West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Bridge records. Non-current and replaced structures, 1970s-2012. 2 boxes and 2 rolls drawings. District 3 Division of Highways, Parkersburg. Ar1895acc

Naturalization records. Hancock County certificate cards and forms, 1913-55. 1 box. Hancock County Circuit Clerk's Office, New Cumberland. Ar1878acc

Naturalization records. Upshur County, 1907-1942. 2 boxes. Upshur County Circuit Clerk, Buckhannon. Ar1878acc

Ritchie County. Election records, lists, results, miscellaneous, 1839-84. 4 boxes. Ritchie County Clerk's Office, Harrisville. Ar2033

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account books. Records of Beham Henline, Orlando, Lewis County, and Henline family information, 1891-2006. 2 volumes and 1 folder. David Parmer, Hinton. Ms2013-073

Appalachian Research and Defense Fund. Public Interest Reports, catalogue of major cases and publications, ca. 1971-73. 12 items. Transfer from library. Ms2013-107

Bampfield, John. Correspondence to Samuel Bampfield, 1868 April 23. 1 item. Mark Grelak, Parkville, MD. Ms2013-080

Billheimer, Gordon E. Collection. Diary, 2011 December-2013 February. 5 folders. Gordon Billheimer, Montgomery. Ms2008-101acc

Calendar of wills in West Virginia #49 Upshire (sic) County by WV Historical Records Survey, 1941 August. 1 item. Transfer from library and Kanawha County Public Library. Ms2013-115

Campbell Family Collection. Correspondence, textbooks and other items of Fayette County family of teachers, 1895-1930. 1 box. Elizabeth McConnell, Charleston. Ms2013-084

Census. Index to 1850 census (master copy), 2003. 1 folder. Transfer from library. Ms2013-109

Civil War. Commission of J. A. Falkenstein as First Lieutenant, 5th Regiment, 24th Brigade, 3rd Division Virginia Militia, 1863 June 9. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms79-18.2:1acc

Civil War. Pension files for Wyatt H. Blackburn, Co. K, 7th WV Cavalry and Daniel C. Bowler, Co. E, 7th WV Cavalry (photocopies), 1876-1935. 2 folders. Gerald Ratliff, Charleston. Ms79-18.2:13

Cooper, Lillian. Notes about life of rabbi's wife who was involved for many years at B'nai Jacob and taught at George Washington High School, 1979. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2013-078

CTE Updates. Manufacturing in the Mountain State, 2013. 1 item. WV Department of Education. Ms2013-116

Fayette Coal and Coke. Correspondence to company and superintendent N. M. Jenkins, Stone Cliff, 1882. 1 folder and 1 disk of scans. Mary H. Wagner, South Charleston. Ms2013-072

Forks of Cheat Baptist Church. Copy of transcription of Minute Book 1 1775-1800, transcribed in 1912. 1 folder. Transfer from library. Ms2013-114

Genealogy and the Law. Handouts from lecture of Scott Johnson, 2012. 1 folder. Transfer from library. Ms2013-108

Grafton National Cemetery. Typed record of burials, not quite the same of handwritten ledger copies, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2002-090acc

Greenwood Coal Company. Payroll examination report and store accounts; Norfolk and Western Railway Company coal car distribution and rating bulletin, 1950-51, 1964. Sarah Blankenship, Charleston. Ms2013-076

Guthrie, James H. Records of member of WV Air National Guard and history of various Charleston units, 1941-1994. 8 folders. James H. Guthrie, Charleston. Ms2013-082

Hacala, Father Joseph. Note found in book Dream of the Mountain Struggle, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2013-081

Hutton family. Genealogy sheets, obituaries, and other information, n.d. 2 folders. Kathryn Miller Coughlin and Rebecca Lynch Rollyson, Sugar Land, TX. Ms2013-103

Ireland, Virginia H. Letter included in copy of her "Words Don't Work at This Altitude," n.d. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2013-122

Kanawha Banking and Trust. Letter to stockholders from W. N. Shearer Jr. regarding bank's 75th anniversary book, 1976 August 18. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2013-121

Kanawha Valley Bank/One Valley Bank Collection. Minute books, newsletters, annual reports, forms, transcripts and drafts of history of bank, 1867-2000. 13 boxes and 32 volumes. William M. Drennen Jr., Shepherdstown. Ms2013-101

Land grants. Nicholas County by Gov. Thomas Randolph to Lewis Hyre, 1822; Nicholas County by Lt. Gov. John M. Gregory to Sinnet Rader, 1842; Braxton County by Gov. William Smith to John Cutlip, 1847. 3 items. P. Michael Pleska, Charleston. Ms80-284acc

Leonard, Louise Collection. Political papers of Louise Leonard who served in State Senate from Harpers Ferry and ran for US Senate, 1952-1988. 2 boxes. Bill McVey. Ms2013-029

Literary manuscript. "Early Churches of Wood County" by Inez Roberts Sheppard, Mary Dudley, Howard S. Carpenter and Caroline Shrewsbury, ca. 1907. 1 folder. Transfer from library. Ms2013-113

Literary manuscript. Solid Rocket Development at Allegany Ballistics Lab by T. L. Moore, 1999. 1 folder. Gary Geiger, Rocket Center. Ms2013-077

Literary manuscript. "The Veterans Memorial Field House in Huntington, W. Va.: A History" by Stan Bumgardner, 2012. 1 item. Stan Bumgardner, Charleston. Ms2013-110

Loar Family Collection. Correspondence, business papers, financial and legal papers of Wayne County family, 1830-1939. 1 box. Margaret and Jerry Clark, Proctorville, OH. Ms2013-097

McLean, Lois Collection. Manuscript drafts, correspondence and other materials relating to Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, 1859-1994. 11 boxes. West Virginia Labor History Association, Charleston. Ms2013-030

Mother Jones. Script for television movie The Legend of Mother Jones by Theodore Eiland, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2013-123

Mullins, Glenna Collection. Correspondence and papers of Charleston resident who served in Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in WWII, 1927-52. 2 boxes. Steve Mullins, Charleston. Ms2013-098

Nitro. Letter to M. A. Bender regarding election benchmark, 1935 May 4. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2013-112

Oil and Gas park. History of local industry and proposal for park near Volcano, 1972. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2013-074

Peck family. History of family by Dolly Peck Mason, 1985. 1 folder. Anonymous donor. Ms2013-079

Pine Family Collection. Postcards, ration books and other materials of Hezekiah H and Mary Lou Pine who operated general store and post office in Scott Depot, 1887-1945. 1 box. Pamela Sue Pierce-Sims, Scott Depot. Ms2013-085

Point Pleasant, family history. Account of Battle of Point Pleasant, family history sheets for Anderson, Davidson and Keller families, undated, 1936. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2013-075

Preston County. Short student essay by William Collier on county, two copies of teacher's certificate for M. S. Bryte, 1872. 3 items. Bookworm and Silverfish gift, Wytheville, VA. Ms2013-111

Raleigh County. Request for payment from assessor John B. Turner to state auditor, 1868 August 26. 1 item. Transfer from Ms79-18. Ms2013-119

Randolph, Mary Sturm and O. Carl Collection. Address of senior class of 1918 president on patriotism, probably Salem High, 1918. 1 item. Diane Slaughter, Charleston. Ms2013-126

Schutte Family Collection. Papers of Schutte and Davis families of Lewis and Harrison counties, compiled by Nell Davis Schutte Feeney, ca. 1750s-1970s. 2 folders. Lynette Feeney-Burns, Sonoma, CA. Ms2013-105

Simpson, John S. Collection. Letters to Peerless Bread from Simpson on Hotel Huntington, Hotel Gore (Clarksburg), Holley Hotel (Charleston) and Commercial Hotel (Williamson) letterheads, 1925-33. 6 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Ms2013-117

Slack family, Charleston schools and teachers, and Bristol High, 1885-1946. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2013-120

Spence family. Genealogy and notes about family in Putnam and surrounding counties, 1800s-1980s. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2013-104

Stafford, Patricia Lynne Collection. Stafford, Vickers, Hamrick and related families, from Giles and Cabell counties, 1852-1953. 1 box and 1 oversized folder. Estate of Patricia Lynne Stafford, Judith McJunkin Administratrix, Charleston. Ms2013-083

Todd, William Lawrence. Letter from St. Albans soldier describing WWII and D-Day, 1945 July 5. 1 item. Nancy Wolfe, Charleston. Ms2013-106

US National Climatic Center. Meteorological records for Charleston, 1987-1988. 2 volumes. National Weather Service, Charleston. Ms78-4acc

West Virginia Society for the Blind and Severely Disabled. Annual reports 15th-20th, 23rd-27th, 29th; 1968 Yearbook of the WV Federation of the Blind, 1960-75. 13 items. Transfer from library. Ms2013-102

Wetzel, Lewis. Letters to Mrs. Roy Bird Cook and Kyle McCormick about Wetzel, 1953, 1960. 2 items. Transfer from clippings. Ms2013-068

Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation. Letter discussing cultural survey report, 1994 August 30. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2013-118

Winfield. Town charter (photocopy), 1889 Sept. 24. 1 item. City of Winfield, Winfield. Ms2013-071

Photographs Accessioned

Album. B&W prints and negatives, unidentified but include coal towns, out of state travel, ca. 1920s-1930s. 96 prints and 173 negatives. Unknown donor. Ph2013-066

Arthurdale. B&W of workers in plant assembling motors for electric sweepers, 1937 June 11. 1 item. Purchase. Ph2013-166

Beech Bottom Grade School. B&W of students outside building, 1940s. 1 item. Margaret Brennan, Wheeling. Ph2013-161

Boat. B&W of oil and gas industry boat, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-164

Bunch, Paul Newman Collection. Tintype of Mrs. Haney Smith Napier, Wayne County, ca. 1950-70. 1 item. Pamela Schenck, Clark Fork, ID. Ph2013-155

Caperton, Gaston. Color of unveiling of portrait, 1997. 5 items. Transfer from Culture and History. Ph2013-060

Cemetery. B&W of Wimer family tombstones at Straight Fork Cemetery, Lewis County, 1970. 37 items. Ellen Weimer, Albuquerque, NM. Ph2013-153

Civil Rights. Copy prints of AP photos of bombing of Osage Junior High, Huntington protests, 1970 October. 4 items. Purchase. Ph2013-172

Daugherty, Mary Lee Collection. Slides, color of snake handling, ca. 1969-74. 25 items. Sonia Chambers, Huntington. Ph2013-170

Du Berry family. B&W of family and home near Bruceton Mills, ca. 1890s. 6 items. Margaret Brennan, Wheeling. Ph2013-163

Elk Hotel. B&W of building, New Martinsville, ca. 1899. 1 item. Mr. or Mrs. Nelson, Kennebunk, ME. Ph2013-132

Engine, streetcars. B&W of Vulcan 2-6-2T #5 used by Lost River Lumber Company in Hardy County for fighting fires, 1926; Fairmont-Clarksburg Traction Company 2 car train, n.d. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ph2013-154

Estep family. B&W of Shadrack and Hannah Estep family, ca. 1910. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-157

Foulke family. B&W of George R. Foulke, ca 1881. 6 items. Unknown donor. Ph2013-057

GAR National Encampment. B&W of meeting in Minneapolis, attended by James S. Watson, 1906. 1 item. Shirley J. Lang, Wilmington, NC. Ph2013-135

Grimes, Richard Collection. Prints and a few negatives of political figures and news stories, ca. 1970s. 190 prints, 6 negatives. Kathryn Grimes, Charleston. Ph2013-124

Guthrie, James H. Copy negatives of WV Air National Guard member and units, 1944-1986. 36 items. James H. Guthrie, Charleston. Ph2013-082

House. B&W of house and family by Siburt Studio of Moundsville, ca. 1900-1920. 1 item. City of Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, VA. Ph2013-064

Junkins, Robert. B&W in Civil War uniform and Wheeling police uniform; postcards of Stonewall Jackson, Wheeling city building, 1860s-1890s. 4 items. Katherine J. Yanda, Wheeling. Ph85-85acc

Kanawha County Circuit Clerk's Office. B&W prints, 1920s. 3 items. Brenda Tate, Willow Street, PA. Ph2013-127

Largent, H. William and Ruth H. Collection. Panoramics, Morgantown by A. A. Rogers, 1903, group in Fairmont by Wagner, Marietta, OH, n.d. 2 items. Taina Lee-DeSimone, Cranston, RI. Ph2013-145

Leonard, Louise Collection. B&W of Republican state senator who ran for US Senate, ca. 1971-1974. 60 items. Bill McVey. Ph2013-029

Loar Family Collection. Negatives of Wayne County family, n.d. 1 box. Margaret and Jerry Clark, Proctorville, OH. Ph2013-097

Logan, Jackson counties. B&W of Lorado by Burel Studio, Logan, ca. 1933; Holden, 1904; group of people at Sandyville below G. H. Hawes Drug Store, 1894. 3 items. Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta, GA. Ph2013-156

McBride, Jon. B&W of McBride Station for 20th anniversary moon landing stamp, 1989 July 21. 2 items. Jon McBride, Lewisburg. Ph2013-065

Magistrates' Conference, Golden Horseshoe. B&W of 1976 WV Magistrates Conference attendees outside St. Mark's Methodist, color of 1988 Golden Horseshoe winners, both with Darrell McGraw, 1976, 1988. 4 items. Attorney General's Office, Charleston. Ph2013-134

Manchin, Joe. Color prints of various events, late 1990s, 2005-10. 5 items. Transfer from Museum. Ph2013-168

Mullins, Glenna Collection. Prints, negatives, and postcards of Charleston resident who served in Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in WWII, 1943-45. 1 box (105 prints/postcards, 25 negatives). Steve Mullins, Charleston. Ph2013-098

Music. B&W of Woody Simmons, William Simmons, Rusty Helmick, and Arnold Selman performing on WDNE Radio, 1949. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-162

Natural Resources. Slides of various scenes, 26,131 slides and 2040 prints and negatives. 8 boxes. Natural Resources. Ph2013-069

Nichols/Nuckols families. B&W prints of family members, many unidentified, 1887-1950. 2 boxes (approx. 586 images). Delores French Blackwell, St. Albans. Ph2013-070

Panoramic. MacBeth Coal tipple, by Haines Photo Company, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-130

Panoramics. B&W of Camp Anthony, CCC camp 2590, Neola, showing camp, men, by Cahill Studio, Bluefield, 1938 August. 2 items. W. D. Capehart, Plant City, FL. Ph2013-128

Panoramics. Coal tipples, cars, one by S. R. McCoy, Wheeling, n.d. 2 items. University of Toledo, Toledo, OH. Ph2013-129

Panoramics. Copley, Lewis County oil boom, Burnsville, taken by H. P. Bankhead, copies, ca. 1910-26. 2 items. David Parmer, Hinton. Ph2013-131

Parkersburg. B&W of boarding house where Presbyterian church later stood, n.d. 1 item. Karl Hannan, Parkersburg. Ph2013-059

Peirpoint, Francis Marion. Carte de visite of first adjutant general of West Virginia, 1863. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-062

Politics. Senate Rules Committee broadcast, program with attorney Stanley Preiser and Pat Casey, n.d. 3 items. Bill Kelley, Charleston. Ph2013-165

Pony. B&W of Jackie Lee on Dolly, 1930s. 1 item. Jerry Grady, Charleston. Ph2013-055

Portrait, Randolph, Jennings. B&W, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from Museum. Ph2013-151

Postcard. B&W of The Jug on Middle Island Creek, Tyler County, n.d. 1 item. State Historical Society of North Dakota, Bismarck, ND. Ph2013-142

Postcard. Marshall University, Old Main, n.d. 1 item. Cathy Miller, Elkview. Ph2013-036

Postcard. B&W of Tiskewah School nearly completed, 1916. 1 item. Mrs. Gay Barbara Williams, Ripley. Ph2013-144

Postcard. Color folder of Charleston scenes, ca. 1923. 1 item. Loraine Keffer, Pearisburg, VA. Ph2013-147

Postcard. Color of University of Charleston Clay Tower building, ca. 2000-10. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-140

Postcard. The Greenbrier springhouse, ca. 2012. 1 item. Martha McKee, Charleston. Ph2012-013acc

Postcard. Pickens and Addison #2 engine, Shay 658-01, 1913 June. 1 item. Tom Lawson. Ph2013-146

Postcards. B&W and color of 1885 capitol and fire, souvenir folder of Charleston, ca. 1915-21. 5 items. Jane E. Yeager, Chesapeake, OH. Ph2013-139

Postcards. Color of Capitol, aerial of Charleston, 1930s. 2 items. Eleanor Byrnes, South Charleston. Ph2013-148

Postcards. Color of Harpers Ferry, Huntington Post Office, B&W of unidentified man by Gravely & Moore, 1930s-60s. 3 items. Beverly Underwood, Princeton. Ph2013-149

Postcards. Color of National Highway east of Wheeling, folder WV The State Beautiful, ca. 1925, 1936. 2 items. Mrs. Margaret Shaver c/o Caryn Gresham, Charleston. Ph2013-138

Postcards. Color of Pipestem Resort, New River Gorge Bridge, Cockayne House, ca. 1980s-2000. 3 items. Unknown donor. Ph2013-150

Postcards. Color of post offices around state, ca. 1910-50. 16 items. Michigan Historical Center, Lansing, MI. Ph2013-143

Postcards. Color of The Greenbrier, ca. 1990s-2000s. 8 items. Martha McKee, Education and the Arts. Ph2013-137

Postcards. B&W and color of scenic views, roads, 1920s-1930s. 6 items. Belinda Baker, Belton, TX. Ph2013-051

Postcards, Coleman family. Postcards of various scenes including several state parks, southern West Virginia; photo postcards of Coleman family members, most unidentified, ca. 1900-1980s. 92 items. Unknown donor. Ph2013-053

Postcards. Color of assorted sites including Guyandotte, Pennsboro, Grafton, Romney, Jacksons Mill, Arthurdale and St. Albans, ca. 2000-2013. 10 items. Unknown donor. Ph2013-052

Postcards, Gilbert family. Postcards of various West Virginia scenes collected by Irene Marie Andris Finlayson, B&W prints of Gilbert family, ca. 1900-1950s. 164 items. Diane Salman, McLean, VA. Ph2013-050

Postcards. WV Veterans Memorial, Grave Creek Mound, 1960 Presidential Primary symposium, ca. 1990s. 14 items. Culture and History. Ph2013-141

Radio performers. B&W of Franklin Brothers, Andy, Cap and Milt, and Earthborn, 1940s-1950s. 4 items. Unknown donor. Ph2013-054

Randolph, Mary Sturm and O. Carl Collection. B&W albums of Sturm, Randolph families, Army bank. Elk Horn Coal, ca. 1900-45. 517 items. Diane Slaughter, Charleston. Ph2013-126

Road construction. B&W of James River and Kanawha Turnpike in Greenbrier County, Wetzel County project #47, 1919-22. 4 items. Transfer from Division of Highways. Ph2013-159

Schutte Family Collection. B&W of family members. Harrison County, undated. 16 items. Lynette Feeney- Burns, Sonoma, CA. Ph2013-105

Slides. Color of WV artists and works selected for National Museum of Women in the Arts exhibit, 1996. 4 items. Unknown donor. Ph2013-171

Slides. Tourism views, mostly Canaan Valley, Harpers Ferry and Snowshoe, ca. 1980s-90s. 595 items. Tourism. Ph2006-105acc

Slides. View of Charleston including Libbey Owens Ford, airport, Kanawha River and boulevard, fire at warehouse on Stockton Street, fire trucks, 1960s. 45 items. Robert Kohlbecker, Ft. Myers, FL. Ph2013-169

Stafford, Patricia Lynne Collection. Tintypes, prints and school class photos for Charmco Elementary and Barboursville Elementary, ca. 1860s-1964. 1 box (28 items). Estate of Patricia Lynne Stafford, Judith McJunkin Administratrix, Charleston. Ph2013-083

Statue. B&W of Lincoln Walks at Midnight, 1970s. 2 items. Transfer from clippings. Ph2013-012

Templeton family. B&W of Lincoln County family, n.d. 1 item. Clara Hill, Albuquerque, NM. Ph2013-167

Thomas, Clint. B&W of Negro League player, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from WV Senate. Ph2013-158

Tiernan house. B&W of house and owners Mr. and Mrs. William Miles Tiernan, Wheeling, some by Kossuth, ca. 1930s. 8 items. Lisa Ann Culin, Berkeley, CA. Ph2013-160

Turnpike construction. B&W snapshots taken by B. D. Johnson, 1950s. 34 items. B. David Johnson, St. Albans. Ph2013-056

USS West Virginia. B&W prints of repairs at Puget Sound Navy Yard from National Archives, 1944 June 28. 10 items. Thomas C. Hone, Arlington, VA. Ph2013-067

West Virginia Capitol. Color of building with facts on back, compliments of WV Department of Archives and History, ca. 1941-46. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-136

West Virginia National Guard. B&W of Co. E, 1st WV mess near Mount Gretna, PA, 1912. 1 item. Sharon M. Ogan, Canal Winchester, OH. Ph2013-061

West Virginia State Sunday School Convention. B&W of Charleston meeting, standing at front entrance of 1885 capitol, 1910. 1 item. Dr. Ray Swick, Parkersburg. Ph2013-133

West Virginia Turnpike. B&W prints of construction, 1953 July 2-1954 September 16. 74 items. Carl McLaughlin, Cross Lanes. Ph2013-125

Wetzel, Lewis. B&W postcard of Wetzel's name carved in rock on King's Creek near Weirton, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Ph2013-068

Wheeling Park. Panoramic postcard folder published by Otto Schenk, ca. 1923. 8 items. Transfer from library. Ph2013-058

Wintz, William Collection. B&W, color, and copy prints of Civil War, Nitro and Putnam County, ca. 1861-2004. 93 items. Wintz family, St. Albans. Ph2013-028

Workers. B&W of men and boys seated by stone wall, possibly construction workers, stonecutters or miners, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2013-063

Yeager, Charles. Color of paintings by Hal Bergdahl showing Yeager flying under Southside Bridge, 2002. 3 items. Hal Bergdahl, Littleton, CO. Ph2013-152

Special Collections Accessioned

Advertising. Fans from funeral homes, Thomas Hospital, WV American Water Co, Corrections, Agriculture, ca. 2000-12. 16 items. Esther Warner, Sissonville. Sc2013-092

Advertising. Paper trash bag promoting Heartland WV (Braxton, Gilmer, Lewis, Nicholas, Upshur and Webster) and Strawberry Festival, 1971 June. 1 item. Greta Samples, Elkview. Sc2013-011

Bible. Pages and Baptist Church tracts and other materials found in Boone/Nuzum Family Bible, 1810-1933. 1 folder. Dorothy Staats Kerns, Ripley. Sc2013-007

Bible. Reed and Putney families, 1874. 1 volume. Estate of Ruth Shepherd. Sc2013-099

Blueprints. Beech Fork State Park, 1974, 2004. 70 sheets. DNR Parks and Recreation. Sc2010-147acc

Booklet. Greenbrier Springs Company (formerly Barger Springs), (photocopy), ca. 1906. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2013-021

Broadside. To the People of Western Virginia by Major General Loring, 1862 September 14. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2013-033

Broadside. UMWA Labor Day Celebration at Comfort, 1960 September. 1 item. Esther Warner, Sissonville. Sc2013-020

Calendar. Barboursville Bicentennial, 2013. 1 item. Jeanette M. Rowsey, Barboursville. Sc2013-039

Calendar. Land People and Statehood published by West Virginia Historic Preservation Office, 2013. 1 item. West Virginia Historic Preservation Office. Sc2013-040

Calendar. Romney, WV 1762-2012, 2012. 1 item. Historic Hampshire, Romney. Sc2013-026

Calendar. Transportation in the Mountain State published by West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office, 2012. 1 item. Historic Preservation Office. Sc2013-025

Calendar. US Capitol Historical Society, commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, 2013. 1 item. Congressman Nick Joe Rahall, Washington, DC. Sc2013-087

Calendar. West Virginia Historic Schools published by West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office, 2005. 1 item. Historic Preservation Office. Sc2013-024

Card. State Police pass for W. L. Price, Kanawha County Circuit Clerk, 1927-28. 1 item. Brenda Tate, Willow Street, PA. Sc2013-127

Cards. Trading cards about West Virginia and The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve given to WV Boy Scouts attending 2010 National Jamboree, 2010 July. 22 items. Transfer from Culture and History. Sc2011-050acc

Certificate. WV State Seal contest sponsored by Congressman Bob Wise, 1st place to Christian Perkins (photocopy), 2000 May 21. 1 item. Christian Perkins, Charleston. Sc2013-042

Clippings. Articles and other materials on Frank W. Buckles, last WWI survivor, 2006-2011. 1 folder. Chet Fleming, Charleston. Sc2013-034

Clippings. Articles on Buffalo Creek flood (photocopies), 1972-1976. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc2013-015

Election ticket. Virginia Republican ticket, 1860. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2013-018

Form. Attendance and on-time plan for Mount Carmel Sunday School, 1923. 1 item. Scott and Kerry Risner, Cincinnati, OH. Sc2013-046

Form. Collection sheet for fees at Rock Springs Park, 1909. 1item. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Sc2013-019

Form. Presentation slip for "Du Pont: The Autobiography of an American Enterprise" published for 150th anniversary, 1952 July 19. 2 items. Transfer from library. Sc2013-002

Forms. Dues form and ticket order form for Bucktail Association (First Rifle Regiment PRVC), 1906. 2 items. Transfer from library. Sc2013-044

Forms, clippings. WWII discharge and voters registration card of Homer Bostic; bank statement for Trillie Bostic; misc. obituaries, ca. 1945-1968. 1 folder. Amanda Woods, Charleston. Sc2013-048

Greenlee, Jacob Andrew Collection. Poems and reminiscences of Mason County native and Charleston resident, 1963-2011. 7 items. Beth Feather, Coraopolis, PA. Sc2013-093

Hoke, Maxine Miller Collection. Scrapbooks and albums of Miller and Hoke families, 689th Ordnance Ammunition Company reunions, Huntington Poetry Guild, 1935-2010. 7 volumes and 1 box. Gary and Eleanore Miller, Corrales, NM, and Dave and Helen Hoke, Sarasota, FL. Sc2013-100

Inaugural invitation. Invitation to inaugural ball for Governor Ephraim Morgan, 1921 March 4, 1 item. Joyce E. Smith, Charleston. Sc2003-136acc

Invitation. Beni Kedem Shrine inaugural reception and ball for Illustrious Potentate Elbert L. McMillen, 2004 February 21. 1 item. Robert Beanblossom, Charleston. Sc2013-049

Invitation. Dedication of Leon Sullivan Way (formerly Broad Street), 2000 August 11. 1 item. Debra Basham, Elkview. Sc2013-014

Invitation, flyer. Dedication of Montani Semper Liberi statue on capitol grounds, 1912 December 10. 1 folder. Transfer from clippings. Sc2013-013

Invitations. Main Street WV reception and awards with Governor and Mrs. Tomblin, 2012 June 27. Mel Hobbs, Charleston. Sc2013-047

Mason School of Music. Programs, certificates and other materials of Norma Nell Meadows, also for Palmer Method of Business Writing and Charleston School of Business, 1930-1940. 1 folder and 3 oversized. Unknown donor. Sc2013-022

Mullins, Glenna Collection. Newspapers and other publications of WWII and Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, 1944-46. 1 box. Steve Mullins, Charleston. Sc2013-098

Newsletter. Miriam's Tattler from Miriam's Shop, Charleston, 1944 June. 1 item. Ira Eskins, Charleston. Sc2013-031

Philately. Cover of McBride Station, Cultural Center, autographed by Jon McBride, 1989 July 21. 1 item. Jon McBride, Lewisburg. Sc2013-065

Philatey. First day issue and proclamation for Ephraim Bee Day and E Clampus Vitus, 2005 December 26. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2013-016

Philately. National Grandparents Day envelope signed by Marian McQuade and cancelled at Oak Hill, 1989 September 2. 1 item. Michael Roderick, St. Albans. Sc2013-045

Prayer. Prayer delivered by Rev. Ronald English which was read on US Senate floor for funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968 April 10. 1 item. Ronald English, South Charleston. Sc2013-005

Program. 2009 Miss West Virginia Scholarship Pageant and 2009 Miss West Virginia's Outstanding Teen, 2009 June 18-20. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2013-038

Program. Marian Anderson concert presented by Charleston Branch, NAACP at Municipal Auditorium, 1941 April 28. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2013-001

Program. Martin Robison Delany 200th Anniversary schedule of events, 2012. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2013-003

Program, flyer, clipping. Lincoln Walks at Midnight statue fundraising and dedication, 1970-1974. 1 folder. Transfer from clippings. Sc2013-012

Programs, annual reports. Charleston Chamber Music, Sternwheel Regatta, Campaign for Marshall, Raleigh Co. Bank open house, Charleston National Bank; 1950-1994. 1 folder. University of Charleston Library, Charleston. Sc2013-017

Publication. A Century of Basketball Memories 1914-2013, 2013 February. 1 item. West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission, Parkersburg. Sc2013-037

Publication. Congressional Record with remarks of Congressman David B. McKinley on West Virginia's 150th birthday, autographed, and reprint of remarks on broadside, 2013 June 20. 2 items. Congressman David B. McKinley, Washington, DC. Sc2013-094

Publication. Constructive Events in Wheeling's History for 144 Years 1769-1913 compliments of National Bank of West Virginia, 1913. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Sc2013-009

Publication. HABS outline report for Huntington Federal Building, 502 Eighth Street, 2011 November 22. 1 volume and 1 CD. Michael Gioulis, Sutton. Sc2013-006

Publication. Lake Erie and Ohio River Ship Canal, 1911 July. 2 items. Transfer from clippings. Sc2013-023

Publication. Medal List A List of Medals Unclaimed and in the Hands of George B. Crawford, Ass't Adjutant General, Department of West Virginia, GAR, Wellsburg, 1891 August 1. 1 item. Transfer from State Ddocuments. Sc2013-041

Publication. Memorial of I. C. White published by Geological Society of America with family note on cover, 1927. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2013-043

Publication. Naval Firepower with article on South Charleston Naval Ordnance Plant, 1944 January. 1 item. Clara Linennoger via Bill Kelley, Charleston. Sc2013-088

Publication. Pocahontas Coal Field History reprint, n.d. 3 items. Jean Battlo, Kimball. Sc2013-089

Publication. Proposal for Wheeling Victorian Outlet Center by J. Harris Group/Century Equities/C & O Designers, 2001. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2013-090

Publication. Serb World Magazine with article about Solar family of Logan County, 2010 March-April. 1 item. Otis Solar, Elgin, IL. Sc2013-004

Publication. Trains Magazine, with special focus on West Virginia's railroad history, 2013 August. 2 items. Debra Basham, Elkview. Sc2013-095

Publication. Words of Lincoln published in The National Tribune Library, 1895 November 16. 1 item. Sandy Eads, Charleston. Sc2013-008

Publication, receipt. Reprint from American Lumberman of White Oak, Timber and Specialties of the Parkersburg Mill Co; receipt for Feldner Transfer Co, Parkersburg; 1910, 1915. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2013-091

Publications. Brochure on Adam Stephen Memorial Project, Martinsburg, n.d.; What's Happening Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Spring 1986. 2 items. Joetta Kuhn, Charleston. Sc2013-096

Receipt. Listing of books purchased by West Virginia Historical Society from Robert Clarke and Co., Cincinnati, 1893 December 14. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2013-032

Scrapbook. Frederick Webb Jackson, graduate of WV State College, teacher at Mary Potter Boarding School in Oxford, NC, & Charleston Boy Scout Troop 110, 1926-48. 1 volume. Yvonne Edwards, Bluffton, SC. Sc2013-086

Scrapbooks. West Virginia NOW, 2012 January - 2013 January. 4 volumes. Bettijane Burger, Charleston. Sc97-27acc

Schedule. Marshall University basketball, 1986-1987. 1 item. Cathy Miller, Elkview. Sc2013-036

Sheet music. West Virginia Boys and Girls, 1922. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Sc2013-035

Soldiers Memorial. Clark Kelley, originally Co. E 7th Regiment VA Vol. Inf, reenlisted in Co. E, 17th WV Inf, 1910 July. 1 item. Beaver County Genealogy and History Center, Beaver Falls, PA. Sc2013-027

Stoco High. Reunion program and photo for 1931 class, held in Beckley, 1976 July 10. 2 items. Gretchen Dickinson, Rio Rancho, NM. Sc2005-003acc

US Naval Ordnance Plant, South Charleston. Sealed bid and invitation for sale of facility, clipping and article by Lt. Combs about plant closure, 1961. 3 items. Floyd E. "Gene" Combs, Deltona, FL. Sc2013-010

USS West Virginia. The Mountaineer, 1941 March 29, June 29, August 2. 3 items. Bill Burd, unknown address. Sc89-51acc

Wintz, William Collection. Correspondence, publications and other materials of Civil War, Kanawha Valley and chemical industry history, 1861-1989. 3 boxes. Wintz family, St. Albans. Sc2013-028

Yearbook. Charleston High Charlestonian 1911; program, graduation announcements and Bookstrap; 1907-1911. 1 volume and 1 folder. Transfer from Museum. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Keyser High Keyhisco 1949. 1 volume. Fairfax County Public Library, Fairfax, VA. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Marshall University Chief Justice 1977. 1 volume. Timothy B. Posten, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Morris Harvey Harveyan, 1948. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook ephemera. Clippings, schedules, and other materials of Dunbar Junior High and Dunbar Senior High; program for reunion of Union District/Dunbar High 2003, 1963-67, 2003. 2 folders. Georgia DuBois, Exeter, NH. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Assorted schools, Franklin High newspaper, 1925-1989. 9 volumes and 1 item. Woodrow Clay Hamilton, Jr., Hightown, VA. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Davis and Elkins Senatus, Wheeling High The Record, 1929-1953. 9 volumes. Anna Chandler and Cheryl Nail, Morgantown. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Duval District High School (Griffithsville) Ace 1925 and Orange and Black 1926. 2 volumes. Linda Hoffman, Middletown, OH. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. East Bank Middle, Marmet Junior High, Pratt Junior High, East Bank Junior High newspapers, 1959-2008. 32 volumes and 1 box newspapers. East Bank Middle School, East Bank. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Dunbar High Bulldog, 1944, 1945; West Virginia University Monticola, 1947, 1947. 4 volumes. Beth Feather, Coraopolis, PA. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. East Fairmont High Orion, 1925, 1926, 1928; Cabin Creek District High Kanawhan, 1931. 4 volumes. O. C. Spaulding, Hurricane. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Herbert Hoover President, 1968-70. 3 volumes. Kim Johnson, Clendenin. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Marshall University Chief Justice, 1992-93. 2 volumes. Matt Boggess, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Parkersburg High Parhischan, January 1926, May 1926, 1927. 3 volumes. Gerald Ratliff, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Ripley High Viking, 1984-2000. 11 volumes. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Walton High Waltonian, 1966-1969. 4 volumes. James R. Gilbert, Walton. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. West Virginia State, Greenbrier Middle School catalogues, 1912-1938, 1973-2000. 18 volumes. Transfer from State Documents. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. West Virginia State Arch 1986; University of Charleston 1988; DuPont Middle 2006; Andrew Jackson Middle 2000, 2003, 2004. 6 volumes. Greg Carroll, Hurricane. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. WVU Monticola 1896, 1900, 1901; Shepherd Cohongoroota 1963. 4 items. Transfer from State Documents. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. West Virginia Wesleyan Murmurmontis, 1963-66; 3rd grade report card for Edna Hare, Pleasant Hill School, Monongalia Co. 5 volumes and 1 item. Dora B. Woodyard Memorial Library, Elizabeth. Sc2005-003acc

West Virginia State Archives

West Virginia Archives and History