West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Archives and History. Letter from Mrs. Roy Bird Cook to house clerk Oshel Parsons, 1949 July 18. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Ar1988

Auditor. List of tracts of delinquent land, Jackson County, 1865-1870. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ar1991

Board of Registration for Sanitarians. Minutes, correspondence and other records, 1958-2001. 3 boxes. David P. Thornton, Board of Registration for Sanitarians, Charleston. Ar1980

Capitol construction. Notes on cornerstone laying and contents for Main Building, 1930. 2 pp. Transfer from clippings. Ar1812acc

Greenbrier County. Percentage of attendance in county schools, 1941. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ar1992

Hardy County. Tax assessment book, including county and parish levy as well as livestock, 1800-1806. 1 volume. Bob Beanblossom, DNR. Ar1984

Highways. Bridge section non-current and replaced structures, 1960s-2010. District 3, Division of Highways. Ar1895acc

Highways. Files from communications office, ca. 1962-1990s. 2 boxes. Terry Lively, DOT. Ar1993

Jefferson County. Papers of Commonwealth of Virginia vs. John Brown..., 1859-1860. 1 roll microfilm. Jefferson County Circuit Clerk, Charlestown. Ar1994

Kanawha County draft cards. Information on drafted county residents, 1918. 2 boxes. Unknown donor. Ar1982

Manchin, First Lady Gayle. Correspondence, schedules, programs, cards, 2000-2010. 21 boxes. Office of the First Lady. Ar1995

Mason County Infirmary. Record of patients, 1887-1949. 1 volume Patty Dillon, Charleston. Ar1979 Ar1979

Military commission, Pratt. State of West Virginia vs. "Mother" Jones et al's speech of Hon. M. E. Matheny of Charleston for defendants, 1913 March 7. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Ar1989

Naturalization records. Summers County, 1904-1956. 7 volumes and 8 items. Summers County Circuit Clerk, Hinton. Ar1878acc

Natural Resources. History of Administrative Development by Charles W. Lewis, 1973 December. 1 volume. Marge Butcher, DNR. Ar1985

Nicholas County. Overseer of the Poor records; deceased voter registration cards; 1819-1833, 1852-1889, 2002-2007. 2 volumes and 1 box. Nicholas County Clerk, Summersville. Ar1983

Rehabilitation Services. General correspondence and committees, director's office, 2001-2004. 1 box. Rehabilitation Services. Ar1943acc

Secretary of State. Application for amendment of charter of the Strouds Creek and Muddlety Railroad Company, 1944. 1 volume. Robert Craigo. Ar1931acc

State Road Commission. Construction manual, 1942. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Ar1986

Virginia legislature. Bills, most dealing with roads, turnpikes, and banks, 1858. 32 items. Purchase. Ar1981

West Virginia Commission for the Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington. Letter to Governor Herman G. Kump submitting report, 1934 July 19. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ar1987

Work Projects Administration. Letter accompanying Inventory of County Archives of West Virginia, Gilmer County, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ar1990

Manuscripts Accessioned

Arthurdale. Telegram from J. O. Walker to Lois Ford about opening of town and Eleanor Roosevelt attending, 1938 April 22. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Ms2010-064

Billheimer, Gordon E. Sr. Collection. Diaries of Montgomery resident, 2010 April - June. 1 folder. Gordon Billheimer, Montgomery. Ms2008-101acc

Bird, Ann Embleton Collection. WWII letters from Jerry P. Hall, various materials on Charleston and Kanawha Valley, history of Faber family, 1933-1993. 1 box. Ann Embleton Bird, Charleston. Ms2010-152

Brooke County. Deed between Andrew and Jane Smith to Nathaniel Hunter Jr., 1854 May 13. 1 item. Sara E. Staton Kelly, Colorado Springs, CO. Ms2010-061

Brown, J. Slidell. Pocket diary and letters of Kingwood resident, 1901-1906. 3 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ms2010-060

Caldwell, Victoria Collection. Genealogy and Fayette County history, ca. 1940-1995. 1 box. Victoria Caldwell, Oak Hill. Ms2010-153

Thomas, Jean Collection. Genealogy and research materials, much of it Blizzard family and mine wars, 1720s-2003. 6 boxes. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Ms2010-154

Civil War. Diary of Kanawha Valley merchant, farm manager and/or surveyor, including North Charleston to Institute and hand-drawn map of Battle of Scary Creek, 1861-1862. 1 volume. Purchase. Ms79-18.1:82

Cochran, Wes Collection. Family histories, obituaries, mainly from East Liverpool, OH area, n.d. 15 folders and 2 volumes. Wes Cochran, Parkersburg. Ms2009-018acc

Compton and Sergent families. Letters and other notes removed from inside cover of music book, ca. 1848-1929. 6 items. Transfer from library. Ms2010-067

Corley family. Descendants of Richard and Efferilla Corley, n.d. 2 volumes. Edith Harris, Jamestown, NY. Ms2010-030

Cross, Lucius Sr. and Thirza Stanley Cross Collection. Additional materials on descendants of Governor William Bradford, Mayflower index and Stanley Families of America, 1887, 1951, 1960. 3 items. Dorothy Staats Kerns, Ripley. Ms2009-142acc

First United Methodist Church, Huntington. Biographies of ministers by Rev. J. A. Earl, 1970. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Ms2010-058

Henderson, Edna and Harry. Correspondence, other papers of maker of First Lady dolls, 1897-1996. 1 box. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ms2010-001

Hinkle family. English essays of Eloise Hinkle; Christmas cards sent to Ote and Edna Hinkle of Webster Springs, 1943, 1948. 1 volume and 17 items. Unknown donor. Ms2010-070

History of the West Virginia Athletic Union Basketball Tournament Package compiled by Dr. Bob Barrett (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. Dr. Bob Barrett, Huntington. Ms2010-148

Holcomb, Thomas S. Jr. Transcript of diary of WWII sailor aboard USS Barton (DD722), 1943-1946. 1 item. Tom Holcomb, Charleston. Ms2010-105

Holt, Rush. Article run against Holt during 1944 campaign for governor linking him to Nazis, ca. 1944. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2010-068

Lake Superior Coal Company Collection. Records including fire boss and section boss books, 1942-1947. 1 box. Transfer from Historic Preservation. Ms2007-054acc

Lawson, Robert W. Collection. Diaries, telegrams and other materials, 1936-1961. 2 boxes. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ms2010-028

Letter. Lillian Cox accepting instructor of music position at West Liberty, 1871 October 2. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2010-065

Lewisburg Elementary School. Remarks, minutes, photos and other materials regarding replacing school, 2000-2006. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Ms2010-032

Literary manuscript. Autobiography of Freeman Collins written by John Conrad Smith and illustrated by Leo Johnson, 1994. 1 item. Dr. George Deike, Cass. Ms2004-102acc

Literary manuscript. The Story of Lost River State Park by Ellen Anderson and supporting information about Lee Cabin, ca. 1960-2010. 1 volume. James W. Rogers, Davidsonville, MD. Ms2010-059

Literary manuscript. Timothy Lawrence Barber by Dr. James David Barber, ca. 1994; talk about Timothy Barber given by D. N. Barber to Charleston Anvil Club, 1946. 2 items. Dr. James David Barber, Durham, NC; transfer from clippings Ms2010-056

Loving, John and Marvine. Biographical information, n.d. 1 item. John Loving, Cross Lanes. Ms2010-057

Mine disaster. Oglebay-Norton's Burton Mine, Richwood Sewell Coal Company, Nicholas County information, 1958 October 28. 1 volume. Millie Hammonds Stinnett, Richwood. Ms2010-063

Odd Fellows. Incorporation papers, Acts of Legislature and history of Odd Fellows home, Elkins, 1907-1980. 1 folder. John B. Bennett, Winfield. Ms2010-011

Patent. Benjamin R. Murphy of Parkersburg improvements in loom for weaving blinds (photocopy), 1872. 1 folder. Thomas E. Gendreau Sr., Shakopee, MN. Ms2010-062

Poem. "Rafting on the Guyandotte" by Thomas Dunn English, published in Appleton's Journal (photocopy), 1872/01/06. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2010-033

Smith, Bill Collection. Correspondence, articles and other research materials of Charleston Daily Mail sportswriter and author, 1970-2010. 3 boxes. Mary Lou Smith, Charleston. Ms2010-035

Spanish-American War. Discharge of William B. Petitt, Company B, 2nd Regiment, WV Volunteers, 1899 April 10. 1 item. Richard Petitt, Waynesville, MO. Ms2010-017

Spanish-American War. Notes and lists of members of First West Virginia Regiment, 1898-1899. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ms2010-031

Stacy, Ted Collection. Papers of Raleigh County legislator, 1944-1986. 2 boxes and oversized. Dwayne Sellerds, Beckley. Ms2010-071

Thorn Lumber Company, Martinsburg. Correspondence and company history, n.d. 2 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ms2010-034

West Virginia Conservation Education Council. Minutes, 1958-1961. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2010-066

World War II casualty information including prisoners and wounded, ca. 1944. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2010-069

Photographs Accessioned

B&O freight depot, Wheeling. B&W and negatives, 1974. 23 items. Transfer from Historic Preservation Unit. Ph2010-101

Band. B&W of IOOF Home Band, Elkins, ca. 1930s. 1 item. John B. Bennett, Winfield. Ph2010-011

Barber family. B&W copy prints, ca. 1880-1905. 3 items. Dr. James David Barber, Durham, NC. Ph2010-056

Beury-Nichol family. B&W of members of families including Daisy Beury, Thomas Nichol and Thomas (Tom) Nichol Jr., ca. 1910-1925. 8 items. [oversized - Ar Proc drawer 43] Dr. Robert E. Stevenson, Madison, CT. Ph2010-012

Bowyer, John Collection. Copy negatives of Kanawha Valley area, ca. 1900-1910. 9 items. John F. Bowyer, Cross Lanes. Ph2010-081

Boy Scouts. B&W of Troop 4, Charleston, outside Calvary Baptist Church by Bollinger, ca. 1925. 1 item. Nancy Warner Austin, Hurricane. Ph2010-093

Cabin Creek flood, Dawes. Copy prints, 1916. 15 items. James R. Troy via George Arthur, Eleanor. Ph2010-083

Caldwell, Victoria Collection. B&W prints of Caldwell and related families, n.d. 2 boxes (119 items). Victoria Caldwell, Oak Hill. Ph2010-153

Carpenter, Warren Collection. B&W and copy prints of Monroe County family and farm, ca. 1920s-1990. 32 items. Carolyn Whitaker Crowley, Fort Worth, TX. Ph2010-022

Clevenger family, Layne/Comer store. Copy negatives of Role Patrick Clevenger and family at Fairview, Webster County home; interior of Comer store at Owens, Kanawha County; n.d., 1918. 2 items. Gregory R. Burton, Ellenboro. Ph2010-079

Coal miners. Print of scan of 5 McDowell County miners - Delbert P. Bailey, Aaron H. Lambert, Harvey Bailey, George W. Sadler and Joseph C. Lambert, ca. 1898. 1 item. Robert D. Sadler, Anawalt via Stan Bumgardner. Ph2010-008

Cooper, Bob Collection. Slides of historic West Virginia prints, n.d. 34 items. Bob Cooper, Rochester, NY. Ph2010-151

Davis and Elkins. May Day crowning of queen Beth George, 1946 May 11. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2010-010

DuPont High. B&W of band with director Howard Carson, ca. early 1950s. 1 item. Tom Stamper via Gerald Ratliff, Charleston. Ph2010-102

Estep family. Copy negatives of Enoch and Pauline Workman Estep, Ruben and Eliza Estep; n.d. 2 items. Novella Estep-Green, White Sulphur Springs. Ph2010-080

Flood, group. Aerials of 1937 flood in Huntington; Friends of Walter Holder group at Ward; 1937, n.d. 3 items. Nancy V. Waggoner, Malden. Ph2010-092

Golden Horseshoe. Color prints of Golden Horseshoe activities, 1996. 290 items. Department of Education. Ph2010-015

Greenbrier. B&W and postcard of plaque commemorating "The Old White," 1940. 2 items. Transfer from clippings. Ph2010-038

Greenbrier. Copy print of daguerreotype of resort, ca. 1860s - may not be reproduced. 1 item. University of Virginia, Charlottesville. Ph2010-014

Harpers Ferry. B&W prints and 4x5 copy negatives, 1860s-1880s. 12 items. Delaware Public Archives, Dover, DE. Ph2010-089

Highways. B&W and color and negs of highway projects, logos, 1970s-1990s. 31 items. [oversized - Ar Proc drawer 43] Transfer from DOH. Ph2010-013

Hinkle family. B&W, ca. 1940s-1950s. 9 items. Unknown donor. Ph2010-070

Holmes, Gladys and Henry Collection. B&W and carte de visites, most by Wheeling photographers including LaBelle workers, members of Glass and Woodward families, 1860s-1900. 33 items. Boca Raton Historical Society, Boca Raton, FL. Ph2010-086

Holsberry, Beattie, Rainelle. B&W and copy prints of Rainelle Home Guard, Meadow River Lumber employees, and family members, 1940s-2000. 5 items. John Holsberry, Royal Palm Beach, FL. Ph2010-009

Kennedy, John F. Digital scans of color slides of rally at capitol, 1960 April 11. 5 items. David Todd Carden, St. Albans. Ph2010-078

Koglegard family. Copy negatives of Weston family, ca. 1900-1910. 28 items. Joy Stalnaker for Koblegard family, Horner. Ph2010-077

Legislative reception. Color negatives, ca. 1969-1973. 136 items. Unknown donor. Ph2010-090 Slides. "It's West Virginia" by Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Pritchard, 1963. 75 items. Unknown donor. Ph2010-091

Locks, Charleston, B&W of Marmet locks, house on Kanawha Boulevard, 1940s. 8 items. Kanawha Valley Genealogical Society. Ph2010-006

Manchin, First Lady Gayle. Photos and CDs of digital images, 2004-2009. 115 folders and CDs. Office of the First Lady. Ph2010-155

Marion County. Copy negative of William H. Pickett, n.d. 1 item. Elizabeth Freeman, Fairmont. Ph2010-082

Marion County. Copy negatives, 1870-1986. 146 items. Marion County Historical Society, Fairmont. Ph2010-082

Marion County. Copy negatives, 1894-1916. 6 items. Edith Shaver, Fairmont. Ph2010-082

Marion County. Copy negatives of James Samuel Northwest, Mannington flood, n.d. 2 items. Dora Grubb, Fairmont. Ph2010-082

Marion County. Copy negatives of telephone system, ca. 1950s-1961. 2 items. Martha Cox, Fairmont Telephone Museum, Fairmont. Ph2010-082

Maybach, Rupert George Collection. B&W prints and negatives, most Oak Hill, Minden tipple, strike against local Kroger, 1937-1938. 36 items. Jennie Sievers Weckelman, Naples, FL. Ph2010-085

Moore, L. Owen Jr. Collection. B&W of South Charleston High football team, swimming on Coal River, scout camp, Swann etchings, ca. 1923-1968. 16 items. L. Owen Moore, Jr., Lemoyne, PA. Ph2010-026

Musicians. B&W and color of Bill and George Phillips and other assorted musicians, including dedication at Coonskin Park, 1950, 1970s-2000s. 27 items. Georgia Dobbins, Exeter, NH. Ph2010-005

Panoramic. Wheeling delegation to Y.P.C.U. conference, Kansas City, MO, 1927 July 22. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2010-114

Pezzoni, Don Collection. B&W negatives of Sweet Springs resort, industrial buildings, machinery and houses at Cass, Green Bank National Radio Observatory taken by Pezzoni, ca. 1981. 26 items. Don Pezzoni, Lexington, VA. Ph2010-150

Phillips, George Collection. Color prints of fiddler and other musicians, 1960s-1990s. 33 items. Georgia DeBlois, Exeter, NH. Ph2010-084

Postcard. Battleground about ten miles from Dunlevie-Winterburn, Civil War, ca. 1890s. 1 item. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ph2010-072

Postcard. Blue Creek Oil Field tank fire, n.d. 1 item. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ph2010-003

Postcard. Doddridge County courthouse, ca. 1907. 1 item. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ph2010-074

Postcard. Historic Wheeling scene, 2000s. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ph2010-075

Postcard. WWI soldier with girls, message on back from Emory Melton, Camp Greenleaf to Bill England, Gassaway, 1918 March. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2010-004

Postcards. Anna Jarvis birthplace, smallest church and smallest post office at Silver Lake, ca. 2010. 7 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ph2010-113

Postcards. Historic Bramwell, City-County Building Wheeling, New River valley, autumn, ca. 1890, 1990s-2000s. 4 items. Unknown donor. Ph2010-073

Postcards. Various West Virginia scenes, 1940s-1990s. 13 items. Marcia Daoust, Huntington. Ph2009-008acc

Road construction. B&W of road construction as well as scrapbook of projects, 1918-1934, 1960s-1970s. 4 volumes and 1 envelope (estimated 2600 images). DOT Office of Communications. Ph2010-029

Silver Bridge. B&W, bridge before collapse, wreckage and recovery efforts, 1967. 28 items. Ottie Adkins, Huntington. Ph2010-027

Slides. WV Covered Bridges slide show and script, ca. 2000. 81 items. Transfer from Historic Preservation. Ph2010-007

Smith, Bill Collection. B&W and color photos of Charleston Daily Mail sportswriter and various sports figures, 1963-2010. 1 box. Mary Lou Smith, Charleston. Ph2010-035

Spanish-American War. Color scan of Cecil C. Monroe, 1898. 1 item. Tom Rung, Union, NJ. Ph2010-094

Stacy, Ted Collection. B&W including legislative and military service, 1944-1980s. 1 box and oversized. Dwayne Sellerds, Beckley. Ph2010-071

Stone House Inn. B&W of inn near Romney, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Ph2010-087

Summersville lake, dam. Color views, n.d. 3 items. Transfer from clippings. Ph2010-076

Third House. Copy negatives of annual show of Capitol press corps, ca. 1980s-1996. 12 items. Bob Brunner, Beckley. Ph2010-116

Thomas, Jean Collection. B&W and color, including Blizzard family, 1920s-1970s. 1 box (88 items). Jean Thomas, Winfield. Ph2010-154

Weston State Hospital. B&W of staff and patients insides, 1900. 1 item. Richard Bowyer, Fairmont. Ph2010-082

Winding Gulf Coal Inc. B&W, color prints, negatives and slides of Winding Gulf operations, Hampton, Westmoreland, Boone County, ca. 1953-1978. 1 box (54 negs, 521 slides, 94 prints). Martha Quigley, Bobby Davis Museum and Park, Hazard, KY. Ph2010-149

Wood, James Lee Jr. Collection. B&W, postcard and copy prints of mostly Raleigh County and southern West Virginia, 1903-1960. 15 items. James Lee Wood, Jr., Beckley. Ph2010-021

World War II. US Navy War photographs, ca. 1946. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ph2010-104

Worthington Defense Area. B&W of honor roll board dedication, 1943 September 19. 21 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ph2010-103

Yeager, Charles. B&W prints autographed to West Virginia State Archives, ca. 2009. 2 items. Culture and History. Ph2010-088

Young, John J. Jr. Collection. Negatives and contact prints of B&O and related railroads, primarily northern panhandle and Kanawha Valley, 1895-2001. 6325 items. Estate of John J. Young, Jr., Elizabeth Davis Young, Executrix, Charleston. Ph2010-023

Special Collections Accessioned

Advertisement. Cover of pocket notebook advertising Red Coon Chewing Tobacco found in case file, n.d. 1 item. Betsy Castle, Preston County Circuit Clerk, Kingwood. Sc2010-120

Arbogast, Josie K. Collection. Scrapbooks, certificates of Elkins City Hospital nursing graduate; bylaws, minutes and scrapbooks of WV State Nurses Association, 1942-1997. 7 volumes, 1 folder and 1 oversized folder. Marvin and Luretta Rinehart, Elkins. Sc2010-025

Bible. Myers family, 1823. 1 volume. Roderick W. Wilson, Montgomery. Sc2010-054

Bible. Roycroft family with genealogy, 1840-2009. 1 volume. William R. Roycroft, Charleston. Sc2010-037

Blotter. Gray-Da Casting Company of Wheeling, n.d. 1 item. Pauline Rieger, Shadyside, OH. Sc2010-108

Blueprints. Clay Center. 470 sheets. Chris Parsley, Charleston. Sc2010-146

Blueprints. West Virginia State Parks, 1863-2004. 3551 sheets. DNR Parks and Recreation Section, South Charleston. Sc2010-147

Blueprints. Wheeling Civic Center location site plans, 1974. 4 items. Unknown donor. Sc2010-106

Broadside, card. Specifications and prices for cross ties for Norfolk and Western Railway, 1921-1923. 2 items. Paul Solar, Huntington. Sc2010-020

Brochure. Yesteryear Toy Company, Charleston, 1982. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-139

Calendar. Gilmer County scenes, 2010. 1 item. Gilmer County Historical Society, Glenville. Sc2010-115

Calendars. Wolf Creek Printery, 2008-2009. 2 items. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc87-41acc

Campaign materials. Letter and flyer, Okey L. Patteson for Governor, 1948. 2 items. Debby Sonis, Charleston. Sc2010-123

Campaign memorabilia. Paper autographed by both John F. Kennedy and Hubert H. Humphrey at Kanawha City Krogers, 1960. 1 item. Mike Steorts, Hurricane. Sc2010-118

Catalogue. Cecil Kraft Shop, Wileyville, 1988. 1 item. Dean Six, Harrisville. Sc2010-138

Catalogue. The Coal House, White Sulphur Springs, 1989-1990. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-140

Catalogue. A Plan Book of Harris Homes, 1923. 1 volume. Wes Cochran, Parkersburg. Sc2010-018

Catalogues. Jeffrey mining equipment, n.d. 3 items. Unknown donor. Sc2010-046

Certificates. Commissions as corporal and sergeant for Homer Duff, Company E, 27th Infantry, 1899, 1901. 2 items. Lino DeMarchi, Charleston. Sc2010-039

Corrick's Ford Confederate Monument. Invitation and letter to dedication ceremony, 1985 July 13. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2010-135

First Baptist Church, St. Albans. Report and pledge form for new building fund, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-096

Forms. International Working and Dues Book of the Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International Union of America for W. W. Conaway, Union #4 of West Virginia, 1916-1925. 1 item. Woody Moore, Weston. Sc2010-099

Greenbrier. Historical information and articles, ca. 1940-1969. 1 folder. Transfer from clippings. Sc2010-038

Hudnall, Bill Collection. Clipping of letter to Charleston Daily Mail editor regarding Catholics taking over country, 1958 September 2. 1 item. Becky Hudnall, San Francisco, CA. Sc2010-044

Invitation. Inaugural reception and ball of Governor John J. Cornwell, 1917 March 5. 1 item. University of South Florida - Tampa Campus, Tampa, FL. Sc2010-053

Invitation. Rededication of bell of USS West Virginia armored cruiser ACR5 at WVU, 1987 December 7. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-134

Invitations, programs. Unveiling of Francis Pierpont statue in Statuary Hall, Washington, 1910 April 30. 8 items. Transfer from clippings. Sc2010-050

J. R. Clifford Project. Brochures and other information about project to celebrate life of 1st African-American attorney in West Virginia, 2004-2007. 8 items. Thomas Rodd, Charleston. Sc2010-137

Letterhead. E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company, Polychemicals Department, Belle, 1952 July 19. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Sc2010-045

Letterhead, forms. Hotel Wells, Tyler County Bank, Sistersville, ca. 1904-1916. 6 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Sc2010-047

McKinney, Rosa Collection. Publications of various sorts, 1907-1986. 3 items. Rosa McKinney, Hurricane. Sc2010-019

Moore, L. Owen Jr. Collection. Assorted materials of Charleston High and WVU graduate, including birth, death and marriage records for Shearer and Moore families, 1882-1973. 1 box and 1 oversized folder. L. Owen Moore, Jr., Lemoyne, PA. Sc2010-026

Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy. Newsletters, publications and poster of Wheeling school (1848-2009) operated by Sisters of the Visitation, 1948-2009. 1 box. Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy, Wheeling. Sc2010-036

Notes. Information on Beckwith family removed from book, n.d. 4 items. Transfer from library. Sc2010-127

Parkersburg Area Community Foundation. Annual report and calendar, 2008. 2 items. Transfer from Governor's Office. Sc2010-097

Pfister, Phil. First day cover and program honoring Charleston resident and World's Strongest Man 2006 (autographed), 2008 September 3. 2 items. Nancy Waggoner, Malden. Sc2010-109

Program. Champion Wheelers Souvenir Game Program and Scorebook, Charleston Wheelers, 1993. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-052

Program. "It's a Long Lane" annual senior class play Sutton High (photocopy), 1938 May 19. 1 item. J. Robert Flint, Sutton. Sc2010-040

Program. Memorial service for Cecil H. Underwood, Christ Church United Methodist, Charleston, 2008 December 1. 3 items. Debra Basham, Elkview. Sc2010-121

Program. Theater West Virginia 50th season, 2010. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-144

Programs. Special masses at Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral, Charleston, including inaugural masses for Governor Manchin, 2005-2009. 14 items. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc2008-054acc

Programs. Third House performances by Capitol press corps (photocopies), ca. 1980s-1996. 5 items. Bob Brunner, Beckley. Sc2010-116

Publication. Contract Employees League of Widen miners and Elk River Coal and Lumber Company (photocopy), 1955. 1 item. Ronald Cottrell via Goldenseal, Summersville. Sc2010-100

Publication. The Crusader comic book set on fictionalized WVU campus, 1974. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-142

Publication. Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Eucharistic Conference, 2003 June 21-22. 1 item. Debra Basham, Elkview. Sc2010-122

Publication. European Magazine and London Review with article on Daniel Boon (photocopy), 1791 January. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-126

Publication. History of the USS Wharton 1940-1947 (photocopy), 1996. 1 item. Dewey Robinson. Sc2010-117

Publication. "A June Jaunt" by Brantz of journey by B&O Railroad from Baltimore to Wheeling published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 1857 April. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-119

Publication. Leading Facts in Wheeling History, 1905. 1 item. Roy Kovalski, Wheeling. Sc2010-124

Publication. Little Pilot newsletter, Iaeger Graded School, 1942 March-April. 1 item. Debbie Null, Alum Creek. Sc2010-130

Publication. Morgan County courthouse fire reprinted from Morgan Messenger, 2006 August 8. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Sc2010-042

Publication. Mountain State Art and Craft Fair, 1969 July 2-6. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2010-049

Publication. Old-Time Blue Laws, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-141

Publication. Powhatan College and St. Hilda's Hall, Charlestown, 1902-1927. 6 items. Purchase. Sc2010-095

Publication. Presenting a Nice Place to Live Featuring St. Marys, ca. 1953. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2010-051

Publication. Searchlight, Lincoln Junior High, Charleston, 1933 May 31. 1 item. ? Hitchman, Charleston. Sc2010-043

Publication. WWVA 20th Anniversary Family Album with autographs of several performers, 1946. 1 item. Gerald Ratliff, Charleston. Sc2010-131

Publication, envelope. US Senate report #598 concerning electoral votes for president and vice-president and senate envelope from Henry G. Davis mailing it to Hon. B. Hayes of Wheeling, 1877 January 18. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2010-143

Publications. Assorted political party publications, mostly Republican, 1896-1937. 1 box. Unknown donor. Sc2010-145

Publications. Fayette Journal with death notice of Colonel Joseph L. Beury and clipping of death of his assistant Charles E. Beman, 1903, 1927. 2 items. Robert Edwin Stevenson, Madison, CT. Sc2010-012

Publications. 4-H Leadership Conferences, 4-H camp Jackson's Mill, 1931, 1932. 3 items. Transfer from clippings. Sc2010-041

Publications. Law publications belonging to W. G. Caperton, 1894-1910. 1 box. Nat DeBruin, Marshall University, Huntington. Sc2010-002

Ration books. World War II belonging to Staley family, ca. 1942-1945. 8 items. Orvel Jans, Williamsburg, VA. Sc2010-112

Scrapbook. Political materials, mostly Democratic, 1949-1979. 1 volume. John D. Law, Charleston. Sc2010-055

Scrapbook. St. Francis School of Nursing Class of 1945, compiled by Violet Deck Nemky, 1945-1985. 1 item. Marvin Cole, St. Albans. Sc2010-024

Scrapbooks. Campaign and election materials, 1960s-1980s. 2 volumes. Joe Geiger from Christina Hudnall, Huntington. Sc2010-016

Scrapbooks. West Virginia NOW, 2007-2009. 4 volumes. Bettijane Burger, Charleston. Sc97-27acc

Script. Radio play "Jones' Raid on Morgantown" by Mabel DeVries Tanner, 1951 November 7. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2010-136

Sheet music. Thomas Jefferson Junior High class song by John W. Newton and Jack Jackson, ca. 1956. 1 item. Virginia Johnson, Charleston. Sc2010-129

Sheet music. West Virginia All-State High School Chorus music, 1938. 1 item. Carol Gallion. Sc2010-098

Sheet music. Witnesses of the Light by Dana Dorsey, Summersville, 1940 August 5. 2 items. Carol Vandevender, Hurricane. Sc2010-048

Spring Hill Cemetery. Brochures and maps of cemetery, 2009. 6 items. Transfer from library. Sc2010-128

Sprouse, James. Letter and announcement of decision to run for governor in 1968; letter abolishing "flower fund" as chairman of State Democratic Executive Committee, 1967. 3 items. Unknown donor. Sc2010-111

Stock certificate. Elkana Castle Hall Association, 1921 March 4. 1 item. John Fore, Charleston. Sc2010-125

USS West Virginia. Newsletters and crossing the equator publication from service time of Gordon E. Bishop, July 1940 - August 1941. 13 items. Ed Bishop, Sedro Woolley, WA. Sc89-51acc

USS West Virginia. Officer list for 1923 and crew list for 1924 (photocopies), 1923-1924. 2 items. Transfer from clippings. Sc89-51acc

USS West Virginia submarine. Decal for SSBN 736, ca. 1990. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2010-133

West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Program for Third Annual Induction Ceremony, 2008 October 25. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc2008-053acc

West Virginia Heritage Quilt Search Inc., Files, minutes and other documentation of project and book, 1985-2001. 1 box. Juanita Reed, Charleston. Sc2004-042acc

West Virginia Review. Form letter explaining combined issue, 1942 February. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2010-110

Westvaco. Inspiration for Printers. #62, 68, 69, 70, 80, 87, 88, 93 published by West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 1931-1934. 8 items. Harold Rubin, New York, NY. Sc2010-132

Westvaco. Inspiration for Printers. #65, 78, 83 published by West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 1931-1933. 3 items. Unknown donor. Sc2010-132

Westvaco. Inspiration for Printers. #97-107 published by West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 1936-1937. 1 volume. Purchase. Sc2010-132

Westvaco. Publications for papers and printing tips; annual report for West Virginia Pulp and Paper 1959; Typographic Quest #1-3; Our Papersmakers Look to the Woods; Working with West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company; 1957-1965. 7 items. Transfer from library. Sc2010-132

Wheeling Steel. Agreement between Wheeling Steel Corporation and United Steelworkers of America, 1945, 1947. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2010-107

Yearbook. Dunbar High 1961. 1 volume Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Glenville State 1974. 1 volume. Charles Julian, Wheeling. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Glenville State, 1998. 1 volume. Susan Supinger, Rainelle. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Newell High Rhododendron, 1923. 1 volume. Sue Waldman, Mill Valley, CA. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Parkersburg High, 1956. 1 volume. Wes Cochran, Parkersburg. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. St. Mary's Purple and Gold, 1925. 1 volume. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Shinnston High, 1958. 1 volume. Rex Wilson, San Antonio, TX. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. WV State College Arch, 1995. 1 volume. Carol Gallion, Miami. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. West Virginia State College, Arch, 1998. 1 volume. Greg Carroll, Hurricane. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Winfield Middle School, 2004. 1 volume. Greg Carroll, Hurricane. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Andrew Jackson Jr. High 1986, Nitro High 1987-1989. 4 volumes. Christina Young Pocrnich, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Cabell Midland High, 2008-2009. 2 volumes. Cabell-Midland High School, Ona. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Cedar Grove High 1985, DuPont High 1987-1988, WV Institute of Technology 1989-1990, 1992. 6 volumes. Tony Pocrnich, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Charleston Catholic High School, 1993; Sacred Heart Grade School (Charleston), 2009. 2 items. Greg Carroll, Hurricane. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Charleston High, 1962, 1967. 2 volumes. Donna Briggs, Williamstown. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Clendenin Elementary, 1980-1989. 8 volumes. Cathy Miller, Elkview. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Fairmont State 1974-1975. 2 volumes. Jeanne Unger, Bridgeport. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Glenville State, 1924-2004. 28 volumes. Glenville State College Office of Alumni Affairs, Glenville. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Horace Mann Junior High, 1978-79, 1981-1989. 12 volumes. Patty Dillon, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Monongah High School, 1949-1952. 4 volumes. Mary M. Catania, Covina, CA via Dr. Janet S. Salvati, Fairmont. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Morris Harvey, University of Charleston, Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, Charleston High, Thomas Jefferson Jr. High; 1941-1988. 22 volumes. Kevin Lowder, Kirkwood, MO. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Moundsville High 1965-67, Bishop Donahue 1964, West Liberty 1968-69. 6 volumes. Sandra Benedict, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy, 1920-2006. 21 volumes. Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy, Wheeling. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. St. Albans 1970, Triadelphia 1970. 2 volumes. Becky Reger, South Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. WV Institute of Technology, Fairmont State, Concord, WVU, 1976-1991. 11 volumes. William Ball, Red House. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. WV State College Arch, 1968, 1974. 2 volumes. Greg Carroll, Hurricane. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. West Virginia Wesleyan, West Virginia State College, Charleston High, 1935-1983. 5 volumes. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Woodrow Clay Hamilton Jr. Collection, 1937-1979. 8 volumes. Woodrow Clay Hamilton, Jr., Hightown, VA. Sc2005-003acc

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