West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Blueprints. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority: Central Regional Jail, Sutton, 1992-93. 113 sheets. Note: Restricted access. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority - Northern Regional Jail. Note: Restricted access. 1992-94. 158 sheets. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority: South Central Regional Jail, Charleston, 1992-93. 121 sheets. Note: Restricted access. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority - Southern Regional Jail. Note: Restricted access. 1991-94. 134 sheets. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. West Virginia University - Chiller building, 1993. 25 sheets. Alpha Associates, Morgantown. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. Regional Jail Authority: Huttonsville Correctional Center dormitory, 1992-93. 2 volumes and 24 sheets. Note: Restricted access. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Ar1838acc

Board of Control. Letter regarding opening of State Industrial School for Colored Girls, 1926 February 6. 1 item. Ginny Fitzwater, Charleston. Ar1889

Culture and History. Meetings with Highways about historic bridges, 1987. 1 folder. Culture and History. Ar1890

Culture and History. Original draft of first annual report, 1978. 1 item. Culture and History. Ar1891

Rehabilitation Services. Directors Correspondence, 1987-88. 4 boxes. Rehabilitation Services. Ar1887acc

Specifications. Marshall University - Renovation of Science Building, Phase II, 1991-93. 12 volumes. Abramovitz, Kingland, Schiff, New York, NY. Ar1838acc

Vital Registration. Death certificates, 1956. 69 volumes. Vital Registration. Ar1807acc

West Virginia Historical Society. Minutes, correspondence, annual meeting information and other materials, mostly maintained by past presidents, 1984-94. 1 box. West Virginia Historical Society. Ar1779acc

Manuscripts Accessioned

Capital movement. Letter regarding movement of capital from Charleston to Wheeling (photocopy), 1875 March 7. 1 item. Samuel McColloch, Katy, TX. Ms94-31

Churchill, Sir Winston. Correspondence regarding resolution sponsored by Delegate Joel F. Bedell, Jr., to make Churchill honorary West Virginian, 1963 March-1965 April. 1 folder. Mary B. Stewart on behalf of Bedell family, Charleston. Ms94-22

Civil War Collection. Diary and partial transcription of J. B. Willoughby, member of Ohio unit stationed in West Virginia; short biographical sketches and photographs of Union generals (photocopies), 1862- 65. 4 items. Stephen Campbell, Charleston. Ms94-46

Civil War Collection. Miscellaneous clippings about different units, 1883-1915. 6 items. Transfer from Library. Ms79-18.2:9

Civil War Collection. Muster roll, Company H, 11th WV Infantry, 1865 Feb. 28-April 30. 1 item. Kathleen Rowan, Vienna. Ms79-18

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Clippings about Babcock, Hawks Nest, camp assignments, ca. 1939. 3 items. Ralph E. Matz, Chillicothe, OH. Ms85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Newsletters, scrapbook of Co. 2594 Camp Bowers, Pickens; newsletters of Co. 2589, Camp Black Mountain Marlinton; 1939 June 24-1940 March 30. 40 items. Edward Comer, Winter Park, FL. Ms85-17acc

Conner, Ellis families. Genealogy of Luella Conner Copeland, focusing on Conner and Ellis lines in Greenbrier and Monroe County (carbons), n.d. 1 item. Purchase. Ms94-54

Hoe, R. and Company. Letters from various West Virginia businesses regarding purchasing of saws and printing presses, 1873 February 16 - 1878 July 29. 8 items. Purchase. Ms94-55

Jarvis, Anna. Correspondence between Jarvis and Julia Bennington, ca. 1908-45. 18 items. Glen and Thomas Mealy and Rosemary Mealy Enoch, Port Orange, FL. Ms94-25

Johnson, William S. Collection. Assorted printed campaign materials for state treasurer, letter from Andrew Summers Rowan (subject of "Message to Garcia"), grade promotion card for Erma Young (later Mrs. W. S. Johnson) from Kanawha County schools, 1896, ca. 1916-32. 11 items. Virginia Johnson, Charleston. Ms94-16acc

Kanawha and Pocahontas Railroad Company. Report of the Board of Directors (photocopy), 1899 January 9-1910 October 10. 1 item. Bill Sparkmon, Pratt. Ms94-6

Kanawha Valley. Journal about Kanawha Valley, especially railroad entries (photocopy), 1742-1954. 1 item. Bill Sparkmon, Pratt. Ms94-21

Kelly Axe Manufacturing Company. Correspondence and other materials regarding Charleston business, ca, 1927-86. 1 envelope. Ms. Irene W. Mann, Charleston. Ms94-4

Lewis, Father Clifford and Dr. Maurice Brooks. Correspondence with Cabell-Wayne Historical Society and Brooke County history, 1960s-70s. 2 folders. Historic Preservation Unit. Ms94-23

Lightburn, General Joseph A. J. Articles and other information about his actions in the Kanawha Valley during the Civil War (photocopies), 1865-1994. 1 folder. Mrs. Frances Lightburn Cressman, Jane Lew. Ms94-2

Literary mss. "Doctors Who Practiced in Mason County, West Virginia Prior to 1950" by Lilly Faye Staats Lanham, 1990. 1 item. Lilly Faye Lanham, Pt. Pleasant. Ms94-58

Literary manuscript. "Twenty Four Years of Army Life" by Earl DeVaughn, 1931 April. 1 item. Virginia Benefield, San Antonio, TX. Ms94-20

Receipts. Juror receipt for Thomas H. Finnell and witness receipt for William Loughery, both from the Harrison County Circuit Court, 1867-68. 2 items. Transfer from Library. Ms94-29

Rucker Family. Civil War recollections and discharge of George Rucker, Co. E, 13th WV Infantry; deeds for Kanawha County property, 1910-40; journal of deaths on Wills Creek, Kanawha County, ca. 1848-1919; pamphlet about pension benefits, 1899. 10 items. Rodney L. Smith in memory of Howard W. Smith, Lake City, FL. Ms94-45

USS West Virginia. Documents and other materials about Pat Roney's service, shipboard poetry, 1927-48. 3 items. Kenneth W. Roney, Jacksonville, FL. Ms94-9

West Virginia Education Association, Rumsey B. Marston Collection. Correspondence and clippings of former Cabell County superintendent and secretary of WVEA, 1935-42. 1 folder. Rebecca M. Wilson, Annapolis, MD. Ms94-19

West Virginia Masonic Heritage Day. Materials regarding event and George Wesley Atkinson, former governor and Grand Master of Masons in West Virginia, 1993 August 21. 1 folder. Parker L. B. McCray, Charleston. Ms94-18

Works Projects Administration. Correspondence of state administrator Joseph N. Alderson, 1940 July 1-1941 May 16. 1 folder. Mrs. Kenneth Swope on behalf of family of Joseph Newman Alderson, Lewisburg. Ms94-7

World War I. Materials regarding Sergeant Houghton Robson Abbott, 1917-18. 7 items. Mrs. Stanley Eastman, Charleston. Ms94-33

World War I. Telegram and letter announcing death of Ray Skidmore in France, 1918 Sept. 26-Dec. 25. 2 items. Pearl Skidmore, Fairmont. Ms94-48

Microforms Accessioned

Microfiche. J. H. Rouse's Horrible Massacre at Guyandotte, VA, 1862. 1 item. University Publications of America, Bethesda, MD. Mi94-32

Microfiche. William McConnaughey/Ellen Berry and Descendants, 1988. 9 fiche. Thelma Elliott, Littleton, CO. Mi94-73

Microfilm. Thornton Tayloe Perry Collection of Virginia and West Virginia manuscripts, 1732-1967. 68 rolls and 1 volume. Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, VA. Mi94-1

Photographs Accessioned

Benedum, Claude Worthington Foundation. Exhibit prints and labels for 50th anniversary celebration, ca. 1902-60. 8 items. Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA. Ph94-52

Charleston. B&W of waterfront and levee, ca. late 1950s. 5 items. Ted Elden, Charleston. Ph94-11

Charleston. Sketch of street scene, 1959. 1 item. Margaret J. Karr, Clendenin. Oversized. Ph94-12

Charleston. T. E. Shamblin Produce company on Washington Street West with horse-drawn produce wagons in front (photocopy), ca. 1890s. 1 item. Donald Boggess, Charleston. Ph94-10

Charleston, capitol fire, riverboats. Assorted B&W, ca. 1905-22. 19 items. Maxine F. Poe, South Charleston. Ph94-14

Charleston High School. Band members by DeLuxe Studio (enlarged copy print), 1939-40. 1 item. Thomas Bettinger, Charleston. Ph94-39

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. B&W of companies 1522, 532, West Virginia scenes, 1935- 37. 79 items. Ralph E. Matz, Chillicothe, OH. Ph85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. B&W of companies 1539, 2593, Camp Greenbrier at Rupert, ca. 1933-40. 6 items. Ms. Bernadene L. Simpson, St. Albans. Ph85-17acc

Floods. Postcard folder of 1913 Wheeling flood; B&W of 1936 Wheeling flood. 30 items. Dr. R. H. Nestman, South Charleston. Ph94-8

Floods, mining camps. B&W of flood on Paint and Cabin Creeks (including Acme, Kayford, Miami, Dacota, Cherokee); tipple and store at Westerly, 1924 June. 11 items. Purchase. Ph94-5

Hutchinson Collection. Albums and prints of Jane E. Hutchinson of Charleston, some scenes of family, trips, Shrine activities, ca. 1920-50. 5 volumes and 1 box. Purchase. Ph94-53

Itmann. Color prints of town taken by Jack Feller, 1991 March 27. 2 items. Jack Feller, Mullens. Ph94-57

Johnson, William S., trains. B&W of State Treasurer, sketches of capitol, view of train on trestle, ca. 1920s. 6 items. Virginia Johnson, Charleston. Ph94-16acc

Kelly Axe Manufacturing Company. B&W of plant, employees, ca. 1905-39. 10 items. Ms. Irene W. Mann, Charleston. Ph94-4

Panoramic. Empire Coal Company, Landgraff, McDowell County by Harry Staley of Harrisburg, VA, 1922 June 6. 1 item. Marion E. Hartman, Lebanon, PA. Oversized. Ph94-37

Panoramic. Wheeling, showing Leatherwood section and Mt. de Chantal, ca. 1920. 1 item. William Reynolds, Baltimore, MD. Oversized. Ph94-41

Photography studio. B&W of Big Sandy floating photograph gallery, D.B. McInturff and Brother, ca. 1885. 1 item. Kern County Museum, Bakersfield, CA. Ph94-74

Pietro, Thoney Construction Company Collection. 19 glassplate negatives and 37 contact prints of road construction firm based in Morgantown, some taken around Williamson, ca. 1910-15. 56 items. Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Groves, Baton Rouge, LA. Ph94-50

Portrait, DeVaughn, Earl. B&W of DeVaughn in army uniform at time of retirement, 1936 February. 1 item. Mary V. Benefield, San Antonio, TX. Ph94-20

Portrait, Jarvis, Anna, Mothers Day Church. B&W of Jarvis on tin, color of Grafton church, ca. 1910, 1970s. 2 items. Glen and Thomas Mealy and Rosemary Mealy Enoch, Port Orange, FL. Ph94-25

Portraits, Johnson, William S. and Erma Bly Young. B&W of State Treasurer Johnson by vault, Erma Johnson for Charleston High School graduation, 1900, 1920s. 5 items. Virginia Johnson, Charleston. Ph94-16

Postcard. Elk River Bridge south of Gassaway, ca. 1950. 1 item. Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN. Ph94-3

Postcard. "My Day in the Army" sent by Philip R. Simms to his wife in Charleston, 1942 October. 1 item. James R. Mitchell, Charleston. Ph94-35

Postcard. Parkersburg High School Band and director George J. Dietz, 1936. 1 item. Betty Lynn Reagan, Agnes Lytton Reagan and Mary Sue Reagan, Rogers, AR. Ph94-49

Postcard. West Virginia Capitol, 1958. 1 item. San Bernardino County Museums, Redlands, CA. Ph94-27

Postcard. West Virginia University - Woodburn Circle, ca. 1900-10. 1 item. Joann Cimaglia, Fairmont. Ph94-30

Postcards. Martinsburg, ca. 1905-15. 7 items. Purchase. Ph94-17

Postcards. Rock Springs Park, Storer College, ca. 1900-10. 2 items. Richard E. Kremer, Foxboro, MA. Ph92-44acc

Postcards. Wheeling and Wellsburg, 1906-07. 4 items. Dacotah Prairie Museum, Aberdeen, SD. Ph94-34

Ragland, Mrs. G. M. M. Collection. B&W of 5 men after morning hunt in private C&O car: Hubert Jones, John Davis, P. Holmes Morton, Bud Hill, Pat Koontz; postcard of capitol fire; copy print of James Edwin Watson by Bacharach; 1921-50s. 3 items. Mrs. G. M. M. Ragland, Charleston. Ph94- 42

Rucker Family. B&W print, most identified, ca. 1925. 1 item. Rodney L. Smith in memory of Howard W. Smith, Lake City, FL. Ph94-45

Schools. Collection of prints for Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy, Wheeling, ca. 1910s. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Ph94-72

Schools. Collection of prints for St. Hilda's Hall, Charles Town, ca. 1920s. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Ph94-71

Skidmore, Ray. B&W of World War I soldier in uniform, ca. 1918. 1 item. Pearl Skidmore, Fairmont. Ph94-48

South Side Bridge, South Side. B&W of first South Side bridge (built 1891) approaches and railroad station (completed 1905), ca. 1905-10. 5 items. Mrs. Lois Morton, Charleston. Ph92-30acc

USS West Virginia. B&W relating to Pat Roney's service, many showing equator-crossing ceremony, panoramic of crew on deck, ca. 1927-30. 69 items. Kenneth W. Roney, Jacksonville, FL. Oversized. Ph94-9

Virginian Railroad, Healing Springs. Relocation of railroad & gathering at springs along Paint Creek, ca. 1910-11. 6 items. Percie Bailey, Charleston. Ph94-36

West Virginia Capitol, 1885-1921. Pencil sketch, ca. 1920. 1 item. Ms. Kathleen Woodrum, Alloy. Oversized. Ph94-51

Wheeling. B&W prints of Old Centre Market, Mansion Museum, Suspension Bridge and West Virginia Independence Hall, all done by former Wheeling resident Bill Futhey, n.d. 4 items. Robert Schneider, Wheeling. Ph94-40

Wheeling. B&W of South Side Championship Bowling Team of 1893-94; studio portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Schul by Brown and Higgins, n.d. 2 items. Mrs. Charles A. Bowers, Montreat, NC. Oversized. Ph94-43

World's Fair. Birdseye view of Columbian Exposition, 1893. 1 item. Lucille Gorrell, South Charleston. Oversized. Ph94-15

Special Collections Accessioned

Annual reports. United Bankshares, Inc.; WesBanco; Huntington Bancshares, Inc.; One Valley Bancorp; Banc One Corporation; 1993. 5 items. William M. Drennen, Jr., Charleston. Sc94-13

Benedum, Claude Worthington Foundation. 50th anniversary report, program and remarks, 1994 October 14. 1 volume. Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA. Sc94-52

Bibles, hymnals. 1854 pocket Bible, 1831 Book of Church Psalmody. 2 volumes. Nelle Wiant, St. Albans. Sc87-143.20-21

Broadside. Speech delivered by Mrs. Olandus West to Woman's Christian Temperance Union convention at Charleston, 1920 September 29. 1 item. Mrs. Wilbur Moore, Canton, OH. Sc94-26

Calendar. Black History calendar produced by Alliance for the Collection, Preservation and Dissemination of West Virginia's Black History, 1994. 1 item. Kenneth Blue, Marshall University, Huntington. Sc94-28

Calendar. Wolf Creek Printery, 1993. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc87-41acc

Dent, James Collection. Unpublished sketches drawn for Charleston Gazette newsroom staff, 1950s. 145 items. Nancy Haught, Charleston. Sc93-25acc

Program. Dedication of City-County Building, Wheeilng, 1960 January 30. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc94-62

Program. Moundsville School Alumni, 5th annual performance, 1883 May 3. 1 item. Mary E. Philo, Martins Ferry, OH. Sc94-47

Program. Reception and banquet given to Grand Commandery of WV by Kanawha Commandery #4 Knights Templar at Hale House, 1875 September 20. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc94-68

Programs. Various B. P. O. Elks events in Charleston, 1920-33. 5 items. Unknown Donor. Sc94-63

Programs. Various artists groups including Allied Artists, Creative Arts Festival, 1962-63. 5 items. Transfer from Library. Sc94-59

Publication. Journal, 26th annual encampment, Department of West Virginia, Grand Army of the Republic at Wheeling, 1908 May 19-21. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc94-66

Publication. Monongahela Power Company's Home Chats, 1955 July-August. 1 item. William G. Farrar, South Charleston. Sc94-24

Publications. Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ceremonial sessions around West Virginia, 1920-25. 16 items. Unknown Donor. Sc94-70

Publications. Cookbooks, 1923-27, 1952, n.d. 8 items. Vicki Shamblin, Charleston. Sc94-38

Publications, Masonic. Masonic Register and Calendar, Pt. Pleasant; Funeral Service AF & AM, Mason City; By-laws and Rules of Order, Williamson; n.d., 1908-09, 1920. 3 items. Unknown Donor. Sc94-64

Publications. Reunions, Scottish Rite, Charleston chapters, 1921-25. 5 items. Unknown Donor. Sc94- 69

Publications. Searchlight, published by Lincoln Junior High School, Charleston, 1932 June, November. 2 items. Transfer from Library. Sc94-60

Publications. United Daughters of the Confederacy annual convention programs, chapter yearbooks, report of the historian-general, 1909-49. 24 items. Unknown Donor. Sc94-67

Publications. WV Patriot, published by WV Camp, Patriotic Order Sons of America in Shepherdstown (anti-immigrant group), 1913 November-1916 February/March. 7 items. Unknown Donor. Sc94-65

Ragland, Mrs. G. M. M. Collection. Annual report for Elk Horn Coal, 1968; Inaugural program for Governor William C. Marland, 1953 January 19; carbon notes about mansion and furnishings; assorted clippings about governors and presidential families; memorial booklet for James Edwin Watson (photocopy) 1926 August; 1926-71. 1 folder. Mrs. G. M. M. Ragland, Charleston. Sc94-42

Scrapbook. Assorted newspaper clippings of local, state and national interest, ca. 1869-78. 1 volume. Dr. William Crowl, Wheeling. Sc94-44

Sheet music. Assorted titles published by William H. Sheib and Company of Wheeling or Kanawha Music Publishing Company of Charleston, n.d., 1877-78, 1913, 1927. 7 items. Purchase. Sc94-56

Songbook. Garfield and Arthur Campaign Song Book published by Republican Congressional Committee, 1880. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc94-61

Wheeling. Printed and ephemeral material about Wheeling, including stock certificates for Wheeling area businesses, 1901-80. 51 items. Mrs. Charles A. Bowers, Montreat, NC. Sc94-43

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