West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Adjutant General. Listing of all adjutant generals, histories of units of National Guard, 1925-ca. 2000. 6 folders. Unknown donor, Ar2061

Adjutant General. Listings of Civil War Medals, including during period being dispensed by Archives and History, n.d. 4 items. Transfer from Archives and History Library, Ar2062

Arts and Humanities Commission. Minutes, financial records, commissioning of composers and other records, 1966-1992. 7 boxes. Arts and Humanities, Ar2070

Banking. Microfilm of bank exam reports, 1950s-1960s. 2 boxes. Unknown donor, Ar2066

Berkeley County Circuit Clerk. Trustee Appointments, 1862-1959. 1 box. Berkeley County Circuit Clerk, Ar2058

Board of Architects. Minutes, agendas and other materials from board meetings, 2000, 2010-2015. 1 folder. Board of Architects, Huntington. Ar1902acc

Board of Dental Examiners. Reports and financial reports to auditor, files on past members of Board of Dentistry, 1984-2002. 12 folders. Board of Dental Examiners, Beckley and Board of Dentistry, Crab Orchard, Ar2039acc

Bridge Records, 1980s-2000s. 4 folders. Division of Highways, District 3, Parkersburg, Ar1895acc

Cable Television Advisory Board. Minutes and recordings of board meetings, 1990-1998. 3 boxes. Cable Television Advisory Board, Ar2076

Capitol Complex. Impact Studies Accommodating Science and Cultural Center and its Environs, articles on history of Capitol, ca. 1921, ca. 1932, mid 1970s. 4 items. Sara Johe Busse, Charleston, Ar1812acc

Court of Claims. Case files, 1971-1997. 32 boxes and oversized. Court of Claims, Ar2065

Culture and History. Commissioner's files, 1976-1991. 27 boxes. Culture and History, Ar2068

Department of Public Assistance. Reports, minutes, Civilian Conservation Corps and other materials of agency and its successor DHHR, 1936-1959, 1982-1995. 3 boxes. Vince Anderson, Huntington, Ar2080

Forestry. Plans, correspondence and other reports regarding forestry plans and fire prevention, 1915-1970. 2 boxes. Charles R. "Randy" Dye, Division of Forestry, Ar2064

Governor's Commission on Fair Taxation. Memos, research materials and other documents of commission, 1996-1999. 2 boxes. Dr. Cal Kent, Ar2057

Hancock County Circuit Clerk. Civil case files, many dealing with Waterford Park or Weirton Steel, 1965, 1967; Criminal files against Harold Chambers, Harold Metz and Bozo Dragisch for dynamiting fish; civil file Bessemer & Lake Erie RR Co. vs. Weirton Steel; 1933, 1995. 3 files. 1 box (10 files). Hancock County Circuit Clerk, New Cumberland, Ar2052acc

Highways. Microfilm of travel along state roads, 1970s-1980s. 11 boxes. Division of Highways, Ar2073

House Resolutions 19 and 20. Resolutions remembering the late Governor Arch A. Moore Jr. and First Lady Shelley Riley Moore, 2015 March 13. 2 items. House Clerk's Office, Ar2063

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Commission. Correspondence, financial records and other files, 1986-2007. 1 box. Culture and History, Ar2069

Mineral County Circuit Clerk. Case files, appointments and other records, 1877-1939. 2 boxes. Mineral County Circuit Clerk, Keyser, Ar2028acc

Mineral County Clerk. Deed books volumes 1-59, 1866-1940. 59 volumes. Mineral County Clerk's office, Keyser, Ar2067

Mines. Miners cards, mine listings and other records, 1930s-1980s. 62 boxes. Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training, Ar2071

Monongalia County Circuit Clerk. Chancery and law case files, 1832-????. 436 boxes. Monongalia County Circuit Clerk, Morgantown, Ar2079

Natural Resources. Program and ticket for inaugural service Cass Scenic Railroad to Bald Knob, 1968 May 25. 2 items. Unknown donor, Ar2060

Naturalization records. Monongalia County petitions, declarations and other records, 1896-1955. 40 volumes and 1 box. Monongalia Circuit Clerk's office, Morgantown, Ar1878acc

Naturalization records. Ohio County, 1866-1907. 14 volumes. Ohio County Circuit Clerk, Wheeling, Ar1878acc

Naturalization records. Petitions, declarations of intent, certificates of naturalization and other records, 1908-1952. 8 volumes and 1 box. Nicholas County Circuit Clerk, Summersville, Ar1878acc

Naturalization records. Pleasants County, 1900-1927. 1 volume. Pleasants County Circuit Clerk, St. Marys, Ar1878acc

Secretary of State. Records of state-owned property, ca. 1960s-2000. 7 boxes. Secretary of State's office, Ar2074

Senate. Financial journals for extraordinary sessions 1936, payroll 1944, contingent fund 1953-1954 and interim committee to conduct study on alcoholism 1953-1954. 1936-1954. 4 volumes. Jake Nichols, Senate Parliamentarian's Office, Ar2059

Treasurer. Audio recordings of investment conversations/transactions used in Manchin impeachment case, 1986-1987. 8 boxes, 12 racks and 3 padded bags. Treasurer's Office, Ar2075

Wayne County Circuit Clerk. Polley vs. Ratcliff slave case, 1839-2012. 1 box. Wayne County Circuit Clerk, Wayne, Ar2072

West Virginia Department of Public Safety. Pay and muster roll records, 1919-1924. 2 boxes. West Virginia State Police, Ar2056

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account book. Kanawha County store, 1857 December 1 - 1858 December 31. 1 volume. David Adkins, Arlington, TX. Ms2016-026

Account book. Rand and Fitz, Hale House, Charleston, 1879 May - 1882 June. 1 volume. Eva Bronson, Barboursville, VA. Ms2016-027

Account book. Tax bills collected by John W. Sentz, Malden District, Kanawha County, 1877-1878. 1 volume. Roger Metz, Leawood, KS. Ms2016-028

Billheimer, Gordon E. Collection. Diaries of Montgomery resident, 2014 Sept. - 2015 Jan; 2016 Jan - March. 3 items. Gordon Billheimer, Montgomery. Ms2008-101acc

Brown, James F. III Collection. Correspondence, legal and business papers and other documents of Kanawha and Cabell family, 1827-1981. 36 boxes and 3 oversized folders. James F. Brown IV, executor of estate of James F. Brown III, Charleston. Ms2016-071

Bryan, George Collection. Correspondence and other materials of mining inspector, 1941-1954. 4 folders. Rowena Farrar, Williamsburg, VA. Ms2016-052

Byrd, Senator Robert C. Correspondence and other materials regarding Dr. Perry F. Harris Award presented to Byrd as master fiddler, 2007-2008. 1 folder. Robert Taylor, St. Albans. Ms2016-053

Carpenter, Bert E. Collection. Correspondence, forms, articles and other materials of WWII service in Navy, 1944-1955. 3 folders. Beverly Carpenter, St. Albans. Ms2016-006

Carr, Early, Preston, Haden, Buster and Perkins families. Genealogy on African-American families, n.d. 1 box. Unknown donor. Ms2016-073

Casdorph, Paul Collection. Correspondence and articles of West Virginia State University history professor, ca. 1961-1988. 2 boxes. Mrs. Paul Casdorph, Charleston. Ms2016-076

Civil War. Service record for Private Robert A. Clark, Co. D, 10th WV Infantry, 1896 December 15. 1 item. Larry Hellikson, Manteca, CA. Ms79-18.2:9

Civil War. Discharge of Private John W. Jenkins, Co. G, 10th WV Infantry, 1865 June 29. 1 item. Gary Keller, Sistersville. Ms79-18.2:2

Civil War. Typescript of diary of unidentified member of 14th WV Infantry, 1863 Sept. - 1864 July 31. 1 item. Janet Spencer Hartrett, Washington, DC. Ms79-18.1:83

Daoust, Marcia Peterson Collection. Correspondence and other materials related to various Huntington programs for the homeless and other services, 1970-1998. 1 box. Marcia Peterson Daoust, Huntington. Ms2016-035

Diary. Accounts of Mabel E. Baldwin Love, Grafton, 1909-1913. 1 volume. Mark Newpher, Savage, MD. Ms2016-009

Dudor Family Collection. Naturalization records, deeds, WWII papers of Stephen Kniska and other documents of Dudor and related families, 1892-1961. 1 box. Unknown donor. Ms2016-074

Fleming, Dan B. Jr. Collection. Materials compiled during research and publication of Ask What You Can Do For Your Country The Memory and Legacy of John F. Kennedy, 1960-2010. 2 boxes. Beverly Fleming, Blacksburg, VA. Ms2016-034

Gassaway High School. Records, 1912-1932. 2 volumes. Ruth Mooney, Elk River Chapter NSDAR, Sutton. Ms2016-031

Grove, George W. S. Jr. Collection. Correspondence and other documents of Romney native, WWII soldier and Charleton attorney, 1920s-1950s. 2 boxes. Unknown donor. Ms2016-077

Haden, Judge Charles Collection. Correspondence and memorial materials, 1998-2004. 1 folder. Amy Haden Sorrells, Charleston. Ms2009-042acc

Higginbotham-Sheridan Collection. Deeds, mostly Putnam Development Corporation to members of Higginbotham family, 1920-1929. 7 items. Bill Sheridan, Cross Lanes. Ms2016-051

Hudnall, Rebecca Collection. Charleston area materials including Kennedy campaign, Catholic churches, Womens' clubs, politics and other assorted materials, 1942-1998. 1 box. Rebecca Hudnall, San Francisco, CA. Ms2016-032

Land grant. Grant to Charles Woodley King, Kanawha County, 15 acres, 1816 March 8. 1 item. Tim Bailes, Fresno, CA. Ms80-284acc

Land grant. Grant to Henry O. Middleton, Lewis County, 1000 acres, 1842 December 30. 1 item. Transferred from Ms2015-055. Ms80-284acc

Land grant. Grant to John Hunter, Greenbrier County, 150 acres, 1790 June 3. 1 item. Kanawha County Circuit Clerk and Kanawha County Clerk, Charleston. Ms80-284acc

Literary manuscript. "The Boys'll Listen to Me" The Labor Career of William Blizzard by Shae Ronald Davidson, master's thesis, Marshall, 1998. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ms2016-024

Literary manuscript. Charles Ellet Jr. and the Wheeling Suspension Bridge by E. L. Kemp, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from old Culture and History files. Ms2016-049

Literary manuscript. Civil War Enlistments and Service in Southern West Virginia by Richard Alan Hines, master's thesis, American Public University System, Charles Town, 2015. 1 item. Richard Alan Hines via Joe Geiger. Ms2016-023

Literary manuscript. Major James W. Sweeney, 36th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (CSA) by Paul Burig, 2001 April. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms2016-057

Literary manuscript. The West Virginia Review by Eleanor Bird Cook, 1931. 1 item. Transfer from Library. Ms2016-055

Literary manuscript. West Virginia's Mounties by Merle T. Cole, 2015. 1 item. Merle Cole, Daniels. Ms2016-054

McGraw, Don Collection. Memorial addresses, Hite family genealogy and Huntington area materials, 1876-2002. 2 boxes. Don McGraw, Proctorville, OH. Ms2016-008

National Lead Company Collection. Rules, contracts, and other publications, 1937-1996. 35 items. Susan Kimble, Charleston. Ms2016-007

Patterson, Robert family. Wedding annoucement, genealogy chart and copies of clippings found in A Record of the Families of Robert Patterson [Patterson Family Record], ca. 1900-1910. 1 folder. Transfer from library. Ms2016-056

Poffenbarger, Livia Simpson Collection. Correspondence, articles, research materials on Battle of Point Pleasant, Poffenbarger family, 1774-1951. 3 boxes. S. C. Poffenbarger, Durham, NC. Ms2016-025

Prince Family Collection. Materials regarding Frances Louise Prince, and Prince family of Beckley, 1930-1955. 1 box. Ann Prince Engel, Indianapolis, IN. Ms2016-033

Shanholzer Collection. Forms, teachers' certificates, cards and other materials, 1892-1976. 1 box. Karl Shanholzer, Huntington. Ms2016-015

Sharp, Arco and Hazel Sharp Collection. Civil War pension records, receipts, tax tickets and other documents of Noah W. Dawson, L. A. Jones, R. C. Dawson and James A. Blackshire, Kanawha County, 1864-1883. 8 folders. Timothy Blake Parsons, Charleston. Ms2016-008

Smusz, Stanley Collection. Correspondence and documents of Joe and Stanley Smusz during WWII, 1916-1945. 2 boxes. Unknown donor. Ms2016-075

Trigaux, George Collection. Materials re: Lincoln Junior High and Stonewall Jackson High, 1941-1943. 1 box. Second Chance Humane Society, Ridgway, CO. Ms2016-081

Trimble, George C. Collection. Correspondence, cards and other materials of Major, 11th WV Infantry and postwar military, 1861-ca. 2000. 1 box. Linda Cunningham Fluharty, Baton Rouge, LA. Ms2016-017

Turner, Carson W. Collection. Correspondence, documents and other materials regarding World War II service and time as prisoner of war in Germany, 1940s-2011. 1 box. Mr. and Mrs. Trey Bartlett, South Charleston. Ms2016-013

Underwood, Cecil H. Genealogy materials compiled for Civil War medal claim, n.d. 1 volume. Archives and History. Ms2016-048

Vil(l)ain, Folio and related families. Correspondence, naturalization, school, birth, death marriage and other materials of Belgian immigrants, 1900-1989. 1 box. Linda Osborne, South Charleston. Ms2016-030

Washington-Coleman Funeral Home. Agreement of incorporation for Montgomery funeral home, 1945 July 2. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2016-050

Waugh, Lee Edward and Nancy Collection. Correspondence and records of Mingo and Fayette man who was killed in WWII, 1942-1944. 1 box. Charlotte Spangler Chessman, Muskegon, MI. Ms2016-014

West Virginia Transportation Company Collection. Incorporation information, stock certificates and correspondence about company, 1926-1997. 10 items. Robert C. Buchanan, Palm City, FL. Ms2016-004

Workbook. Mathematics workbook, 1836. 1 volume. Jerry Grady, Charleston. Ms2016-058

Works Progress Administration. Calendar of the Arthur I. Boreman Letters in the State Department of Archives and History, 1939 January. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ms2016-021

Works Progress Administration. Calender of the William E. Stevenson Letters in the State Department of Archives and History, 1939 March. 1 volume. Manchester Public Library, Manchester, NH. Ms2016-022

Works Progress Administration. Digest of Public Welfare Provisions under the Laws of the State of West Virginia, 1935 December 1. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ms2016-018

Works Projects Administration. Calendar of the Francis Harrison Pierpont Letters and Papers in West Virginia Depositories, 1940 October. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ms2016-020

Works Projects Administration. Calendar of the J. J. Jacobs Letters in West Virginia Depositories, 1940 July. 1 volume. Transfer from library. Ms2016-019

World War II. Special Orders #335 assigning army medical administrative staff to duty stations at Camp Barkeley, TX, 1942 December 16. 1 item. Chuck Wiatrowski for Ltc. (Ret) Hillard Felix Wiatrowski, San Antonio, TX. Ms2016-010

World War II letters of Ira Haught. Letters from Haught to wife Lorene Fish Haught of Sistersville, 1943-45. 2 boxes (246 items). James A. Haught, Charleston. Ms2016-003

Photographs Accessioned

Ballard, Lewis and Malinda Jane Spangler. B&W print, ca. 1880s. 2 items. Pete Ballard, Peterstown. Ph2016-063

Beta Psi reunion. B&W of Beta Psi alumni gathered on steps of Governor's Mansion with Governor Arch Moore and letter sending print to Roy S. Samms, Jr., 1974 August. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ph2016-062

Bollinger, W. E. and Sons Collection. B&W negatives of commercial Charleston photographers, 1929-1965. 6214 negatives. Purchase. Ph2016-047

Bryan, George Collection. B&W prints of mine inspectors, ca. 1940s-1950s. 2 items. Rowena Farrar, Williamsburg, VA. Ph2016-0052

Calvary Baptist Church, Charleston. B&W of Baraca Sunday School class, 1940. 1 item. Clara M. Hill, Albuquerque, NM. Ph2016-065

Casdorph, Paul Collection. B&W copy prints of Civil War era figures, n.d. 23 items (housed with Ms2016-076). Mrs. Paul Casdorph, Charleston. Ph2016-076

Civilian Conservation Corps. Camp Randolph album, late 1930s. 103 items. Gary Blackshire, Alpharetta, GA. Ph2016-039

Commerce/Natural Resources. Prints, negatives, slides, transparencies and digital files of scenic, tourism and commerce scenes and events, 1980s-2002. 20 boxes (66,589 items and 598 CDs). Ron Snow, Commerce. Ph2016-001

Commissioning West Virginia. Slides of artwork removed from Ar2070 Arts and Humanities Commission, 1971-1972. 1 box (404 slides). Arts and Humanities. Ph2016-078

Cunningham, Dan. B&W of US Deputy Marshall, n.d. 2 items. Beulah E. Cantley, Charleston. Ph2016-042

Grove, George W. S. Jr. Collection. B&W and negatives of Romney native, WWII soldier and Charleton attorney, 1920s-1960s. 1 box (449 prints, 30 negs). Unknown donor. Ph2016-077

Hatfield, Patterson. Copy print of Patterson Hatfield and family, ca. 1900. 1 item. Steve and Donna Hensley, Ona. Ph2016-061

Kanawha City. B&W of construction of drainage system near Owens-Illinois plant, ca. 1955-1960. 3 items. Bob Kohlbecker, Ft. Myers, FL. Ph2016-045

Kanawha Textbook Controvesy. B&W prints including Ku Klux Klan protest, 1975 September 6. 17 items. Mike Bell, Charleston. Ph2016-046

Love/Gocke families. B&W and color of Mary Frances Elizabeth Love Gocke and siblings, Joseph Bernard Gocke, Pat Gocke White, 1904-1980s. 5 items. Mark Newpher, Savage, MD. Ph2016-009

Meeks Collection. Sports photos including autographed Willie Mays, J. R. House, 1935 Sherman football, 1919 Charleston High football, ca. 1919-1990s. 24 items. Guy Meeks, Sarasota, FL. Ph2016-016

Moore-Capito wedding. Color prints of reception at Cultural Center of Charles Capito and Shelley Moore, 1976. 6 prints. Charles Capito, Charleston. Ph2016-043

National Lead Company Collection. B&W prints of South Charleston plant, ca. 1950s. 4 items. Susan Kimble, Charleston. Ph2016-007

Norman, Hensley and related families. B&W prints, ca. 1900-1920. 10 items. Linda A. Edsall, Rochester, PA. Ph2016-060

Panoramic negative. Superior Coal?, n.d. 1 item. Bill Epperson, no location. Ph2016-038

Parks, Charles Collection. B&W and color prints of state park employee including North Bend, Audra and Hawks Nest, late 1960s-1980s. 1 box (102 B&W, 166 color). Shiela Martin, Beckley. Ph2016-012

Peterstown area. B&W of area families including Ballard, Campbell and Taylor, n.d. 12 items. Todd Simmons, Boone, NC. Ph2016-037

Petroglyphs, archaeological finds. B&W of sites at Salt Rock, artifacts possibly from Buffalo, n.d. 5 items. Unknown donor. Ph2016-041

Poffenbarger, Livia Simpson Collection. B&W of Poffenbarger and related families, nd. 12 items. S. C. Poffenbarger, Durham, NC. Ph2016-025

Postcard. Highland Cottage, Terra Alta, 1902. 1 item. Barbara Cox, Fort Worth, TX. Ph2016-067

Postcard. Silver Bridge, Point Pleasant, n.d. 1 item. Carl G. Wolfe, Beckley. Ph2016-066

Postcards. Color postcards of capitol, Hawks Nest, Beckley, Laurel Mountain and other scenes, ca. 1960s. 8 items. Sharon A. Allen, Monson, MA. Ph2016-070

Postcards. Elkins, ca. 1910-1920s. 3 items. Shirley Lang, Wilmington, NC. Ph2016-069

Postcards. Various West Virginia scenes, 1944-1980s. 12 items. Bonnie Reno for Frank and Kathleen Griffin, Corunna, MI. Ph2016-068

Prince family. B&W of Frank A. Prince, James A. Prince and town of Prince, ca. 1920s. 5 items. Ann Prince Engel, Indianapolis, IN. Ph2016-033

Quality Glass. Color snapshot of remains of Morgantown factory, ca. 2006. 1 item. Robert McCormick, Merritt Island, FL. Ph2016-044

Scott Depot Home Demonstration Club Collection. Color prints and negatives of club members and activities, 1970s-1980s. 1 box (299 prints, 24 negs). Brenda West, Scott Depot. Ph2016-002

Senate. Composite of members (mislabelled as first Senate), 1866-1867. 1 item. David Burley, Sunnyvale, CA. Ph2016-040

Shanholzer Collection. Postcards, photos and sketches including Capitol fire, Chessie cats, 1921-1960s. 11 postcards, 6 B&W prints, 2 color sketches, 7 oversized sketches. Karl Shanholzer, Huntington. Ph2016-015

Smith, Toni Y. Collection. B&W and color prints of Cabin Creek area families, most unidentified, 1910-1990s. 1 box (406 color, 97 B&W, 3 B&W negs, 2 postcards). Toni Y. Smith, Hurst, TX. Ph2016-011

Smusz, Stanley Collection. Album and B&W of WWII sailor, ca. 1940s. 179 prints. Unknown donor. Ph2016-075

Sweeney, Major James W. Copy print of Confederate cavalry officer, ca. 1861-1865. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ph2016-057

Topographical photos. B&W 1:20,000 scale photos of Lincoln, Mason and Wayne counties, 1950s. 3 boxes (est. 1000 prints). Rob Pate, Beckley. Ph2016-079

Trigaux, George Collection. B&W of school athletics, military service, possibly Stonewall Jackson High, 1940s. 14 items. Second Chance Humane Society, Ridgway, CO. Ph2016-081

Vil(l)ain, Folio and related families. B&W and postcards of Belgian immigrants, most unidentified, ca. 1900-1950; B&W prints in album, n.d.. 1 box (442 items) and 1 volume (76 prints). Linda Osborne, South Charleston. Ph2016-030 and acc

Waugh, Lee Edward and Nancy Collection. B&W prints and negatives of WV Institute of Technology student and army officer who was killed in WWII, 1930s-1944. 25 prints and 87 negatives. Charlotte Spangler Chessman, Muskegon, MI. Ms2016-014

West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey. Glassplate negatives, n.d. 4 boxes (115 negs). WV Geological and Economic Survey, Morgantown. Ph2016-080

Wilcoxen, Joseph Charles. B&W of St. Marys man in Navy uniform, 1942. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2016-064

Special Collections Accessioned

Bible. Russell, Powers and related families, 1856-1980. 1 volume. Elizabeth P. Armitage, Lexington Park, MD. Sc2016-029

Blueprint. Plans for new tea room addition, Scott Brothers, Charleston by H. Rus Warne, 1917 April 30. 1 item. Robert Reishman, Charleston. Sc2016-072

Calendars. Wolf Creek Printery, 2011-2015. 5 items. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc87-14acc

Cunningham, Steve Collection. Programs and other materials relating to sports teams in Charleston including Charleston Gunners and West Virginia Rockets, 1980-1995. 1 box. Steve Cunningham, Charleston. Sc2016-059

Hoke, Maxine Miller Collection. Scrapbook, My Life . So Richly Blessed, n.d. 1 volume. Dave and Helen Hoke, Sarasota, FL. Sc2013-100acc

Kanawha Textbook Controversy. Ku Klux Klan brochures, 1975. 1 folder. Mike Bell, Charleston. Sc2016-046

Meeks Collection. Sports programs, including state basketball tournaments, North-South football, Final Six football, collegiate basketball and football, track, and other miscellaneous publications, 1919-2013. 6 boxes. Guy Meeks, Sarasota, FL. Sc2016-016

Pay record. Cook Spurgeon, 168th Infantry, 1918-1919. 1 item. Linda A. Edsall, Rochester, PA. Sc2016-060

Scott Depot Home Demonstration Club Collection. Scrapbooks, publications and other materials, 1953-1998. 1 box + 22 volumes. Brenda West, Scott Depot. Sc2016-002

Smith, Toni Y. Collection. Funeral programs, obituaries and clippings of Cabin Creek area families; Improved Holy Prayers compiled by Sister Ruth M. Hill; 1910-1990s. 2 boxes. Toni Y. Smith, Hurst, TX. Sc2016-011

Westfall, Ernest Dale Collection. Political cards and ads, Black Walnut Festival programs, oil and gas lease records and other materials of 20-year Roane County assessor and family, 1938-2013. 2 boxes. Kathryn Westfall, Edgewater, FL. Sc2016-036

Yearbook. Charleston High Charlestonian, 1939. 1 volume. Beverly Sharp, Russell, KY. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. Lincoln Junior High School Searchlight, 1936 January. 1 volume. Murnie Chenoweth via Bill and Martha McKee, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbook. St. Albans High Dragonian, 1976. 1 volume. John Morrison, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Assorted high school and college titles, 1917-1986. 53 volumes. Marshall University Library, Huntington. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Beaver High, Charleston High, 1927-1928, 1966-1967. 4 volumes.Laura Painter Burns, Annapolis, MD. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Bethany College Meteor 1898; Kodak 1906-1907; Bethanian scattered years 1911-2007. 52 volumes. Bethany College, Bethany. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Bramwell High Pinnacle 1967, 1969-1972; Capon Bridge Junior High Bobcars 1968 (2 c); Hampshire High Trojan 1969-71; Potomac State Catamount 1972-1973; Eastern Greenbrier Junior High Knights 1993,. 13 volumes. Cheryl A. Griffith, Mt. Sidney, VA. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Buffalo High School Bison, Kenova, 1974, 1976, 1978. 3 volumes. Cindy Trogdon Foltz, Martinsburg. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Burnsville Junior and High, Orlando, Talcott, Glenville, Shepherd and West Virginia University, 1926-1995. 15 volumes. David Parmer, Hinton. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Calhoun County High Calhounian, 1951, 1952. 2 volumes. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. East Bank Middle School, 2013-2014. 2 volumes. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. George Washington High Patriot, 1966, 1967. 2 volumes. Pat Arnold, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Hampshire High School, 1994 - 2014. 11 volumes. Unknown donor via Commissioner. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Lincoln Junior High Searchlight, January 1937, January and May 1938. 3 volumes. Stan Bumgardner, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Morris Harvey Harveyan, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956. 5 volumes. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Parkersburg High Parhischan, 1948, 1949 and info on class of 1949. 5 volumes and 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. Sophia High School The Hawks' and The Hawks' Nest, ephemeral materals, 1946-1947. 2 volumes and 1 folder. Chris Barbuschak, City of Fairfax Regional Library, Fairfax, VA. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. South Charleston High Memoirs, 1950. 2 volumes. Lisa Turley, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

Yearbooks. West Virginia University Monticola, 1924, 1929. 2 volumes. Jeff Smith, Charleston. Sc2005-003acc

West Virginia State Archives

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