West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Arts and Humanities. Reports of arts councils and arts events, arranged by county (some counties missing), 1972-1985. 1 box. Transfer from Commission on the Arts. Ar1925acc

Rehabilitation Services. Director's office general correspondence, committees, 1999-2000. 2 boxes. Rehabilitation Services, Institute. Ar1943acc

Wise, Governor Robert. Papers of Wise Administration, 2001-2005. 204 boxes. Governor's Office. Ar1950

Manuscripts Accessioned

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Daily book of Ralph Matz, Co. 1522, Clifftop, 1935. 1 item. Ralph Matz, Chillicothe, OH. Ms85-17acc

Cook, Lee Carol Collection. Color photocopies of materials regarding black history, Rayford family, Garnet High, family photos, ca. 1900-1950. 2 folders. Lee Carol Cook, Oak Hill. Ms2004-096acc

Doe Gully Morgan County Land Records. Deeds, surveys, slave bill of sale and other documents, 1841-1903. 1 box. John Douglas, Berkeley Springs Ms2005-007

Farnsworth family. Correspondence, account books, Bible of family, mostly in Upshur, Lewis and Gilmer counties, with Mose, James and Daniel D. T. Farnsworth as primary correspondents, 1818-1974. 5 boxes. Dr. Tom Covey, Morgantown. Ms2005-041

Goff family. Documents, correspondence, Bibles, Civil War documents of Goffs and related Beavers families, mostly Preston County, 1839-1980. 3 boxes. Patricia Ward Rettew, Placida, FL. Ms2005-042

Hiscoe family, Coal Mountain. Correspondence, medical records, diaries of coal camp doctor and wife (originals and photocopies), 1949-1950. 1 box. D. Bonta Hiscoe, East Lansing, MI. Ms86- 102acc

Huntington Public Library Collection. Reports, advisory committee notes, forms and other materials, 1951-1959. 4 folders. Cabell County Public Library, Huntington. Ms2005-004acc

John Rogers and Company. Letters and documents regarding Morgantown business, 1818-1852. 17 items. Clay Hamilton, Jr., Hightown, VA. Ms2005-010

Literary manuscript. Factors That Determined West Virginia Statehood by John Kasich, research paper delivered at Graduate Conference on Southern History, 2001. 1 item. John Kasich, Youngstown, OH. Ms2005-006

Literary manuscript. Listing of West Virginia architects compiled by Rodney Collins, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from Historic Preservation Unit. Ms2005-017

Literary manuscript. Recollections of Donald Orr Blagg of early life in Mason and Kanawha counties (photocopy), 1975. 1 item. Joe Wyatt, Marshall University, Huntington. Ms2005-033

McDowell family history. Transcriptions of letters between N. B. McDowell and various people including Lyda Jane Hunt, 1925-1957. 1 folder. L. Jean Bollar, Sidell, IL. Ms2005-005

Raleigh County deeds. Deeds from H. A. Stansbury to H. H. Grant, 1942-1945. 5 items. Jerry Grant, Morrow, OH. Ms2005-008

Scott, Senator Nathan Bay. Bible and miscellaneous documents, n.d. 1 folder. Sally McCann, East Leroy, MI. Ms2005-009

Town of Leon. Minutes, ordinances, other documents, 1872-1981. 1 box. Town of Leon, Leon. Ms2005-023

West Milford Baptist Church. Church minutes and membership rosters (original volumes and photocopies), 1832-1974. 5 volumes and 5 folders. West Milford Baptist Church, Lost Creek. Ms2005-015

Photographs Accessioned

Appalachian Power. Construction projects at Cabin Creek, Charleston and Graham Station in Mason County, 1930s. 8 items. Northern Indiana Center for History, South Bend, IN. Ph2005- 039

Baseball. Copy negative of Handley C&O baseball team, 1926-1927. 1 item. John Stanley, South Charleston. Ph2005-018

Charleston. Digital print of Everette Dawson's tailor shop interior, 121 Summers Street, photographed by Gravely and Moore, ca. 1922. 1 item. Kara Dawson, Columbus, OH. Ph2005- 029

Civil War. Copy print of 6th WV Cavalry mustering in at Northwestern Academy, Clarksburg, ca. 1861. 1 item. Steve Cunningham, Charleston. Ph2005-027

Clay County. B&W, copy prints and snapshots for Clay County history, ca. 1880s-1980. 103 items. Gregg Moore, Belle. Ph2005-044

Cockayne Farm. Color postcard and reference material on Glen Dale farm, 2002. 1 item. Cockayne Farm, Glen Dale. Ph2005-038

Dudley family. Carte de visites of Lysander Dudley, wife Mollie Florence Burdette Dudley, Mary Frances Foley Dudley by Grafton and Parkersburg photographers, ca. 1860s-1870s. 4 items. Clay Hamilton, Jr., Hightown, VA. Ph2005-010

Farnsworth and related families. B&W prints, ca. 1880-1930. 2 boxes. Dr. Tom Covey, Morgantown. Ph2005-041

Gary. Copy print from slide of Gary Restaurant, ca. 1900. 1 item. Robert T. Gilley, Altamonte Springs, FL. Ph2005-028

Goff, Beavers families. B&W, carte de visites and tintypes of Preston County families, ca. 1850- 1920s. 2 boxes. Patricia Ward Rettew, Placida, FL. Ph2005-042

Gorby-Mullett family. Digital scans of photos, n.d. 1 item. Sam McColloch, Austin, TX. Ph2005-016

Military, capitol construction. B&W of Lane S. Anderson, killed in WWI; John Shanklin III from Charleston High yearbook 1933 and in WWII uniform before being killed in 1945; construction of capitol; ca. 1918-1945. 4 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2005-034

Mine wars. Copy print of Colonel A. C. Martin and troops looking for campsite at Madison, 1921 September. 1 item. Debra Basham, Elkview. Ph2005-035

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. Calhoun Collection - B&W and postcards of logging crews, engines, mill, ca. 1900-1920. 13 items. MSRLHA on behalf of Elizabeth Gray Calhoun, Ann Arbor, MI. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. Postcards - centennial of Shay #5 at Cass Scenic Railroad, 2005. 3 items. Richard Sparks, Cass. Ph83-12acc

Poling and Snyder families. Copy negatives of Barbour County families, ca. 1880-1920. 11 items. Glenn Poling, Philippi. Ph2005-048

Portrait, Averill, General William. Copy negative of carte de visite by E. and H. T. Anthony, New York, ca. 1861-1865. 1 item. Brian Kesterson, Washington. Ph2005-019

Portrait, Poling, Hiram Lloyd. Photocopies of member of 11th WV Inf, Co. I and later minister (oversized), ca. 1860s-1900. 5 items. John Miller, Huntington. Ph2005-001

Postcard. Folder showing homes and advertising lots on Fort Hill, Charleston, ca. 1927. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ph2005-013

Postcards. Assorted views including West Virginia Penitentiary at Moundsville, Aracoma Story, Webster County, ca. 1970s-2001. 7 items. Dr. Robert Conte, White Sulphur Springs. Ph2005-012

Postcards. B&W photo postcards of Hawks Nest, Greenbrier, ca. 1930s. 3 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ph2005-043

Postcards. Folders for Clarksburg, West Virginia the State Beautiful, Mountain Scenes, Midland Trail and State Route 21; loose cards for Omar, Charleston, Huntington, Hawks Nest, roads; ca. 1920-1950. 13 items. Beverly A. Harber for Edna Trotter, Fort Thomas, KY. Ph2005-047

Postcards. Greetings from Bens Run and Middlebourne, view of lake at Rock Springs Park in Chester, ca. 1910s. 3 items. Transfer from Goldenseal. Ph2005-011

Postcards, oil industry. Copy negatives, n.d. 11 items. Dr. Robert Bradley, Barboursville. Ph2005-025

Postcards. White Sulphur Springs, Wheeling, 1930s. 34 items. Rear Admiral (ret) Peter K. Cullins, Temple Hills, MD. Ph2005-022

Potomac State College. Negatives taken for yearbook and newspaper by staff photographer Richard Fauss, 1970-1972. 23 pages. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Ph2005-026

Scott family. Portrait of Mrs. Nathan Bay Scott (Agnes Cowgill Scott), unidentified young girl and William Scott Trowbridge, n.d. 1901. 2 items. Sally McCann, East Leroy, MI. Ph2005-009

Stark Collection. B&W of Hubert Stark (oversized), ca. 1940s-50s. 2 items. Evelyn Murray, Charleston. Ph85-16acc

Summers County. Copy prints of Avis ca. 1900-1950; B&W of Hinton High band in Washington June 20, 1950; B&W of 185 District Rotary Conference at The Greenbrier April 24-25, 1938 (oversized). 5 items. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ph90-16acc

Underwood, Cecil. CD-ROM of photos of former governor signing copies of his official published papers taken by Steve Brightwell, 2004. 1 item. Steve Brightwell, Beckley. Ph2005- 037

USS West Virginia. View of ship in San Francisco, V. Richard Hale in uniform, 1940-43. 2 items. V. Richard Hale, Decatur, GA. Ph89-51acc

Valley Bell. B&W copy prints from George Bragg collection, 1930s. 4 items. Melissa Smith, Charleston. Ph2005-040

Wetzel County. Digital prints of local scenes, Gorby family, floods, 1900-1940s. 21 items. Sam McColloch, Austin, TX. Ph2005-014

Wirt County. Color photographs of ice jam on Little Kanawha, destruction, rebuilding and dedication of bridge over Little Kanawha at Elizabeth, Jessica Lynch homecoming, ca. 2003- 2005. 5 envelopes. Chester Ludwig, Elizabeth. Ph2005-036

Special Collections Accessioned

Brochure. West Virginia First Ladies, 1977. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2005-049

Calendars. West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 1938-1961. 15 items. Frank Johnston, Staunton, VA. Sc2005-050

Christmas cards. Senator Jay Rockefeller and family, 1992-2004. 13 items. Roscoe Keeney, Charleston. Sc2005-024

Clipping. Article by Homer Holt about West Virginia's attractions for industry, n.d. 1 item. Ann Nelson, Charleston. Sc2005-020

Clippings. Photocopies of articles on bridges, WPA projects, 1940-2001. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc2005-021

Hamilton, Woodrow Clay Jr. Yearbook Collection, 1901-2003. 2093 items. Woodrow Clay Hamilton Jr., Hightown, VA. Sc2005-003 and acc

Hymnals. Methodist Episcopal hymnals exchanged between Marshall E. McDonald and Rachel Elizabeth Hyatt on their wedding day October 7, 1858. 2 volumes. Marsha C. Plybon, Parkersburg. Sc2005-045

Inaugural materials. Notes on inaugural ceremony, program, invitation, special inaugural Mass for Governor Joe Manchin 2005; invitations for Jay Rockefeller 1981, Gaston Caperton 1993, Bob Wise 2001; program for Jay Rockefeller 1981. 9 items. Transfer from Culture and History and Education and the Arts. Sc2003-136acc

O'Dell, Jay Collection. Articles in Wayne County News, 2003 Oct. 29 - 2005 Jan. 08. 1 box (43 articles). Jay O'Dell, Lavalette. Sc2005-002

Printed materials. Financial statement of Greenbrier Valley Bank, 1937; annual report of United Carbon Company, 1935; results of farmers livestock judging contest, 1924; USDA agricultural conservation program, 1935; Greenbrier Valley fair forms, 1937 and 1941; envelope for Greenbrier Shorthorn Cattle Breeders; members statement Greenbrier Valley Livestock Marketing Association, 1937; 1 folder. Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2005-032

Program. Order of the Eastern Star Tiskelwah Chapter #45 installation of Jean E. Miller and James G. Porter, 2000 June 19. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2005-031

Publications. Cookbooks published by ladies groups in Charleston including one from Charleston Woman's Club, 1892-1921. 3 volumes. Pat Williams, Belle. Sc2005-046

Scrapbook. Correspondence, articles, photos compiled by John A. Pack, Jr., Chief Clerk of the C&O Railroad in Huntington, 1925-1949. 1 volume. John A. Pack, III, Junction City, KS. Sc2005-030

USS West Virginia. Certificate for Mathias Wilson as Shellback crossing the equator (oversized), 1936 May 20. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc89-51acc

USS West Virginia. Menus from Honolulu collected by crew member, ca. 1940. 3 items. V. Richard Hale, Decatur, GA. Sc89-51acc

Yearbook Collection. Clay County High School, catalogue, (photocopy), 1914-1915. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook Collection. Herbert Hoover High School, The President, (CD-ROM), 1970. 1 item. Kim Johnson, Clendenin. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook Collection. Huntington High, 1956-1957. 2 items. Patty Tyler. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook Collection. Charleston High, 1947. 1 item. Cleo Sears, Charleston.. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook Collection. South Charleston High, 1942. 1 item. Ed Hicks, Dunbar. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook Collection. Flemington High, 1990. 1 item. Geneva Phelps, Flemington. Sc2005- 003acc

Yearbook Collection. Winfield High, Dunbar High and Dunbar Junior High, 1949-1989. 4 items. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

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