West Virginia State Archives

Accessions 1991

State Government Records Accessioned

Blueprints. Cultural Center: wiring for computer networks, 1990-91. 3 sheets. Division of Culture and History. Ar1812acc

Blueprints. West Virginia University: College of Minerals and Energy Resources, 1988. 133 sheets. SEM/FABRAP, Beckley. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Virginia Northern Community College: Hazel Atlas Building additions and renovations, 1987-90. 1 volume and 40 sheets. McKinley Engineering Company, Wheeling. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Virginia University: Mountainlair Parking Garage Rehabilitation, 1987- 90. 2 volumes + 17 sheets. GAI Consultants, Inc., Monroeville, PA. Ar1838acc

Division of Highways. Local road names, 1990. 2 items. Division of Highways. Ar1845acc

Education and the Arts. West Virginia History Film Project prospectus, 1991. 2 items. Education and the Arts. Ar1876

Health. Microfiche of Public Health section information office files, 1977-84. 1 box. Bureau of Public Health. Ar1879

Naturalization Records. Hancock County Circuit Court records including petitions, declarations of intention, oaths, lists of naturalized citizens, 1848-1956. 48 volumes. Hancock County Circuit Clerk, New Cumberland. Ar1878acc

Naturalization Records. Mercer County Circuit Court records including petitions, declarations of intention, 1906-20. 2 volumes. Mercer County Circuit Clerk, Princeton. Ar1878acc

Naturalization Records, Raleigh County. Declarations of intention, petition and records, citizenship petitions granted, 1906-61. 29 volumes. Raleigh County Circuit Clerk, Beckley. Ar1878

Supreme Court of Appeals. Case of John Kidwell vs. Norfolk and Western Railway Company (photocopy), 1922. 1 item. Supreme Court of Appeals. Ar1875

Vocational Rehabilitation. Director's correspondence, 1984-85. 5 boxes. Rehabilitation Services. Ar1877

Manuscripts Accessioned

Barbe, Waitman. Letters to Waitman Barbe from Europe, material regarding his Wirt County home, 1885, 1960s-70s. 6 items. Clarence D. Spencer, Fort Gay. Ms91-28

Brecker, Dave. Letters remembering opening and early activities of the Cultural Center, 1976, 1979. 3 items. Dave Brecker, Charleston. Ms91-71

Campbell, James Collection. Receipts and documents of Wheeling businessman, 1825-75. 11 items. James J. Campbell, Fairfield, OH. Ms91-17

Civil War Collection. Pension record of Franklin Smith (photocopies), 1876-1917. 1 item. Calvin Cook, St. Albans. Ms79-18.2:13

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Newsletters and other documents regarding Camp Beaver, Co. 1522, Clifftop, 1934-86. 1 folder. Ralph E. Matz, Chillicothe, OH. Ms85-17acc

Confederate Veterans. Minute book of Camp Allen Wood, Summers County, (photocopy), 1907-23. 1 item. Summers County Clerk, Hinton. Ms91-2

Deeds, stock certificates. Deeds of Brooke County property to John Lewis; stock certificates of Mingo Bridge and Ferry Company to John Walsh; 1837-58, 1917. 5 items. Peter Kirby, Reno, NV. Ms91- 16

Diary. Journal of W. T. Price, Pocahontas County (photocopy), ca. 1854-64. 3 volumes. Pocahontas County Historical Society, Marlinton. Ms91-24

Hensley, Lt. Gene Collection. Log books, documents and other assorted items regarding Montgomery resident and WWII pilot, 1930-46. 1 box. Sylvia C. Turner, Olmsted Township, OH. Oversized. Ms91-32

Howard and related families. Assorted documents and items, 1921-48. 1 envelope. Edwin Meador, Oxford, OH. Ms90-114acc

Journal. Plant diary of W. W. Jennings, Electro Metallurgical Company, Kanawha Works, Glen Ferris, 1919 March 1 - 1921 June 15. 1 volume. Tim McKinney, Charlton Heights. Ms91-68

Kanawha Valley Genealogical Society. Certificate of Incorporation (photocopy), 1981 September 15. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Ms91-1

Letters. Assorted letters, some from army wife in Hawaii back to relatives in West Virginia, 1879- 1949. 1 envelope. Roland V. Layton, Jr., Hiram, OH. Ms91-52

Literary manuscript. "Personal Observations relating to Development of a Mining Machinery Industry in W.Va. and to the W.Va. Coal Mining Industry Itself 1945-1970" by John B. Long, 1979. 1 item. John B. Long, Beckley. Ms91-54

Literary manuscript. "A Stalwart Conservative in the Senate: William Chapman Revercomb" by Samuel Worth Price, Jr., 1978. 1 item. Samuel Worth Price, Jr., Huntington. Ms91-56

Literary manuscript. "The Wood County Poor Farm Property: A Brief History 1798-1986" by Bernard L. Allen, 1986. 1 item. Bernard L. Allen, Parkersburg. Ms91-55

Literary manuscripts. Two manuscripts about Fort Scammon archeological excavations (photocopies), 1986, 1988. 2 items. David N. Fuerst, Chapel Hill, NC. Ms91-57

Lorentz, Pare Collection. Documents regarding military career in WWII Air Transport Command (photocopies); letters regarding career and donations to State Archives; 1943-45; 1990. 1 volume. Pare Lorentz, Armonk, NY. Ms90-23

Mealy, Joette Bennington Collection. Family and Civil War documents and materials regarding Bennington and Reddehase families, ca. 1840s-1960s. 1 box. Glen E. Mealy, Thomas B. Mealy and Rosemary Mealy Enoch, Port Orange, FL. Ms91-33

Minute books. Bank of Gauley minute books of shareholders and board directors, example of letterhead, 1905-27. 3 items. Bob Beckelheimer, Oak Hill. Ms91-47

Murray, David Collection. Correspondence, receipts and other documents relating to Murray, his boating business, family; 1838-1910. 1 box. Ellen Calvert, West Virginia Society, United States Society of Daughters of 1812, Cabin Creek. Ms91-9

Naturalization Record. Isaac Line, Morgan County Circuit Court, 1896. 1 item. Alice F. Walters, Silver Spring, MD. Ms91-23

Patent Record. Combination Aeroplane and Boat by Archie E. Durham, 1929. 1 folder and 6 oversized drawings. Karen Dawson for Dana Lynn Dawson II and Amanda Nicole Dawson, Charleston. Ms91-18

Paul, Bonna Kelly Collection. Family histories of Creigh, Kelly, Lowery, Fleshman and related families; original letters of these families, including Civil War; journals of Howard Fleshman of Blue Sulphur (1894-1901); other assorted documents; ca. 1840s-1950s. 1 box. Bonna Kelly Paul by William R. Paul, Charleston. Ms91-67

Raleigh County voter registration list (photocopy), 1930. 1 item. Ted Webb, Saxon. Ms91-35

Rosier, Senator Joseph. Correspondence and other documents of United States senator from West Virginia, 1942-43. 5 items. Robert Rosier, Jr., Charleston. Ms91-46

Stump, George. Will (typescript) of Hardy County resident Stump, 1805 April 8. 1 item. Calvin Cook, St. Albans. Ms91-3

Thomas family and Thomas Coal Company. Assorted documents (photocopies), 1911-89. 1 folder. Thomas Bruce Carpenter, Hanover, MD. Ms91-19

Wehrle family. Deeds for Kanawha County property, 1861-1916. 1 folder. Mrs. J. Ross Hunter, Charleston. Ms91-69

West Virginia Forest Festival. Correspondence and other items regarding Princess Winifred Woods, 1932. 13 items. Ellen Bowman, Seattle, WA. Ms91-66

West Virginia Public Health Hall of Fame Collection. Biographical sketches of prominent public health workers, 1980s-91. 1 box. Arthur Schultz, Wheeling. Ms91-72

Wilson, William Christian. Letters between Wilson and his sons, many written from Kanawha County (photocopies), 1836-47. 20 items. Hal McCawley, Foster City, CA. Ms91-36

Microforms Accessioned

Microfiche. Family History Library Locality Catalogue for Virginia and West Virginia, 1990. 18 fiche. Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Mi91-73

Microfilm. "The Norris Family, 1941." 1 roll. Jeanne Saunders, Dillwyn, VA. Mi91-43

Photographs Accessioned

Band, educators. B&W of Mark Twain band, superintendents' conference, unidentified group, ca. 1900-20. 4 items. Concord College, Athens. Ph91-11

Bellepoint. Copy negative and print of panoramic of Summers County town by Hinton Photo Company, ca. 1909. 2 items. Edwin H. Meador, Oxford, OH. Ph90-114acc

Blair. B&W, postcards and copy prints of town, including Thomas coal tipple, ca. 1913-15. 5 items. Thomas Bruce Carpenter, Hanover, MD. Ph91-19

Board of Children's Guardians. B&W with some tinting of members, ca. 1922. 1 item. John Garnett, Lewisburg. Ph91-63

Bridges, South Side. Fragments of B&W of bridge by Proctor and Thompson, 1890. 2 items. Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Harrisburg, PA. Ph88-41acc

Capitol Annex. B&W, ca. 1920s. 1 item. Ann Newell, Chloe. Ph91-37

Civil War. Limited edition print of "First Indirect Firing - Fayetteville, W.Va. May 1863" by Juanita H. Akers, signed, 48/100, ca. 1991. 1 item. Tim McKinney, Charlton Heights. Ph91-49

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. B&W and panoramic of Camp Beaver, Co. 1522, Clifftop, 1934-37. 34 items. Ralph E. Matz, Chillicothe, OH. Ph85-17acc

Continental Foundry and Machine Company. Copy prints of plant, 1950. 16 items. Kenneth Harman, Wheeling. Ph91-7

Cranstone, Lefevre J. Collection. Slides and program of Cranstone's watercolors, many of western Virginia scenes, 1859-60. 125 items. Historic Preservation Unit Ph91-53

East Gulf. B&W of town, of two women displaying quilt, ca. 1925. 3 items. Kirk Holman, California, PA. Ph91-42

Elkins. Reproduction of 1920 postcard of Nathan Building, Elkins, n.d. 2 items. David Armstrong, Elkins. Ph91-15

Giotto, Turkey Gap Coal and Coke. Copy prints of street scene in Giotto, of Turkey Gap Coal and Coke bus, ca. 1920. 2 items. Nancy Coburn, Matoaka. Ph91-62

Glass lantern slides. West Virginia and historical scenes, ca. 1930-35. 98 items. Christian Services Committee, Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral, Charleston. Ph91-50

Hammer, Armand Exhibit. Color photographs of opening of "Five Centuries of Masterpieces" at Huntington Galleries, 1982 June 19. 1 volume. Removed from Ar1834. Ph91-38

Hawks Nest Tunnel Collection. Copy prints of tunnel and power plant construction, ca. 1930-50s. 1062 items. Elkem Metals, Alloy. Ph86-189acc

Henlawson. Copy print of lumber yard office with three men, ca. 1910. 1 item. Vivian Smith, Chapel Hill, NC. Ph91-13acc

Henlawson. Postcards and copy print of Logan County lumbering town, ca. 1900-15. 4 items. Vivian Spradling Smith, Chapel Hill, NC. Ph91-13

Hensley, Lt. Gene Collection. B&W and negatives of West Virginia scenes, especially Montgomery area and WWII scenes, 1930s-40s. 1 box. Sylvia C. Turner, Olmsted Township, OH. Ph91-32

Howard and related families. 1 B&W and 5 copy prints, ca. 1930s-60s. 6 items. Edwin Meador, Oxford, OH. Ph90-114acc

Jeffers, Donald Collection. Cartes de viste and cabinet cards by Wheeling photographers of unidentified people, 1 paper folder for holding tintype, ca. 1860-90. 12 items. Kathy Sonderman, Brooklyn, NY. Ph91-10

MacCorkle Collection. Photos of MacCorkle family members and prints belonging to Governor William A. MacCorkle, ca. 1850s-1920s. 16 items. John L. MacCorkle, Charleston. Ph91-70

Martinsburg. Copy prints, ca. 1900-80. 89 items. Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce, Martinsburg. Ph90-40acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Collection. B&W of Durbin area, including Howe's Tannery at Frank by Philip Bagdon, 1970-75. 23 items. Philip Bagdon, Alexandria, VA. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Collection. B&W of Howe's Leather Tannery at Frank by Elmer Burruss, ca. 1970s. 55 items. Elmer Burruss, Jr., Charlottesville, VA. Ph83-12acc

National Youth Science Camp. B&W group shots of campers, 1979, 1986 (identified). 2 items. Library Commission. Ph91-21

Panoramic. Dunbar Flint Glass Corporation workers, ca. 1925. 1 item. Jeanne Saunders, Dillwyn, VA. Ph91-43

Portrait, Pierpont, Julia. Young girl with cat by G. W. Troy of Pullman, WV, n.d. 1 item. Nancy Spadafore, Wheeling. Ph91-29

Portraits, West, Jerry. Color print, ca. 1960s. 1 item. Arthur Schultze, Wheeling. Ph91-20

Postcard. Akro Agate's marbles, ca. 1980. 1 item. S. Dean Six, Harrisville. Ph87-192acc

Postcard. Charleston from Union Building, ca. 1917. 1 item. Ellen Calvert, West Virginia Society, United States Daughters of 1812, Cabin Creek. Ph91-25

Postcard. Lundale, Logan County panoramic view, ca. 1930. 1 item. Lillian D. Allen, Hurricane. Ph91- 61

Postcards. Assorted scenes, most near Morgantown, 1930s-80s. 16 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards. Various West Virginia scenes, ca. 1900-50. 76 items. Purchase. Ph91-59

Postcards. Views from White Sulphur Springs, deer, ca. 1916-36. 3 items. Mary Ann Neff, Morgantown. Ph89-8acc

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, ca. 1985-90. 9 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Rosier, Senator Joseph. B&W of United States senator from West Virginia and several of his colleagues, ca. 1941-42. 36 items. Robert Rosier, Jr., Charleston. Ph91-46

Synodical Training, woman's club. B&W of Synodical Training School at Davis and Elkins (1952, 1957); Business and Professional Woman's Club of Huntington, ca. 1950s. 3 items. Bonna Kelly Paul by William R. Paul, Charleston. Ph91-67

Taylor County, radio. Taylor County classes, unidentified flood; various radio personalities; 1916-45. 12 items. M. Bailey, Vienna. Ph91-6

Virginia Debt Bond. B&W of Treasurer W. S. Johnson signing bonds, delivering check, 1919. 2 items. New York State Library, Albany, NY. Oversized. Ph91-64

Wagons. Copy print of jolt wagon, n.d. 2 items. Wonderful West Virginia - Division of Natural Resources. Ph91-22

West Virginia Forest Festival, Supreme Court justices. 31 B&W of 1932 Forest Festival and court, 6 copy prints of Forest Festival court, Justice Homer Woods and other justices; 1932. 37 items. Ellen Bowman, Seattle, WA. Ph91-66

West Virginia House of Delegates. Composite of members, 1903. 1 item. Richard Hamilton, St. Marys. Oversized. Ph91-60

West Virginia Photo Company Collection. Negatives, various formats, including Forest Festival, portraits, lumbering and other assorted scenes of company based in Parsons and Thomas, ca. 1920s- 70s. 36 boxes. Fredrick H. Armstrong, Charleston. Ph91-65

West Virginia Public Health Hall of Fame Collection. B&W and color of various inductees, 1980s-91. 1 folder. Arthur Schultz, Wheeling. Ph91-72

Wheeling flood, Tygart Dam. Postcard folder of 1913 Wheeling flood; B&W of dam with some general information on back; 1913, 1930s. 2 items. Unknown Donor. Ph91-8

Wheeling. Copy print of postcard of Market Street looking north from 15th Street, 1913. 1 item. Raymond Gaughenbaugh, Moundsville. Ph91-14

White, Mrs. H. Willard Collection. B&W of Dudley & Sons Florist, Parkersburg; Strickler Store, Ellenboro; Sunnycroft Countrt Club; color snapshots of 1985 flood in Clarksburg; 1900-85. 11 items. Mrs. H. Willard White, Clarksburg. Ph91-27

Whitewater rafting. Color prints, ca. 1990. 36 items. S. Dean Six, Harrisville. Ph91-30

World War I. Panoramics of troopship USS America, recruits in Co. 8 Training Battalion, ca. 1917- 18. 2 items. Karen Dawson for Dana Lynn Dawson II and Amanda Nicole Dawson, Charleston. Oversized. Ph91-18

Special Collections Accessioned

Ads, receipt. Fan ads for F. Schmeichel and Son Company funeral home, Wheeling; receipt from Steamer Liberty; letterhead from Edward Zink - J. H. Booth; 1894-ca. 1940. 3 items. Unknown Donor. Sc91-8

Advertisement. Letterhead fragment for Kanawha Woolen Mills, ca. 1880. 1 item. Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington. Sc91-41

Bible. Francis H. Pierpont Bible, portion of Old Testament burned and rebound, n.d. 1 volume. Mrs. J. C. Pryor, Riverside, CT. Sc91-51

Calendar. Coal Miner's Calendar with series of limited edition sketches by Bob Howard, 1991. 1 item. John Whittenbarger, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Marysville, OH. Sc91-12

Calendar. Early oil industry calendar featuring West Virginia wells and workers, 1991. 1 item. Appalachian Geological Society, Charleston. Sc91-4

Calendars. Wolf Creek Printery, 1989-90. 2 items. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc87-41acc

Catalogue, poster. Seneca Glass Company catalogue (photocopy), n.d.; poster for skiing at Snowshoe, ca. 1990. 2 items. S. Dean Six, Harrisville. Sc87-192acc

Continental Foundry and Machine Company. General layout merchant mills and equipment (photocopy), 1950. 1 item. Kenneth Harman, Wheeling. Sc91-7

Currency. State bank note for payment of printing charges of constitutional amendments to Wetzel Democrat, 1881 March 17. 1 item. Joann J. Williams, Brooksville, FL. Sc91-44

Currency, printed material. Bank draft for Merchant and Mechanics Bank, fragment from 1828 Acts regarding Randolph Academy, vehicle registration form, "Poor Order" form; 1828-1930s. 4 items. Fred G. Layman, Dawmont. Sc91-31

Invitation, postal cachet. Mrs. Cecil Underwood at home, 1957 March 5; Canyon Rim visitor's center dedication, 1991 May 25. 2 items. Tim McKinney, Charlton Heights. Sc91-68

MacCorkle Collection. Scrapbooks, certificates and other printed pieces and assorted items belonging to Governor William A. MacCorkle, ca. 1850s-1920s. 30 items. John L. MacCorkle, Charleston. Sc91-70

Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Publications and assorted documents of Fairmont Plant #3, 1934-90. 1 box. Frank Spevock, Montana Mines. Sc91-58

Postal cachets. New River Gorge Bridge postcard and envelope, 1977 October 22. 2 items. Bob Beckelheimer, Oak Hill. Sc91-47

Program. Clarksburg Kennel Club races, 1927 August 11. 1 item. Mrs. H. Willard White, Clarksburg. Sc91-27

Program. Commencement at Marshall College, 1879 June 7. 1 item. Concord College, Athens. Sc91- 11

Publication. Historic Upshur County brochure, 1991. 1 item. Upshur County Historical Society, Buckhannon. Sc91-26

Publication. WMMN family album program from Fairmont radio station, 1948. 1 item. Clarence Bunner, Montana Mines, WV. Sc91-5

Publication. Wreath of Kanawha Valley by students of Buffalo Academy, 1858 July. 1 item. William D. Wintz, St. Albans. Sc91-39

Publications. Pinch Reunion programs and flyers (photocopies), 1902-54. 1 folder. Bill Sheperd, Pinch. Sc91-40

Publications. Various radio pieces, including 1939 WVVA Jamboree program, Doc Williams Border Riders family album, ca. 1935-45. 3 items. M. Bailey, Vienna. Sc91-6

Scrapbook. Clippings and other materials primarily of Harrison County families such as Cowan and Bowman, ca. 1846-1919. 1 volume. Dawson County Historical Society, Lexington, NE. Sc91-45

USS West Virginia Collection. Ship's telephone directory, 1941. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc89- 51acc

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