, OH. Ph2002-005

Civil War. Color print of Emanuel Walters, Company G, 5th WV Infantry, ca. 1861-1865. 1 item. Clorace Johnnieve Anderson, Matthews, NC. Ph2002-069

Civil War. Copy print of Private Salem Ayers, 11th WV Infantry, who was captured at Bulltown and died at Andersonville May 7, 1864, ca. 1861-1864. 1 item. Michael Kiger, Huntington. Ph2002-070

Civil War. Copy print of soldier named Curry, ca. 1861-1865. 1 item. Garry D. Powell, Weirton. Ph2002- 077

Civil War. Copy print of 28th Ohio Infantry regimental band at Gauley Bridge, 1862. 1 item. Terry Lowry, South Charleston. Ph2002-076

Civil War veterans. Copy print of veterans, possibly in Parkersburg, ca. 1880s. 1 item. Jim Miracle, Vienna. Ph2002-084

Dean and Craig family. Photo album of B&W and a few negatives, probably Dean and Craig families of Sutton, Braxton County and Nicholas County, prints of Peter Hamilton Craig, ca. 1910-1920. 1 volume. Robert Cooper, Rochester, NY. Ph2002-096

Dew family. Oval B&W in frame of five generations of Dew women, taken at West Milford, Harrison County, ca. 1897. 1 item. John Holt, Singer Island, FL. Ph2002-059

1885 Capitol interior. B&W of State Law Library, ca. 1913-1917. 1 item. Doris Allen, Huntington. Ph2002-071

Evans-Dille-Saab House, Morgantown. Color scanned photos of exterior and interior of home, 1990s. 21 items. Sheila Saab, Charleston. Ph2002-111

Fitzpatrick family. B&W convex print of Mary Immaculata Fitzpatrick, daughter of Hugh and Mae Fitzpatrick, ca. 1918-1919. 1 item. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ph2002-060

Floods. Album of B&W prints of Ohio River flood at Huntington, 1937. 1 volume. Lawrence C. Yeardley, Charleston. Ph2002-043

Fort Spring School. Photocopy of construction of Greenbrier County school, ca. 1920s. 1 item. Shirley T. Bland, Palm City, FL. Ph2002-098

Gilmer and Lewis counties. Copy prints, most Gilmer County scenes, ca. 1900-1970s. 72 items. Hunter Armentrout, Troy. Ph2002-021

Graham house. Color snapshot of exterior of house at Lowell, Summers County, n.d. 1 item. [Removed from History of the Graham Family by David Graham]. Mrs. R. L. Reardon, Beckley. Ph2002-002

Grand Army of the Republic. Copy print of group photo at Mount Vernon including Jesse Tyler Sturm, ca. 1880-1890. 1 item. Elaine Clark, Wellington, KS. Ph2002-067

Harmon, Theodore Clem. B&W prints and negatives of scenes along Kanawha and New River taken by Harmon, ca. 1920-1935. 25 items. Helen Stewart, Williamson, NY via Jim Costa, Talcott.. Ph2002-041

Hotel McCreery Collection. Copy prints of hotel exterior, interior with staff, ca. 1910s. 3 items. Steve Trail, Hinton Ph2002-103

Huntington. B&W of Wiles and Ross homes, ca. 1900-1920. 3 items. Dorothy A. Roskoph, Streetsboro, OH. Ph2002-129

Ku Klux Klan. Copy print of rally at Beckley, taken by Sayre of Clarksburg, ca. 1930s. 1 item. Purchase. Ph2002-081

Lindbergh, Charles. Printouts of scanned photographs of his landing at Moundsville, welcoming committee, parade, 1927 August. 7 items. Thomas James, Moundsville. Ph2002-045

Logging. Copies printed from electronic images of John Hinkle logging and sawmill operations in Webster County, 1890s. 8 items. Glenn Longacre, Jr., Webster Springs. Ph2002-010

Lorentz/Wade families. B&W prints of children by mill pond, Mrs. H. M. Wade; n.d., ca. 1935. 2 items. Elizabeth Lorentz, Armonk, NY. Ph2002-062

Maynard, Vinyard families. B&W of family members, n.d. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ph2002-078

Mendelsohn's Quality Shop. Copy negative of interior at 908 Quarrier Street, Charleston, ca. 1914. 1 item. David M. Badner, Delray Beach, FL. Ph2002-037

Moore family. Copy prints including WWI soldiers Judson and Wise Moore, ca. 1900-1920. 4 items. Sandra Beall, Perkins. Ph2002-007

Moundsville. B&W negatives and contact prints of Mound, prison, Spurr playground, ca. 1930s-1940s. 3 items. Rudolph Morski, Moundsville. Ph2002-011

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. Copy negatives of Sewell Valley, Nicholas Fayette and Greenbrier, C&O, Greenbrier and Meadow River railroads taken by Homer and W. L. B. Gwinn, ca. 1918-1956. 28 items. Phil Bagdon, Hinton. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. Slides copied from Ivan Clarkson Collection, n.d. 148 items. Phil Bagdon, Hinton. Ph83-12acc

Mullens phone company. B&W of operators, ca. 1950s. 2 items. Brenda K. Lester, Charleston. Ph2002- 055

Portrait. Caperton, Ella Dee Kessel. B&W copy print, ca. 1990. 1 item. Charleston Newspapers, Charleston. Ph2002-125

Portrait, Carlin, John. Copy prints of Carlin, of Grand Army of the Republic group on steps of Ohio County Courthouse, ca. 1880s. 2 items. Virginia Simms Toney, Houston, TX. Ph2002-099

Portrait, Hale, John P. Colorized copy print, ca. 1900. 1 item. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2002-083

Portrait, McColloch, Milton. Copy prints of Ohio County legislator, ca. 1927. 4 items. Carolyn McColloch, Katy, TX. Ph2002-112

Postcard. B&W of intersection of Kanawha and Morris streets, Charleston, ca. 1907. 1 item. Jim Chapman, Charlotte, NC. Ph2002-073

Postcard. 1885 capitol, ca. 1909. 1 item. Kenneth King, Elkview. Ph2002-003

Postcard. Grafton pottery, ca. 1915. 1 item. Fred Armstrong, Charleston. Ph2002-082

Postcard. Princeton Presbyterian Church interior, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Beverly Underwood, Princeton. Ph2002-085

Postcards. Blackwater Canyon, Lake Floyd, Falls Mill and Berkeley Springs Castle, ca. 1920s-1950s. 4 items. Ed Hicks, Dunbar. Ph2002-004

Postcards, CCC photos. Postcards of Charleston, White Sulphur Springs, Jamestown exposition, Silver Bridge, Allegheny Collegiate Institute; B&W of CCC Company 1522, church at Clifftop, ca. 1900-1970s. 13 items. Purchase. Ph2002-114

Postcards. Huntington, Harpers Ferry, ca. 1930s-1950s. 3 items. Montana Historical Society, Helena, MT. Ph2002-001

Postcards. Ohio River flood at Parkersburg, 1913 March. 8 items. Claudine Harris, Iowa City, IO. Ph2002-127

Postcards. Sistersville, WV Masonic Home at Parkersburg, ca. 1940s-1960s. 3 items. Betty Prigga, Sistersville. Ph2002-009

Postcards. View of Charlestown jail, 1909; folder of West Virginia scenes, 1936. 2 items. Debra Basham, Elkview. Ph2002-113

Randall Collection. Prints, slides, mostly St. Albans; set of Swann etchings done for Frankenbergers, 1960s-1980s. 1 box. James and Barbara Randall, St. Albans. Ph2002-118

Rayford, Josephine Morris Collection. Copy negatives of Bachelor Benedict Club activities and other family materials of Charleston family, ca. 1920s-1960s. 95 items. Josephine Morris Rayford via Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Ph2002-074

Revercomb, Chapman Collection. B&W prints of U. S. Senator and his family, 1940s-1970s. 3 boxes. William C. Revercomb, Charleston. Ph2002-054

Riflemen. B&W of three men with long rifles, supposed to be Michael and Jacob Rickard and unidentifed man, ca. 1860-1870. 1 item. Randall Sanwick, Omaha, NE. Ph2002-126

Riggs family. Copy prints of Riggs family members, tombstones and Kanawha Falls scenes, n.d. 1 folder. Robert S. Rigg, Alderson. Ph2002-086

St. James Mission for Colored People, Charleston. Copy negatives, 1910s-1940s. 30 items. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Ph2002-106

School. B&W of Charleston-area children, some indentified, 1895 April 4. 1 item. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2002-080

School. B&W of school at Peytona, Boone County, 1911-1912. 1 item. Gwen Sizemore, Nitro. Ph2002- 102

Showboat Rhododendron. B&W negatives and color slides of Centennial showboat and productions, 1963. 76 items. Roderick Wilson, Montgomery. Ph2002-039

Staunton, Francis Collection. B&W prints, ambrotypes, carte de visite, postcards and other images relating to family and friends, ca. 1880s-1950s. 2 boxes. Colorado Historical Society, Denver, CO. Ph93-13acc

Sturm and Hess family. Copy negatives of Jesse Tyler Sturm and Robert Nelson Hess in Civil War uniforms (14th WV Infantry) and Sturm as older man, ca. 1861-1880s. 3 items. Harold Sturm, Caldwell, KS. Ph2002-068

Swann etchings. West Virginia Capitol (1885), Winter on Turnpike, Old Main at WVIT, 1960s-1970s. 3 items. In memory of Elizabeth Alexander Lambert Nesslroad, Rainelle. Ph2002-087

USS West Virginia. B&W prints and postcards of ship, crew and eventual demolition, ca. 1927-1960s. 2 boxes. Clyde Lathey, Parkersburg. Ph2002-030

USS West Virginia. B&W prints including crossing equator ceremony, ca. 1936-1938. 52 items. M. Gordon Wilson, Fort Smith, AR. Ph2002-031

Wagon and team. Copy print of wagon hauling large log, banners in background advertise Ronceverte Fire Free Street Fair, ca. 1900-1920. 2 items. George Deans. Ph2002-097

West Virginia History by Conley and Doherty. B&W prints, maps and charts used in publication, 1974. 1 folder. West Virginia Historical Education Foundation, Charleston. Ph2002-063

West Virginia Independence Hall. B&W and negatives of restoration, 1975-1980. 2 folders. Historic Preservation Unit. Ph2002-027

West Virginia Library Commission. B&W of staff, building, 1940s-1951. 10 items. West Virginia Library Commission. Ph2002-115

Wheeling. B&W photos and postcards of Wheeling area scenes, including Lindbergh's visit, 1936 flood, 1907-50. 1 box. Mary Lou DeFillippo, Wheeling. Ph2002-056

Wheeling. B&W prints, showing house, car decorated with flowers and vines, horse and buggy decorated with flowers and greenery, unidentified but probably Wheeling, ca. 1900-1915. 3 items. H. W. Gee, Jr., Wheeling. Ph2002-038

World War I. Copy negative of panoramic of Company 2 recruits on West Virginia University campus, 1918 October 18. 1 item. R. M. Lantz, Brooksville, FL. Ph2002-101

Special Collections Accessioned

Blueprint. Utility building and garage, Camp Washington-Carver, 1953. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2002- 105

Blueprints. Drawings for various historical buildings around state, including Graceland, Mannington Round Barn, Thurmond Depot, and others, 1985-1994. 338 sheets. Historic Preservation Unit. Sc2002-052

Broadside. Campaign flyer published by Democratic State Executive Committee protesting Republicans controlling Congress and high prices, 1948. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2002-057

Calendar. McDowell County scenes sketched by Geroge Jarosz, 2001. 1 item. Jean Battlo, Kimball. Sc2002-019

Calendar. Veterans Memorial Museum, Hinton, 2002. 1 item. Steve Trail, Hinton. Sc2002-006

Calendar. Wolf Creek Printery, 2000, 2001, 2 items. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc87-41acc

Campaign cards for George Herald and Mark Pugh, Clay County candidates, ca. 1928. 3 items. Gift - Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2002-023

Drawings, plans. Mine tipples and workings, Dun Glen Hotel, other coalfield sketches, ca. 1893-1909. 47 items. Jim Kennedy, Charleston. Sc2002-051

Election ticket. 1860 Democratic ticket John C. Breckinridge/Joseph Lane, Virginia electors listed, 1860. 1 item. Mary Philo, Martins Ferry, OH. Sc2002-017

Forms. Notepad for Ward Reunion, ca. 2000. 1 item. Kenneth Agee, Cedar Grove. Sc2002-130

Kanawha Textbook Controversy. Scrapbooks and other materials, 1974-1982. 1 folder and 5 volumes. Shirley Smith, Charleston. Sc2002-053

Letterhead, forms, Morgantown, Charleston. Star Glass Company, Morgantown and Southern Railroad Company, offices of J. W. Wiles and Wiles Agency, envelopes for Hotel Kanawha and Peak Hotel in Charleston; card for H. C. Riggs insurance, Morgantown, ca. 1930s-1950s. 1 folder. Dorothy A. Roskoph, Streetsboro, OH. Sc2002-129

Marks, Richard Collection. 1st day cover Grafton Experimental Pickup Route, 1939 June 25. 1 item. Richard Marks, Gambrills, MD. Sc85-87acc

Marks, Richard Collection. Plate blocks, cachets and stamps including state flags and birds, Centennial, facsimile of Captain John Smith's map of Virginia, 1934-1994. 15 items. Richard Marks, Gambrills, MD. Sc85-87acc

Notecards. Calhoun County scenes, 1990s. 2 items. Calhoun County Historical Society, Grantsville. Sc2002-014

Owens-Illinois Glass, Fairmont. Newsletters, 1993. 4 items. Frank Spevock, Montana Mines. Sc91-58acc

Program. Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, 1961 October 12. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2002-131

Program. Sixth Annual Cornforth Declamatory Contest, Storer College, Harpers Ferry, 1919 February 12. 1 item. Dr. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Sc2002-013

Program, invitation, tickets. Prayer service program, pre-inaugural brunch invitation and tickets to inaugural ball of Governor Robert Wise, 2001 January 15. 7 items. Nancy Herholdt, Sissonville. Sc2002-022

Publication. Handbook of Information for Trial Jurors, Jackson County, ca. 1964. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2002-032

Publication. Home canning guide, 1942. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2002-033

Publication. Telephone book for Mouth of Seneca, Onega and Riverton - old Macksville Mutual Telephone Company, last single operator station in state (museum has switchboard); calendar/card for James (Buzz) Teter Insurance, n.d., 1967. 2 items. Pendleton County Historical Preservation Association, Franklin. Sc2002-015

Publication. WWVA 25th Anniversary booklet, 1951. 1 item. Debra Basham, Elkview. Sc2002-020

Publications. Wheeling newspapers, photocopies of programs for Virginia Theater and Opera House, 1847-1908. 1 folder. Mary Lou DeFillippo, Wheeling. Sc2002-056

Receipts. Receipts issued to J. L. Blaker of Blaker's Mill from various businesses, 1916-1919. 36 items. Gift - Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2002-018

Scrapbook. Clippings on Silver Bridge collapse (photocopies), 1967 December. 1 item. Larry Legge for West Virginia Historical Society, Charleston. Sc2002-132

Scrapbook. "A Forecast of the Economy of West Virginia" press conference sponsored by C&P Telephone, 1962 January 18. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Sc2002-058

Scrapbook. Graduation scrapbook of Helen Louis Warren, Parkersburg High, 1926-1927. 1 volume. Todd Krieger, Needham Heights, MA. Sc2002-044

Scrapbooks. WV NOW, vol. 33-39, 1994-95. 7 volumes. Bettijane Burger, Charleston. Sc97-27acc

Scrapbooks. WV NOW vol. 51-56; McCalls 100th anniversary edition; 1976, 1998-2001. 7 items. Bettijane Burger, Charleston. Sc97-27acc

Sheet music. West Virginia Grand March, composed by E. A. Weber, Wheeling, 1865. 1 item. Edith Trevey Davis, Shadyside, OH. Sc2002-016

Stock certificate. Hempfield Rail Road Company, 1 share to Alexander Taylor, 1855 February 18. 1 item. Bill Hagedorn, Jr., Wheeling. Sc2002-012

USS West Virginia. Newsletters, certificate and map, ca. 1936-1938. 57 items. M. Gordon Wilson, Fort Smith, AR. Sc2002-031

USS West Virginia. Scrapbooks, publications and other materials, 1927-1993. 6 boxes. Clyde Lathey, Parkersburg. Sc2002-030

West Virginia State Archives

West Virginia Archives and History