West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Blueprints, specifications. Enhancement of the Theatre and Restrooms at the Grave Creek Archeological Complex by McKinley and Associates, 2013-2014. 1 volume and 7 sheets. Culture and History. Ar1838acc

Dentistry, Board of. Minutes of the board and of the Anesthesia Committee, 1904-2003. 5 volumes and 7 boxes. WV Board of Dentistry, Crab Orchard. Ar2039

Harrison County Personal Property Books. Upper District 1872, 1875-76, 1891-92, 1893-94, 1895-96; Lower District 1897-98. 5 volumes. Harrison County Clerk's Office, Clarksburg. Ar2037

Highways. Public Information Office projects, programs, 1977-2003. 2 boxes. Division of Highways. Ar2036

Logan County. Election records, fee books, circuit court minute books and other records, 1824-1972. 20 volumes. Logan County Clerk and Circuit Clerk, Logan. Ar2035

Manchin, Governor Joseph. Papers of the Manchin administration, 2004-2010. 216 boxes, 17 oversized and 62 photos. Transfer from Governor's Office. Ar2034

Mines. Mine foreman certificates correspondence, forms, 1934-1961. 2 folders. Department of Mines. Ar1827acc

Pharmacy, Board of. Records of inactive pharmacists, 1937-2004. 31 boxes. WV Board of Pharmacy, Charleston. Ar2042

Ritchie County Records. License book, Optometrists Record, Nurses Certificate, Embalmers Records, 1912-1956. 4 volumes. Ritchie County Clerk's Office, Harrisville. Ar2038

Rockefeller, John D. IV. Subject files, correspondence, speeches and other materials, 1977-1984. 14 boxes. Senator John D. Rockefeller's Office, Washington, DC. Ar1834acc

Secretary of State. Listing of ministers, election records, 1960-2000. 13 boxes. Secretary of State's Office. Ar2040

Treasurer's Office. Ledger books for checks, receipts, bank books, appropriations, bonds and other financial records, 1867-1966. 63 volumes. Treasurer's Office. Ar2041

West Virginia Historic Commission. Minutes and information about historical highway markers, 1970-1974. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ar1779acc

Manuscripts Accessioned

Anvil Club. Addresses to Anvil Club compiled by John Chapman, 1980-2012. 37 items. The Anvil Club of Charleston, Charleston. Ms2004-073acc

Bischoff, Sons and Company. Deeds and other documents, 1923-58. 1 box. Ellen S. Martin, Export, PA. Ms2014-022

Carter-Faulkner Family Collection. Papers regarding Carter and Faulkner families, particularly Colonel Charles Faulkner Carter, Jr., 1776-1991. 6 folders. Kathryn Carter Hish, Whitehouse, TX. Ms2008-100acc

Cunningham, Abishi C. Collection. Papers of African American attorney in McDowell County, 1960s-90s. 5 boxes. Unknown donor. Ms2014-016

Davies, William E. Collection. Correspondence, manuscripts and other materials related to caves and writing of Caverns of West Virginia and the Ad Hoc Commission on the Buffalo Creek Disaster, 1940s-70s. 2 boxes. William H. Davies, Alexandria, VA. Ms2014-018

Diary. November-December 2013; March-August 2014. 3 volumes. Gordon Billheimer, Montgomery. Ms2008-101acc

Hamilton National Genealogical Society Collection. Membership files, publications, family trees and other information on Hamilton and related families, 1979-2005. 21 boxes. W. Clay Hamilton, Hightown, VA. Ms2014-011

Harden Gilmore Funeral Home Records. Burials and other records of African American business in Charleston, later known as Scott Funeral Home, 1922-95. 3 boxes and 22 volumes. Simpson Memorial United Methodist Church, Charleston. Ms2014-015

Lewis family collection. Unknown donor. Ms2014-013

Literary manuscript. Research materials, interviews, correspondence and other materials compiled in creating Above the Smoke: A Family Album of Pocahontas County Fire Towers by LeAnna Alderman and Eleanor Mahoney, ca. 2000-2006. 1 box. Gibbs Kinderman, Dunmore. Ms2014-012

Logan County coal mine survey notes kept by N. L. Sefton, ca. 1916-17. 21 volumes. James D. Sefton, Sissonville Ms2014-014

Morgan, John G. Collection. Articles, research materials, correspondence and other items of Charleston Gazette reporter, 1939-82. 4 boxes. Sarah Morgan, Charleston. Ms2014-009

Norman Family Collection. Correspondence, papers and other items of architect John C. Norman, Ruth S. Norman, and Dr. John C. Norman Jr., 1915-89. 18 boxes and oversized. Jill Norman Fouad, New Canaan, CT. Ms2014-073

Parkersburg, City of. Vouchers, checks and other financial documents, 1894-1954. 2 boxes. Karlyn Lowers, Parkersburg. Ms2006-108acc

Slaymaker, S. E. Collection. Correspondence, receipts and other materials of lumber broker in New York who worked with mills in Cass and other locations, ca. 1911-26. 14 boxes. Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Assn, Cass. Ms2014-010

Southern Coal Producers Association Collection. Correspondence, agreements, minutes, grievances and other records, 1904-95. 66 boxes, 5 volumes, and 2 oversized folders. Southern Coal Producers Association via Kanawha Industrial Relations Association, Charleston. Ms2014-021

Photographs Accessioned

Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram Collection. B&W negatives of events in Harrison and nearby counties, 1931-89. 64 boxes (est. 96,102 negs). Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library, Clarksburg. Ph2014-017

Conley High School. Copy negatives of basketball team and Coach Leonard Valentine 1963 Class A champs; 1950 runner-up basketball team; 1951 football championship team; 1950-51, 1963. 17 items. Mitchell Valentine, Jonesboro, GA. Ph2014-041

Davies, William E. Collection. B&W prints, negatives, and B&W and color slides related to caves, Buffalo Creek Disaster, 1940s-70s. 2 boxes (approx. 704 slides, 543 prints, 466 negs). William H. Davies, Alexandria, VA. Ph2014-018

Dinger family. B&W photo postcard of children taken at Clendenin, 1915 July. 1 item. Weymouth Preservation Society, Medina, OH. Ph2014-028

Greenbank, parks. B&W of telescope at Greenbank, view from Hawks Nest overlook and tram, 1952-67. 3 items. Bev Fulmer. Ph2014-027acc

Hall Family. B&W of unidentified family members by photographers in Morgantown, Mannington and Farmington, ca. 1890-1910. 8 items. George R. Hall, Falls Church, VA. Ph2014-023

Hope Natural Gas. Album with B&W photos of employees, ca. 1942-44. 1 volume (10 prints). Nancy M. Nicklas, Springfield, VA. Ph2014-029

Hose, Dan Collection. B&W prints of various political and sports figures, ca. 1968-1990. 98 items. Patsy Hose, Charleston. Ph2014-008

Morgan, John G. Collection. B&W prints of various West Virginia topics and some from his India/Pakistan travels, 1940s-80s. 1 box (approximately 400 prints). Sarah Morgan, Charleston. Ph2014-009

Mountain State Forest Festival Collection. B&W and color prints and B&W negatives of activities, 1938-76. 1 box (353 prints, 284 negatives). Richard A. Evans, Beverly. Ph2014-020

Norman Family Collection. Prints and slides of architect John C. Norman, Ruth S. Norman, and Dr. John C. Norman Jr., 1915-83. 190 slides, 786 prints, 20 negatives, and oversized. Jill Norman Fouad, New Canaan, CT. Ph2014-073

Pilgrim Glass. Color prints of artist Kelsey Murphy including with President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton, 1990s. 11 items. Joseph B. Touma, Huntington. Ph2014-026

Pisegna Collection. B&W and color including Pisegna family members, political figures, LCpl. Frank W. Pisegna II, Buffalo Creek Flood, 1940s-90s. 49 prints and 16 negatives. Bev Fulmer, St. Albans. Ph2014-027

Portrait, Byrd, Robert C. B&W print autographed to Freddie Lane, 1965. 1 item. Henry Lane, Williamsburg, VA. Ph2014-030

Postcards. B&W and color including Huntington, Wheeling, Charleston, Fairmont, Parkersburg, Grafton, and the Ohio River, ca. 1908-16. 12 items. Ohio History Connection, Columbus, OH. Ph2014-024

Southern Coal Producers Association Collection. B&W prints of meetings, coal operators, 1945-75. 26 items. Southern Coal Producers Association via Kanawha Industrial Relations Association, Charleston. Ph2014-021

Special Collections Accessioned

Bible. Robinson, Forman, Fleming, Davis, Hoad and related Harrison County families, n.d. 1 item. Joe Aust, Charlottesville, VA. Sc2014-034

Booklet. "1863," about Frances Pierpont, 2013. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-046

Broadside. Supplement to the Kanawha Gazette, City Finance, 1878 January 22. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-067

Brochure. History of Mount St. Joseph, home to the Sisters of St. Joseph, ca. 2014. 1 item. Congregation of St. Joseph, Wheeling. Sc2014-032

Brochure. Sophia, WV gateway to the Winding Gulf Coalfields, 2013. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2014-007

Calendar, publication. Journey Through Coalfield History 2014 and Exploring the West Virginia Coalfields, 2013-2014. 2 items. National Coal Heritage Area Authority, Oak Hill. Sc2014-053

Card. West Virginia University football schedule, 2012. 1 item. Debra Basham, Elkview. Sc2014-044

Catalog. Wilson's Evaporated Milk, 1953. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-052

Certificate. Moose Membership Conservation Chairman Award presented to Charles E. Nicklas, Clarksburg, 1965. 1 item. Nancy M. Nicklas, Springfield, VA. Sc2014-029

Commencement program. WV State College, 1984 May 18. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Flyer. Logan Theater ad for Now, Voyager, 1942 December 20-22. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-050

Flyers. Creative Impressions products, calendars, 2006. 1 folder. James H. Thornton, Wheeling. Sc2014-058

General Federation of Women's Clubs Collections. Minutes, publications and other administrative materials, 2008-14. 10 items. Helen Moren, Bethany. Sc2014-019acc

General Federation of Women's Clubs Collections. Scrapbooks, directories, minutes and other materials, 1904-2014. 9 boxes and 36 volumes. Greater Federation of Women's Clubs, Charleston. Sc2014-019

Inaugural napkin. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, 2013 January 14. 1 item. Culture and History. Sc2014-057

Invitation. Christmas dinner dance held by Governor Gaston Caperton, 1995 December 16. 1 item. Sharon Mullins, Charleston. Sc2014-059

Invitation. Open house for new Tucker County Courthouse Annex, 2013 October 24. 1 item. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Sc2014-051

Mountain State Forest Festival Collection. Publications, brochures and newspapers, 1930-2014. 2 boxes. Richard A. Evans, Beverly. Sc2014-020

Pattern. Embroidery of state map, 1979. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-063

Philately. First day cover, West Virginia Centennial, 1963 June 20. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2014-061

Philately. First day cover and stamps, West Virginia Sesquicentennial, 2013 June 20. 1 folder. Debra Basham, Elkview; Culture and History. Sc2014-042

Pilgrim Glass. Publications, articles and correspondence regarding Pilgrim Glass and artist Kelsey Murphy, 1988-2005. 2 folders. Joseph B. Touma, Huntington. Sc2014-026

Pisegna Collection. Clippings, documents, WWII ration books and other items of family members including LCpl. Frank W. Pisegna II, 1918-92. 1 folder. Bev Fulmer, St. Albans. Sc2014-027

Poster. Boardwalk to the Moon, Rose Garden Theater for the Performing Arts, Clarksburg, 1985. 1 item. Mary Herron, Charlotte, NC. Sc2014-069

Press kit. Fiesta exhibit at Cultural Center, 1985-87. 1 item. Culture and History. Sc2014-064

Program. Dedication of West Virginia Capitol, 1932 June 20. 1 item. Alice Adams-Logan, St. Petersburg, FL. Sc2014-068

Program. Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants 25th Annual Gathering, 2006 August 9-13. 1 item. Archives and History. Sc2014-048

Program. Inauguration of Governor William G. Conley, 1929 March 4. 1 item. Gift of Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2014-003

Program. Mason County Regional Agricultural Museum Dedication, 1980 October 11. 1 item. Transfer from Archives and History files. Sc2014-001

Program. New River Gorge Bridge Dedication, 1977 October 22. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-002

Program. West Virginia High School Basketball Tournament (photocopy), 1963 March 21-23. 1 item. Mitchell Valentine, Jonesboro, GA. Sc2014-041

Publication. ABA Journal with article by Eric Newhouse, "King Coal's Era of Violence," 2012 December. 1 item. Eric Newhouse. Sc2014-049

Publication. Article about Mabel Dunlop, who married Slavko Grouitch, later Serbian minister to the United States, 1931 August. 1 item. Transfer from clippings. Sc2014-065

Publication. By-laws and Certificate of Incorporation of the Peytona Cannel Coal Company, 1866. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2014-031

Publication. Code of Ordinances of the City of Charleston, West Virginia, 1921. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Sc2014-039

Publication. Dear to Our Hearts: 100 Years of Keyser Football, 2014. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-035.

Publication. The Duty of the Lawyer to the Members of his Profession by Wm. O. Parsons before the College of Law of the University of West Virginia, ca. 1900-10. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2014-033

Publication. Exploring the West Virginia Coalfields, 2013. 2 items. National Coal Heritage Area Authority, Oak Hill. Sc2014-004

Publication. "Favorite Recipes of U. S. Senator Robert C. Byrd as prepared by Mrs. Robert C. Byrd" and cover letter from senator, 1965. 3 items. Henry Lane, Williamsburg, VA. Sc2014-030

Publication. The Greenbrier Sporting Club, 2010. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-055

Publication. High school and college football schedules, 1950. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-043

Publication. List of Premiums and Rules and Regulations of the Nineteenth Annual Fair of the Mason County Agricultural and Mechanical Association, 1891 August 25-28. 1 item. Ohio History Connection, Columbus, OH. Sc2014-024

Publication. Mountaineer Boys' State Manual of Government, 1949. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-056

Publication. The Outlook with article about mine wars, "The Federal Peace in West Virginia," 1921 September 14. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-038

Publication. Rules of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company, 1897 July. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-045

Publication. Scouting Magazine with information and West Virginia ads for National Jamboree, 2013 May-June. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc2014-005

Publication. Sports Illustrated 75th Anniversary NCAA Basketball tournament featuring Jerry West on cover as 10th greatest player, 2013 March 6. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc2014-006

Publication. Tribute for Judge Alston Gordon Dayton, District Court of the United States for the Northern District, 1920 September. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2014-047

Publication. Weekly Reader, 1945-46. 1 folder. Don Harmon, Red House. Sc2014-066

Publication. Weirton Steel Employees Bulletin, 1964 October. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-071

Publication. West Virginia A Tax-Free State: How To Make It So by William Seymour Edwards, 1915. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2014-036

Publication. West Virginia State Capitol fact sheet, ca. 1940. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2014-072

Publications. Brochures and other publications from Civil War Centennial, 1961-64. 1 folder. Transfer from clippings. Sc2014-037

Publications. Civil Defense booklets, 1960-61. 3 items. Unknown donor. Sc2014-054

Publications. Newsletters of Veterans of World War I, Marion County Barrack No. 2155, 1966-67. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc2014-025

Publications. Norfolk and Western Railway schedules, brochures, 1958-84. 1 folder. Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2014-070

Rubber Fabricators. Additional materials on Grantsville and Richwood industries, 2014. 1 folder. Herm Hoops, Jensen, UT. Sc2012-045acc

Songs. Reference information about song The Girl I Left Behind Me, 2001. 1 item. Frank George, Walton. Sc2014-062

USS West Virginia. Publication "The Ditty Box" published aboard cruiser USS West Virginia (ACR-5, renamed USS Huntington in 1916), 1911 February. 1 item. Kurt McCauley, Loveland, CO. Sc89-51acc

Wellsburg Applefest. Newsletter and Johnny Appleseed brochure, 2013-14. 1 folder. Michael O'Brien, West Virginia Applefest, Wellsburg. Sc2014-040

West Virginia Democratic Party. Party platforms, 1960-84. 7 items. West Virginia State Democratic Executive Committee, Charleston. Sc2014-060

Yearbook. Charleston High Bookstrap, 1917. 1 item. Roxanne Hinkle, Deltona, FL.

Yearbook. Charleston High Charlestonian, 1944. 1 volume. Pat Arnold, Charleston.

Yearbook. Nitro High Powder Keg, 1942. 1 volume. Carol Vandevender, Hurricane.

Yearbook. Spencer High Rupicola, 1944. 1 volume. Gerald Ratliff, Charleston.

Yearbooks. Charleston High Charlestonian, Andrew Jackson Junior High Journal, newsletters, Nitro High Nitronian, 1950-1985. 9 volumes and 3 items. Barbara Burford, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Greenbrier West Cavalier, 1969-1970. 2 volumes. Charles Cohenour, Manassas, VA.

Yearbooks. John Marshall High School Pride, 1975, 1976. 2 volumes. Cheryl Nail, Morgantown. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Marmet Junior High, East Bank High and West Virginia Tech, 1979-1992. 8 volumes. Karen Gray, Belle.

Yearbooks. Marshall Chief Justice, 1951; Morris Harvey Harveyan, 1955. 2 volumes. B. J. Price, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Marshall Chief Justice, 1940; Wheeling College Manifest, 1965-1967. 4 items. Rebecca Hudnall, San Francisco, CA.

Yearbooks. Wheeling Park High School, 2011-2013. 3 volumes. Wheeling Park High School, Wheeling. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Spencer High Rupicola, 1924-1926, 1943-1947. 8 volumes. Greg Hoff, Knoxville, TN.

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